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10 Most Expensive Microphones & Their Reviews For 2021

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Most of the time, the most expensive microphone is the best microphone there is.

When you want to record music or speech, acoustic sounds, live broadcasting, stage or studio performances, you will need the best microphone that will suit your needs.

The rise in virtual seminars and meetings, online classes, and podcasts has increased the demand for microphones of better sound quality.

Before delving into the 10 most expensive microphones, let’s first understand that there are two main types of microphones and they greatly influence the price.

The first type is a condenser microphone, they are more expensive because they respond to sound waves better, they’re popular with music recorders due to their better sound quality.

The second type is the dynamic microphones, these are less expensive and are less sensitive to sound waves, thus their sound quality is of a lower quality compared to condenser microphones.

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10 Most Expensive Microphones Reviewed

There are dynamic microphones that are more expensive than condenser microphones due to factors like brand type and quality, now let’s get into it!

1. Sennheiser Pro Audio TLM 107 Studio set

Sennheiser Pro Audio Instrument Condenser Microphone, Nickle, Studio set (TLM 107 STUDIOSET)
  • Flat frequency response delivers true-to-life sound, Requires +48V phantom power
  • Five polar patterns for recording in any setup you can imagine
  • Simple navigation switch provides access to all essential settings
  • Smooth frequency response up to 8kHz ensures accuracy, while a slight presence boost brings out clarity and vocal...
  • Three selectable highpass settings and three selectable pad settings let you handle a wide range of recording...

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Starting with the priciest in the market, the TLM 107 microphone from Sennheiser is the go-to in terms of quality.

This is a high-resolution, modern, sturdy, high flexible, and reliable microphone that ultimately gives the buyer value for their money.

This piece of innovation uses a double diaphragm capsule which renders it a high-resolution transducer; a useful attribute for percussion and fine overtones.

Its ability to capture original sounds without disturbances gives the producer freedom during post-production and mixing.

With 5 polar patterns to choose from, it gives the user freedom to record in a myriad of settings without worrying about the output quality.

If your recording work is versatile, then this is the microphone for you, with its triple selectable high pass and pad settings, you can comfortably use this mic in a myriad of recording settings.

It also has intuitive high sensitivity and roll-off, for instance, it pops when powered.

The microphone works with +48V phantom power, it has a joystick interface (how cool) from which you can control the 5 polar patterns.

For accuracy purposes, it has a frequency response of about 8 kHz, and it translates smoothly from the lowest to the highest frequency.

The simple and wear-resistance switch provides the user interface for switching between all essential settings, while the nickel finish offers more grip compared to the black and smooth grip.

Therefore if you are clumsy, consider getting the nickel finish option.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Five polar patterns
  • It does not lose its settings when the power goes off
  • Well designed shock-mounts that minimize mechanical vibrations
  • Allows recording in any set-up using its five polar patterns
  • Can be positioned discretely as all displays are automatically switched off after 15 seconds

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2. AKG Pro Audio C414 XLS

AKG Pro Audio C414 XLS Instrument Condenser Microphone, Multipattern
  • Engineered for highest linearity and neutral sound for beautifully detailed recording of vocals and any acoustic...
  • Nine selectable polar patterns for the perfect setting for every application
  • Three attenuation levels (-6/-12/-18dB) for close-up recording or high-output sources of up to 158dB SPL
  • Three different switchable bass-cut filters to reduce wind noise, subsonic noise or proximity effect
  • Overload warning with audio peak hold LED to detect shortest audio peaks

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Second in rank comes the C414 XLS from AKG.

If you’re looking for a microphone with the highest number of polar patterns for every perfect setting, then this is it.

The polar patterns are omnidirectional, figure-8, cardioid, wide cardioid, hyper-cardioid while the other four are intermediate patterns.

Like the Sennheiser Pro Audio TLM 107, the C414 XLS is highly competitive in terms of its versatility.

The transducer is a large dual-diaphragm and edge terminated designed to closely resemble the sound character of the C414 B-ULS from AKG.

It can easily detect the shortest audio peaks in case of overload and immediately gives an overload warning through its LED display.

Apart from its overload warning system, the microphone also has a lock mode that guards against any unintentional change of microphone settings.

It can also handle a wide range, 134 dB in particular, while its nine polar patterns, triple attenuation levels, and triple switchable bass filters work to meet the wide range.

The attenuation levels are at -6,-12, and -18 dB.

The bass cut filters filter against subsonic noise, proximity effect, and wind noise – these are at 40,80, and 160 Hz.

The device can smoothly handle high Sound Pressure Levels of up to 158 dB

The high energy innovation produces neutral and high linearity sounds for an outstanding and highly detailed recording for a studio, stage, or acoustic performance.

Its rugged and metallic body rejects electromagnetic and Radio Frequency Interference, it also guards against damage from rigorous handling.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 9 polar patterns
  • Electromagnetic and electrostatic interference rejection
  • Overload warning through the LED display
  • Elastic suspension system to lower vibration noises from the chassis
  • Versatility

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3. Shure KSM44A/SL Multi-Pattern Large Dual

Shure KSM44A/SL Multi-Pattern Large Dual-Diaphragm Side-Address Condenser Studio Microphone
14 Reviews
Shure KSM44A/SL Multi-Pattern Large Dual-Diaphragm Side-Address Condenser Studio Microphone
  • Prethos Advanced Preamplifier Technology: Class A, discrete, transformerless preamplifier provides transparency,...
  • Groundbreaking specifications: 4dB of self-noise and max SPL of 131 dB for a total dynamic range of 127 dB – an...
  • Multiple polar patterns–cardioid, omnidirectional and bidirectional–for maximum flexibility in a wide variety...
  • Dual 1 inch, externally biased, ultra-thin, 2.5 μm, 24 Karat gold-layered, low mass diaphragms provide superior...
  • Premium electronic components and gold-plated internal and external connectors

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Third, on the list is the KSM44A by Shure.

It’s also a condenser microphone with three polar patterns namely bidirectional, omnidirectional, and cardioid.

It has a new and attractive design that features two external biased one-inch diaphragms.

The KSM44A best suits high-performance studio and professional stage performances.

The model also proves reliable in versatile applications such as broadcasting, background, voice-over, voice-solo, acoustic instruments like guitar, wind instruments such as brass, low-frequency instruments like kick-drums, and ensembles such as orchestral.

Two one-inch, 2.5 μm lightweight diaphragms that are layered with gold, provides the microphone with superior frequency response.

The gold layered diaphragms have a powerful transient response.

Through the Prethos advanced pre-amplifier technology, the mic can go as low as 4 dB of self-noise.

For transparency, the microphone uses a pre-amplifier and a subsonic filter for noise reduction.

With this device, you do not have to worry about damage from high Sound Pressure Levels (SPL) because it comes with a switchable 15 dB pad to handle such sounds.

Shure assures that their products undergo military standards tests – this means you shouldn’t worry.

The SM44A has a heavy build quality which is very robust and with such a high-resolution microphone, the user first needs to experiment with polar patterns, room treatments, and placement to get a high-quality sound.

Selecting from the three polar patterns is simple through the three-position switch on its front side.

The switch at the back adjusts the low-frequency response.

Although +48V is its best power demand, the microphone can work with a supply as low as +11V with decreased sensitivity and headroom.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The pre-amplifier is discrete, transparent, and super fast in transient response – it has no crossover distortions
  • Reduces inter-modulation and harmonic distortions
  • Premium standard electronic parts and gold-plated connectors
  • Triple polar patterns
  • Has no transformer

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4. Neumann TLM 102 MT

Neumann TLM 102 MT Condenser Microphone, Cardioid
  • Large-diaphragm microphone with cardioid directional characteristic (pressure gradient transducer)
  • Compact Neumann design
  • Very high maximum sound pressure level (144 dB)
  • Slight presence boost above 6 kHz helps vocals to shine in the mix

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Like Sennheiser, this is another quality product from Neuman that is more affordable.

Its compact size may make you underestimate it until you hear it for the first time.

Neumann boasts about a high demand for their products from recording artists to engineers and broadcasters, this is due to their outstanding sonic character, innovative designs, robust and attractive mics.

One unique feature of it is that the engineers omitted rarely used functions such as low-cut switches, pad, and pattern.

This model is stylish, compact, and has a large diaphragm which offers excellent sound at an affordable price.

One of the features that differentiate it from the TLM 107 is that its polar pattern is unidirectional (cardioid for that matter).

This stylish piece of innovation attracts attention from its shining grille ring and harmonious proportions, it comes with an elastic suspension that reduces handling and structure-borne noise to a minimum.

Its large diaphragm gets to the highest sound pressure of 144dB.

The TLM 102 is ideal for home and professional studios since it effortlessly covers vocals, speech, and musical instruments.

The product is available in either nickel or matte black finishes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Large-diaphragm microphone
  • A small presence boost above 6 kHz
  • Can handle high maximum pressure levels of up to 144 dB
  • Comes in a compact size
  • The circuitry has no transformers

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5. Sennheiser MD 441-U

Sennheiser MD 441-U versatile dynamic super-cardioid pattern microphone a five-position
  • Excellent feedback rejection
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Spring capsule mounting provides low sensitivity to handling noise
  • Hum compensating coil
  • Five position bass roll-off switch

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It’s no secret that the Sennheiser brand is an industry leader in terms of price and innovation in sound engineering.

With 70 years of experience in manufacturing sound products, their passion for excellence does not stop.

Remember we said that we have dynamic microphones that are more expensive than condenser microphones, well, the Sennheiser MD 441-U is a perfect epitome of such a case.

The mic is a dynamic mic with condenser features, incorporating the best of both worlds.

If you are considering buying a dynamic microphone that has exceptional quality and versatility, then look for it further because the extra dollars you will have to part with are worth it.

In a review, the MD 441-U has proven to record better bass-baritone vocals in a noisy environment compared to a condenser microphone.

This does not mean that the model is only good at acoustics, it also has versatile uses for voice-overs and recordings.

In case you record in a room, with a bad acoustic, this super-cardioid piece of innovation has high noise rejection capabilities such that poor room acoustics will be the least of your concerns.

Although the mic is a mono pattern (super-cardioid), it has five options for low-frequency and two options for high frequency.

The mic also has a minimal proximity effect but still offers the best recording.

At high-pressure levels, the sound reproduction is distortion-free and still as precise as with low-pressure levels.

The internal shock suspension is critically damped, and it has a backing coil to compensate for electromagnetic hum.

The microphone has a very manageable size and it comes with a mounting to minimize handling noise.

To guard against easy surface damage, the body is all metallic and nickel-plated, plus it’s available in either black leatherette or grey finish.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Pristine sound quality
  • A treble boost switch
  • Awesome feedback rejection

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6. Shure SM7B

Shure SM7B Broadcast Microphone Bundle with Microphone Boom
  • Bundle Includes: 1x Shure SM7B Broadcast Microphone and 1x Konig & Meyer 23850 Mic Boom
  • Shure SM7B: Flat. wide-range frequency response for exceptionally clean and natural reproduction of both music and...
  • Bass rolloff and mid-range emphasis (presence boost) controls with graphic display of response setting
  • Improved rejection of electromagnetic hum, optimized for shielding against broadband interference emitted by...
  • Konig & Meyer 23850: Suitable for Microphones up to .8kg with 5M XLR cable

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Remember that dynamic microphones are in a lower price range compared to their condenser counterparts.

Well, this is Shure’s priciest dynamic microphone.

It’s a flat microphone that covers a wide-range frequency response, it reproduces clean and natural music or speech.

Its pop filter and suspension shock eliminate breathings and mechanical noises.

The cardioid pattern it utilizes ensures that the user can speak or sing in their most comfortable head place, this is because cardioid patterns remove cut-off axis audio.

If your recording work involves working in a room with other electronics such as computers or TV sets, this is the best choice for an affordable dynamic microphone.

This is because of the model shields against broadband interference emitted by electronic monitors.

The package includes an SM7B microphone and a 1x Konig & Meyer 23850 Mic Boom.

A smooth-running desk arm with an innovative table clamp optimized the SM7B for table mounting.

It has a robust metal construction that comes with plastic inserts that securely and strongly hold on to the mounting surface.

The plastic insert mounts the clamp on a variety of surfaces, this optimized clamping accessories mount the clamp on round-shaped tubing and smooth surfaces.

The table flange comes as an optional extra for fixing the microphone arm.

This device also comes with the A7WS windscreen for close-talk applications, it has a bass roll-off and presence boost controls with graphic displays of the response set.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Rejects electromagnetic hum from neon lights, computer monitors, and other electrical machines
  • Unlike its earlier models, it has an excellent bracket design for stability
  • Wide clamping range

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7. Aston Microphones Spirit Large Diaphragm Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone

Aston Microphones Spirit Large Diaphragm Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone
  • Designed and built in the UK
  • Multi pattern Microphone
  • Built in Pop filter Built in Pop filter using the latest stainless steel mesh knit technology
  • End Caps Direct to stand microphone mounting
  • Capsule The Aston Sound Developed by Professional Artists, Engineers and Producers

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Its elegant wave pattern is a unique design feature that will attract you not only to touch and feel this microphone but also to learn more about it.

The brand actually defines the design features as “stop and stare”.

A blend of passion, performance, and emotional experience makes this Spirit design inspire you to give your best when working with it.

Being one of the newest designs in the industry, the Spirit has incorporated awesome design features such as multi-polar switch patterns namely; figure-8, cardioid, or unipolar patterns.

The waveform mesh head is another awesome feature, this Spirit signature design not only looks stunning but also serves to protect the capsule.

The waveform is shock resistant and enables the mic to distort, and then return to its original place in case it knocks off, thus protecting against damage.

The wave design also helps in eliminating unwanted artifacts from the recordings by offering an off-axis rejection degree.

The microphone has a one-inch gold evaporated capsule that achieves a warm and smooth tone.

Its versatility ranges from instruments, voice-over, ambient recordings, and foley effects.

It works well in all settings with an incredible room rejection, although it’s versatile with most musical instruments, it excels in vocals and acoustic guitars.

Its unique pop filter uses the latest technology which is designed from a stainless steel mesh knit.

The Aston Spirit delivers a stunningly natural, beautifully open, and transparent recording that is highly accurate.

Unlike some other condensers, this one does not add the harshness that comes with recording high range Sound Pressure Levels.

To minimize the carbon footprint, the packaging is protective and environmentally-friendly.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Multi-pattern
  • Built-in pop filter
  • Versatile
  • Delivers way more than it costs

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8. CAD Audio Equitek E100S

CAD Audio Condenser Microphone, Black (AMS-E100S)
  • 1-Inch large diaphragm nickel Plated capsule for warm, smooth vintage tone
  • Bootstrapped, full Differential quadra-fet for high sensitivity and low distortion
  • Self noise of < 3. 7dBA; pad and high pass switch
  • Stealth shock mount and vintage Cherry display case included
  • Engineered and built in the USA to exacting standards by industry artisans

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Very few microphones have a super-cardioid feature, and that’s why we are including the CAD E100S in the list.

More than the super-cardioid feature, it minimizes spill associated with close-miking applications.

Moreover, if you are looking for a microphone with the lowest self-noise floor in the market, then this is it.

The CAD company, based in the USA, boasts of high demand for its products by professionals for more than 85 years.

It stands out as a leader in manufacturing cost-effective, yet high-performing innovative sound devices.

In simple terms, the CAD E100s rates as a world-class microphone at a reasonable price, and its quality competes with the Neumann brand.

The nickel-plated condenser microphone has superior construction and has managed to meet the lowest self-noise ever recorded (<3.7dB).

The large-diaphragm capsule delivers a warm and smooth vintage tone.

This microphone also has an awesome frequency response of 80 Hz to 4 kHz.

The maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) is at 150 dB

For low distortion and high sensitivity, the model utilizes a bootstrapped full differential quadra-FET.

It has versatile applications from instruments, ambient recordings, foley effects, and voice – versatility this wide is hard to beat.

It has excellent phasing on instruments, extended low-frequency response, and a full rich vocal tone.

The hi-pass filter is at a rating of 80 Hz and its pad at 10 dB

Pros & Benefits:

  • Lowest self-noise of 3.7 dB
  • Has a proprietary circuitry that enables high performance
  • Flat frequency response
  • Great proximity effect

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9. Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone
  • ONE MICROPHONE FOR EVERYTHING - Studio Recording, Home Recording, Podcasting & Streaming. The SM7B Is Trusted By...
  • STUDIO VOCAL RECORDING - The SM7B’s Dynamic Cartridge With Smooth, Flat, Wide-range Frequency Response Produces...
  • PODCAST & BROADCAST - Found In The Top Podcasting Studios Around The World, The SM7B Air Suspension Shock Isolation...
  • STREAMING CONTENT - Professional Live Streaming Starts With A Microphone Capable Of Capturing Exceptionally Clean...
  • PROFESSIONAL XLR CONNECTION - The XLR Connection Along With An Audio Interface Allows You More Control Over The...

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Not every buyer will have phantom power and that is where the Shure SM7B comes to meet that needs.

All the same, if phantom power is present, be assured that it won’t affect this microphone, however, the microphone requires lithium polymer batteries.

If you do not need to capture sound from acoustic instruments, then you should get this dedicated microphone for speech and music.

It has the popular mic and TV features.

It also graphically displays the response setting and has an awesome bass roll-off and presence boost (midrange emphasis).

To eliminate mechanical noise, the device uses an internal air suspension shock isolation.

Investing in the SM7B saves you extra costs of buying add-on filters against breath sounds because its pop filters do that as well.

The package includes an A7WS windscreen accessory that gives warmer, excellent close-talk vocals and reduces plosive sounds.

Whether standing or sitting, the microphone is easily adjustable, thanks to its yoke mounting with a captive stand nut.

The connector type is XLR connector.

This is a dynamic microphone with a smooth, flat wide-range frequency response that results in the natural reproduction of speech and music.

The rugged construction offers enough excellent cartridge protection and gives it outstanding reliability.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Does not need phantom power
  • Shields against electromagnetic hum
  • Comes with a replacement cartridge

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10. Rode NT1KIT Cardioid

Rode NT1KIT Cardioid Condenser Microphone Package
  • Features a sound signature reminiscent of the famous microphones of old while at the same time exhibiting extremely...
  • The transducer is suspended inside the microphone using Rycote’s Lyre system, minimizing external vibrations at...
  • Coated in a durable, military-grade ceramic layer to ensure an extremely hard wearing finish that is resistant to...

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If your work involves rugged handling of microphones, for instance, outdoor recordings, then the Rode NT1KIT will serve you well.

It’s absolutely a good investment considering it’s covered in a 10-year warranty after registration.

It has an outstanding double lyre suspension system and not to mention its coating, which is a military-grade ceramic layer that gives it a super-strong finish.

This finish is resistant to marks and scratches.

The body’s material is aluminum and nickel-plated to protect it against corrosion.

The SMR removable metal pop filter is not only visually striking but highly effective in plosive protection.

More so, the filter is also easy to wash and as long-lasting as the microphone and shock mount.

The model is an amazing combination of traditional design and innovation, it fuses a sound attribute reminiscent of the old microphones, it exhibits ultra-low noise with artistic features that are irresistible.

The one-inch diaphragm capsule has a revolutionary new design that is unique with a gold-plated membrane.

Rode NT1KIT utilizes a cardioid polar pattern.

Through minimized external vibrations at the capsule level, the mic has an incredibly low self-noise of only 4.5 dBA, making it one of the quietest studio microphones available.

The device power requirements are 24 V and 48 V phantom power.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Robust design and wear resistance
  • 10 year extended warranty
  • Lightweight – 440 gm
  • Excellent surface mount electronics

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Final Thoughts

Depending on your budget and the features you are looking for in a microphone, you cannot exhaust the options available.

Microphones on the higher end of price come with more revolutionary features compared to the cheaper ones.

A major reason why prices may vary is dependent on the number of polar patterns, these range from one to nine.

Microphones with one pattern are the least expensive while the most expensive microphone is the one with nine polar patterns.

Other minor factors influencing the prices are sensitivity levels, self-noise, versatility, and the number of diaphragms.

Learning about a product before purchasing is a recommended way to make sure that you make a good investment.

Do you know about any expensive microphone that is not covered in the top 10 list above?

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