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10 Best Parabolic Microphones & Their Reviews For 2021

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A parabolic microphone comes in handy in a lot of ways.

Do you ever wonder why you can hear sounds perfectly in wildlife documentaries or how it’s possible to hear players speaking in the middle of football matches?

This little piece of technology makes our lives easier day by day without us knowing or fully understanding its effect.

Did you know that you can use it just like professionals, record a video with your family or start a youtube channel?

Now, the questions that remain are which microphone should you buy and what will best suit your need as well the uses you should put first?

Don’t worry we prepared a list of more than one parabolic microphone around to guide you in your purchase, and all you have to do is to pick the one that suits you best.

Remember to make the choice not only on price or utility but with personal taste in mind, so you don’t make a choice that you will later regret because the design or color didn’t match your preference.

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10 Best Parabolic Microphones Reviewed

Finally, let’s take a look at the top ten products!

1. HAUSBELL Listening Device

HAUSBELL Listening Device, Scientific Explorer Bionic Ear Electronic Listening Device Digital Device...
  • ☀【Ideal for Kids】The listening device is an ideal toy for kids, it stimulates children's imagination and...
  • ☀【Special Design & Function】The design is appealing, 8x monocular allows you to view the objects 8 times...
  • ☀【9V Battery】For the safety of transportation, the listening device does not include any battery, you have to...
  • ☀【Plastic Cover】The transparent plastic cover is relatively fragile, it may be damaged during transportation...
  • ☀【Customer Service】We provide one year warranty on the listening device. If you are not satisfied with the...

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The best we want for you and the best we shall start with is HAUSBELL’s latest product in the microphone genre.

It comes with various functions and utilities to make your life even easier and a unique design unmatched by no other microphone.

It’s appealing to the eye and makes you look fashionable even when you are not trying to.

It comes with a battery to assure even more mobility.

Even more, a 9V battery is enough to keep it running for hours and hours of prolonged fun and pleasure creating memories that will last a lifetime.

It comes with a plastic cover which is rather fragile but easily replaceable and at a very affordable price.

But if you take good care of it, meaning it doesn’t drop so often, then it will last you for a very long time.

This parabolic microphone is ideal for kids of any age, even adults can use it for professional reasons or just for fun making it a must for everyone.

Lastly, as mentioned earlier, it is the best microphone available in the market for its price range and functions, so you are certain that your money will not be spent on a piece of B-grade equipment.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comes with a free headphone
  • Great overall design and color
  • Multifunctional and unique

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2. NUZAMAS Parabolic Dish

NUZAMAS Parabolic Dish Directional Microphone, Monocular X8 Times Long Distance Hearing, Birds...
  • Long distance hearing, Hear & record sounds over 300 feet, recording up to 12 seconds with internal memory
  • Built-in 8X monocular, seeing 8 times closer
  • Come with 3.5mm Jack, supporting external recorder
  • Adjustable sensitivity dial, fine tuning frequency for adjusting how wide the sound reception is
  • Come with parabolic sound dish and high quality headphones

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NAZUMAS comes with their version of microphones equipped with various additions to make it even more valuable and special.

It’s capable of recording and hearing up to 12 seconds of sounds from over 300 feet which is in itself a remarkable accomplishment for a device so small but so complex.

NAZUMAS built it with the intent of getting the best possible image for a far distance thanks to its built-in 8X monocular enabling us to see up to 8 times closer with a clear and perfect picture.

The item comes with a parabolic sound dish and high-quality headphones saving the clients of accompanying headache that comes with searching for them.

Its adjustable sensitivity dial enables us to decide how wide the sound reception is.

So in simple words, we dictate the range that we want the sound to be intercepted from 0 to 300 feet.

It has great maneuverability due to its relatively small size and removable parts making it quite easy to carry around anywhere and everywhere ( great for vacations ) with little to no effort.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Affordable cost and great price/utility ration
  • The package comes with a NAZUMAS listening telescope
  • Built for the wildlife – fishing, hunting, camping, etc

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3. Uzi Spy Gear

Uzi Spy Gear Listening Device for Spying, Recording Device can be part of your Spy Kit or Spy Gear...
  • OPERATING RANGE: Observation Listening Device with 100 ft Range (better with no background noise or when used...
  • USES: Can be used as a spy gadget, inspector gadget, spy microphone, recording device, spy equipment, and even as a...
  • NOISE REDUCTION: Has a parabolic sound collecting dish for better hearing - operates best in quiet environments
  • FEATURES: Can record up to 15 seconds on internal memory, includes a microphone, on/off switch, 8x monocular,...
  • COLOR AND BATTERY: Comes in Black, Powered by a 9-volt battery (Not included)

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Imagine you are in the middle of a party and it’s so noisy that you can’t what your friend who’s just 2 feet away is saying.

In situations like this, the Uzi spy gear is really helpful as all you have to do is to point it in the direction you want to hear sounds from, use its noise reduction function, and there you have it.

It comes with an internal memory that can record up to 15 seconds of sounds making it the longest time of recording thus far compared to the items previously mentioned.

The Uzi spy gear shares some characteristics with the previous models mainly: 8x monocular, record, and playback buttons with the addition of a brand new headphone.

It also has a range of almost 100 feet which is great for wildlife recording.

Though it’s better used outdoor, it can still be used inside of houses but the device reaches its full potential when used in an open space.

Finally, it can be used for a multitude of tasks: in sound amplifiers, spy equipment, inspector gadgets, etc.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Good for recording indoors
  • Useable in various activities ( professional or not )
  • Makes you look like a real spy

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4. LeHang 8899 Extreme Sound Amplifier

Lehang8899 Extreme Sound Amplifier Spy Ear Bionic Listening Device Nature Observing record
  • 100% Brand New, ship from China, we ship by China Post E-packet, 9-15 days to arrive.
  • Highly sensitive microphone picks up soft whispers and transmits audio through the included headphones
  • Super ears for young super spies
  • Super-safe frequency controller reduces unwanted background noise
  • Recommended for children 6-years of age and older

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This device distinguishes itself from the previous ones by having a 10x built-in monocular, thus having the best range out of the aforementioned equipment reaching over 100 meters.

Ideal for nature lovers, it enables you to hear bird sound at a very high frequency and record it by using its inbuilt recorder which can be attached to another recording device which in return stores an unlimited amount of sounds.

Comfortable and padded full-sized headphones for better hearing and full immersion with the surrounding environment a must for a naturalist.

The microphone is highly sensitive, capable of picking up whispers and transmitting them to the headphones simultaneously.

Lastly, it has a super safe frequency controller to reduce any unwanted background noise of any shape or form which is a plus if you want the sound to be real with no modifications.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made for naturalists
  • Great range with the added monocular
  • Comfortable to use

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5. Spy Net Covert Ops Vibrasonic Binoculars

Spy Net Covert Ops Vibrasonic Binoculars
  • Featuring 'Bone Conductive Technology'
  • These binoculars are unlike anything you've ever seen before!
  • Hear without your ears!
  • Press the receiver to your skull and the sonic vibrations will allow you to hear what you are seeing, up to 100...
  • Boom mic on the front channels and amplifies the sound

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This item is the best if you want to see what you are hearing from afar.

With its built-in binocular, it offers great vision unmatched by any of the competitors whether new or old.

It utilizes the latest technology available “Bone Conductive Technology”, to provide the best to its users whether young or old.

You need a 4 AAA battery to run smoothly, but with caution and moderate use, the battery life span can last for hours upon hours of deliberate use providing great entertainment to the people using it.

This mic is built with strong materials making it able to withstand the roughest treatment given by the rowdiest children.

It can catch sounds from proximity to around 30 to 35 meters and lets you hear them clearly thanks to the boom mic situated on the front channels which amplifies anything sound that is received to be better heard.

With its unique design, the company that made this device had one goal and one goal only, to attract as many customers as possible.

They pushed the boundaries beyond having a unique design by enabling the user to effectively hear by transmitting the sound via sonic vibration without the use of headphones.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Do not require headphones to use
  • Easy to use and don’t require much technical experience
  • Unique design and utility

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6. SpyX/Micro Super Ear

SpyX / Micro Super Ear - Spy Toy Listening Device with Over-The-Ear Design. A Perfect Hands Free...
  • Powerful microphone transmits to attached ear piece allowing you to hear to secret conversations.
  • Point the receiver in the direction of the conversation you want to amplify.
  • Comfortably mounts to your spies ear with the over-the-ear 'Bluetooth' loop design.
  • Comfortable hands free spying for your next secret spy mission.
  • Collect all SpyX toys for the ultimate spy play experience.

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It has an over-the-ear loop design for more utility and provides more freedom of movement ( the hands aren’t occupied by holding the microphone ).

It’s small-sized for more mobility while also coming with an Lr44 battery directly included inside it which lasts for hours with a lifespan of over 5 years, so there’s no need to change it anytime soon.

You don’t need previous experience or special training to use it.

All you have to do is to point the receiver in the direction where you want to hear the conversation or sounds in general and you’ll get an amplified, easy-to-hear version of what is happening far from you.

It also contains a powerful transmitter that gives you the exact sound of what you want to hear provided you are in the required range to do.

This is around 15 to 30 feet of the target, long enough to not be seen and short enough to receive the transmission.

It’s mostly directed at a relatively younger audience, but adults can still use it since it’s multifunctional.

Also, it costs literally almost nothing compared to what it offers so if you are running on a tight budget, this is a great option.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Great price for what it offers
  • Made for every type of recording
  • Excellent mobility and movement

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7. Sound Shark Long-Range Microphone - Premium Kit

Sound Shark Long-Range Microphone - Equalized XLR Kit
  • The Sound Shark provides a great alternative to shotgun microphones. (Because of the feedback caused by it's high...
  • The Sound Shark can capture audio from 30 feet, or more, compared to 3 to 5 feet for a typical shotgun mic.
  • Record a speaker from up to 6 feet as if they were wearing a lapel mic.
  • Reject more peripheral sound than a shotgun microphone, and record outdoors with much less wind noise
  • A premium, waterproof, omni-directional lapel mic with XLR connector is included in this kit. It is built...

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The previous items were all different from one another but they shared some similarities; the most obvious one was the relatively reasonable price.

This one, on the other hand, is quite expensive and is chosen mainly by professionals so if you want a piece of equipment to use for fun, check the items further up in the list.

The sound shark can record sounds from up to 30 feet, yes it’s a small range but what the sound shark lacks in quantity it gains it back on quality.

The sound that is recorded is of the highest quality, regardless of what stands between the device and the target.

It also has the ability to reject any unwanted noise that can interfere while the recording is happening such as music or shouting, etc.

giving the most realistic experience possible.

This item is best utilized by professionals since it requires some degree of expertise in the field of audio recording and transmission but through reading manuals and extensive research, a beginner can find his way into this technological dilemma.

It comes with an additional high-quality omnidirectional lapel microphone that requires a plug-in power source to work.

Last but not least, the device can be mounted to a tripod or even a light stand for more stability while recording.

It also comes with a flat shoe adapter so you can mount it on your phone.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ideal for professionals
  • Can be mounted anywhere possible for steady recording
  • A great wide array of options to use in

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8. Klover Sound Shark ACC

Klover Sound Shark ACC Equalized Microphone XLR Kit, Includes Parabolic Collector, Countryman B3...

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Probably the latest and newest product on this list, Klover went out of their way to provide not only this stunning piece of technology but to provide with it a whole kit dedicated to making it shine even more than what it already is.

It comes with a connector that works with over 90 % of the available professional video cameras and recorders on the market adding to its versatility and utility even more than what it already gave.

The entire kit is customizable, you can add LED light to provide a clear view, you can mount it on tripods or anywhere you want, and you can even waterproof it by adding any protection you deem affordable and usable.

This model has great functionality and is very versatile, it has a range between 30 to 50 feet, is preferably used outdoors but can still be used indoors.

Besides, it has the ability to reject unwanted noise for a better recording.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A great choice for the most dedicated videographers
  • Great range and versatility
  • The most complete kit available on this list so far

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9. Pro Mono-Stereo Parabolic Microphone-Standard .060 Polycarbonate Dish

Pro Mono-Stereo Parabolic Microphone-Standard .060 Polycarbonate Dish
  • A lightweight, 22-inch, clear polycarbonate, highly accurate parabolic dish.
  • Very low noise mono parabolic mic array
  • Patent pending integral Booster Discs increase the gain to that of a 30-inch dish
  • Both balanced XLR and 3.5mm outputs are on the back panel
  • Parabolic Dish Type-Standard .060 Polycarbonate Dish

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After two items directed to professionals alone, we return now to a more beginner-friendly choice with standard functions and affordable prices.

This parabolic microphone distinguishes itself by having three built-in microphones instead of one each one made for a specific purpose.

The middle one is used to capture sound where the object is pointed at, the other two face forward while having the configuration of capturing wide-angle sounds for better range and quality.

It’s lightweight, easy to carry around, and transport from place to place without making any damages to its structure or parts.

Also, it’s made with reliable and sustainable materials ensuring a relatively long lifespan so long as it’s taken care of.

This item is quite old but still holds some credibility since it does practically the same function that recent microphones do, sometimes even better.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made for everyone but still a solid choice to professional sound engineers
  • Simple and not complex to use
  • Three microphones instead of one

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10. HJJ Spy Ear Bionic Listening Device

HJJ Spy Ear Bionic Listening Device, Bionic Ear Long Range Birds Listening, Parabolic Microphone...
  • ★WORKING RANGE: No background noise or observation and listening equipment with a range of up to 150 feet in...
  • ★OTHER FUNCTIONS: Including on/off, 8 times powerful binoculars, frequency controller, record button, play button...
  • ★NOISE REDUCTION: Has a parabolic sound collecting dish for better hearing - operates best in quiet environments
  • ★FEATURES: Can record up to 15 seconds on internal memory, includes a microphone, on/off switch, 8x monocular,...
  • ★USES: Can be used as a spy tool, checker tool, spy microphone, recording device, spy device, even as a...

Last update on 2021-06-02 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

We dealt with the expensive but one of kind equipment on one hand and the other hand, we dealt with the more friendly cost but repeatable qualities.

Now for the final item on this list, we give you the not so expensive choice but still so unique that it deserved to be listed last due to its incredible price/utility ratio.

Starting with the utility, it can be used as a spy tool to listen to other people’s conversations without them knowing.

It can be used as a recording device to record silly jokes or funny rants or even karaokes and finally, it can be used as a loudspeaker.

It has a built-in internal memory that can record up to 15 seconds of sounds without stopping.

It also includes a microphone which is the 8x monocular, similar to the ones seen in the previous models.

It can even provide noise reduction, a function seen already but one that we must stress about since it’s one of the major benefits of this type of microphone.

Now, we must talk about range since it’s without a doubt the most important thing to any microphone.

This little piece of metal and hardware can reach 150 feet in urban areas and 656 feet while recording in forests, making it thus far the farthest range on this list, which undoubtedly stresses the unique stature of the HJJ listening device.

Finally, with its 9V standard battery, it can work for a vast amount of time to provide the best entertainment possible to customers.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The farthest range available on the market
  • Great price/utility ration the best so far
  • Standard design but still effective

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Final Thoughts

Well after this long journey, we finally made it to the end of this article.

The 10 items listed above are the best of the best, and you can’t find better than them in terms of quality, utility, usefulness, and uniqueness.

Hope this article was up to your expectations, and as I said, you will not find better solutions to your questions regarding parabolic microphones than here.

So, if you’re looking for the best parabolic microphone to purchase, you now know what to do now.

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