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10 Most Common Microphone Stand Parts Reviewed For 2021

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Microphone stand parts are an important investment to get just like your microphone.

If you have been thinking of setting up your studio, then you should know that it’s no easy task.

You may be a great singer, but you need some essential yet basic and high-quality equipment to help you hit your music goals and outsmart rivals in the music industry.

You may be thinking the most basic equipment you’ll shortly require to get started includes a desktop, interface, microphone, and a mic stand.

However, that’s where you have it wrong as you’re already omitting some other serious tools.

These tools are your mic stand accessories, without which your soundtracks and audio recordings are never good to go.

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10 Most Common Microphone Stand Parts Reviewed

Here, we’ve come up with a list of the 10 most common microphone stand parts or accessories which you need to grab in a short time.

1. Neewer NW-5 Sound Absorbing Panel

Neewer NW-5 Foldable Adjustable Portable Sound Absorbing Vocal Recording Panel, Aluminum Acoustic...
  • Eliminates Noise Interference: Used to reduce ambient noise, create a closer, drier, more controlled vocal or...
  • 5-Panel Design: 3 stationary center panels and 2 foldable end panels; Easy to pack and carry around
  • Sturdy aluminum construction; High-density sound absorbing foam; Adjustable knobs to tight the panel closely on the...
  • Can be mounted on stand, susceptible to install and stable; Detachable stability feet, allow the panel to be placed...
  • Non-slip Stability Feet: Prevent sliding, and the entire booth mounts to your microphone stand with a sturdy clamp...

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If you always suffer from noise interference when you record a soundtrack then you need to get your hands on any good sound absorbing panel that surrounds your microphone on three sides on the stand.

Neewer NW-5 Sound Absorbing Panel just tops the list when it comes to the best sound-absorbing panels for reducing ambient noise.

Not only does it eliminate noise interference, but it also creates a closer, dried, and more controlled instrument or vocal recording.

The sound-absorbing panel of Neewer NW-5 comprises mainly two components, the absorption lining made of foam, and the foldable diffusion shell.

The high-quality foam on the inner walls of the shell absorbs the reflecting audio waves from the source and hence reduces the ambient noise.

Two bent metal plates having small holes on the outer walls of the shell help prevent the undesirable audio from reaching the mic.

This product is a 5-panel design with 2 folding end panels and 3 immobile center panels, which allows it to be easily carried around anywhere.

Other features include highly adjustable knobs for tightening the panel on the stand, powerful aluminum construction, highly dense sound-absorbing foam, and non-slip detachable stability feet for placing it on a desk firmly.

A robust clamp system allows mounting of the entire booth to your mic stand.

They also give you a mic mounting hardware set to provide extra stability and protection during the desktop mode.

One of the most paramount features of this tool is that it can accommodate mics of all sizes.

Bear in mind however that the package doesn’t include a headphone, mic, or stand.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Eliminates voice interference thoroughly
  • Robust aluminum construction
  • Highly adjustable
  • Highly portable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Accommodates mics of all sizes

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2. Neewer Microphone Pop Filter Shield

Neewer Professional Microphone Pop Filter Shield Compatible with Blue Yeti and Any Other Microphone,...
  • DUAL-LAYER POP FILTER: The first screen blocks air blasts as any pop filter normally would; The gap in between then...
  • ADJUSTABLE GOOSENECK: The steel metal gooseneck holder fully supports the filter's weight and keep it in place. You...
  • CLERAER SOUND: Banish the dreaded hissing and lisping sounds that come when pronouncing the letter "S" and blocks...
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Adjustable screw rotating clamp with scratch-proof gripper can secure variety tubular mounting...
  • EASY OPERATION: Swivel mount for easy installation, removal and location adjustment. Note: Microphone is NOT...

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If you’re an over-eager performer, the Neewer Microphone Pop Filter Shield is a must-have for you!

This tool is essential for studios where you can record perfect sounds.

Since your microphone is always susceptible to spitting and hence can accumulate enough saliva to reduce the life expectancy of your mic.

Since this improves its audibility, it ensures that your songs are easily understood by your audience.

So, share messages, not mistakes with this wonderful pop filter shield.

Also, it ensures that your message is clear and loud because it banishes the dreaded lip-sing and hissing sounds which are likely to happen when you pronounce the letter ‘s’ as well as the air blasts that come behind ‘b’ and ‘p’ sounds.

The question is why should you necessarily opt for a Neewer Mic Pop Filter Shield when there are too many options out there?

The answer is because unlike other pop filters that have a single-layered shield, the Neewer Mic Pop Filter Shield has dual layers.

The first layer is for blocking air blasts like any other pop filter typically does; then the gap between both layers for dispersing any leftover air pressure, and then the second layer is for suppressing the blast thoroughly to help you produce A1 quality recordings.

Also, you are free to adjust the distance and angle between the microphone and the shield to best meet your requirements.

Besides, the gooseneck-style holder is very convenient to use since it’s 360° flexible so you can adjust it exactly the way you need, it also has a swivel mount which makes its installation easy.

Above all other benefits, the adjustable clamp of the Neewer pop filter mask shield is just compatible with any microphone stand.

Since Neewer offers you pro quality at amateur prices so you can experience the best, don’t think twice about this item especially if you want to lengthen the life of your microphone as well as produce the most audible soundtracks.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Adjustable clamp compatible with any microphone
  • Swivel mounting for easy installation
  • 360° flexible gooseneck-style holder for precise positioning
  • Highly affordable price as compared to others

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3. Neewer Universal Microphone Shock Mount

Neewer Universal 45MM Microphone Shock Mount for 43MM-46MM Diameter Condenser Mic (Black)
  • NOTE: The shock mount only fits microphone diameter ranging from 43mm ~46mm. PLEASE VERIFY your microphone size...
  • This professional suspension shock mount isolates most studio condenser mics from physical vibration, floor and the...
  • Made of high-quality metal and high elasticity rope. It can protect the microphone all-around with high elasticity...
  • Standard 5/8"-27 thread with a 3/8"-5/8"screw adapter, features an angle adjustment with locking knob, so you can...
  • This shock comes with a Foam insert, which is used to hold and protect the microphone.

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You must have been watching out for some potential ways to eliminate the handling sounds which accompany your voice when recording even in pinpoint silence.

Look no further and buy the Microphone Shock Mount by Neewer the soonest you can.

This nice shock mount is best for isolating studio condenser microphones from stand noise, floor noise, and any other physical vibrations; which distort your soundtracks to a great extent and make them look like the product of a non-professional.

This product is best for large diameter condenser microphones ranging from 43 MM to 46 MM.

Neewer Universal Mic Shock Mount is made of high elastic rope and A1 quality metal.

This prevents your mic from falling because it has a high elasticity wrap-roping design that protects the mic from all-around.

In addition to that, you have a choice to mount it on every standard mic stand due to its locking knob that allows angle adjustment so it can best meet your requirements.

This shock mount has a foam insert to protect and hold the microphone firmly.

There aren’t any color choices as the product comes in black color only.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Prevents mics from all the physical vibrations
  • High-quality metal construction
  • Fits for large diameter microphones
  • Compatible with all standard mic stands
  • Foam insert for holding and protecting the mic
  • Light-weight and ultra-portable

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4. Gator Framework Mic Stand Clamp-On Utility Shelf

Gator Frameworks Microphone Stand Clamp-On Utility Shelf; 9' x 9' Surface Area with 10 pound Weight...
2,690 Reviews
Gator Frameworks Microphone Stand Clamp-On Utility Shelf; 9" x 9" Surface Area with 10 pound Weight...
  • Small Microphone Stand Clamp-On Utility Shelf
  • 9” x 9” Surface Area
  • Great for Holding Small Accessories Like Capos, Harmonicas, and Cell Phones with Raised Lip Around Edges to Prevent...
  • Fits Tubing Up to 40mm | 10lb Weight Capacity
  • Steel Construction with Black Powder Coated Finish

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Are you facing trouble placing small essential items like harmonicas, cell phones, or capos while recording your soundtracks?

This is a wonderful product that is perfect for holding your little accessories and preventing them from sliding off while recording.

This is a clamp-on utility shelf by world-renowned musical instrument merchandise – the Gator Frameworks.

This paramount mic shelf has a surface area of 9 inches by 9 inches so you can easily put your little things such as keys, cups, and harmonicas, etc.

Although its weight is 2.53 lbs, its carrying weight capacity is 10 lbs.

The Gator Framework mic stands shelf allows you to sip from your coffee mug from time to time during recording sessions.

The raised lip-around edges prevent your accessories from falling or sliding off so you can get a relaxed recording experience.

The adjustable clamp-on design offers direct attachment to the mic stand up to 40MM diameters.

Also, the high-quality, lustrous steel has powder-coated finishing which makes it as clean as a whistle.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Light-weight and carries weight up to 10 lbs
  • Highly affordable pricing
  • Raised lip-around edges prevent small accessories from falling
  • Modern and sleek design

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5. Gator Framework Accessory Mount

Gator Frameworks Accessory Mount for Microphone stands; Fits up to 4 Accessories (...
  • Mount with multiple threaded ends to add up to 4 accessories; Such as Booms, shelves, and Goosenecks
  • Clamps to tube and features (4) 5/8-27 male mic thread adapters
  • Securely attaches to tube diameters ranging from 15mm -22mm
  • Made from machined aluminum with black anodized finish
  • 5/8-27 male threads at boom end with jam nut

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Those who have limited studio space must have to opt for a custom solution for their microphone setup.

If you’re facing the same issue, it’s the right time to grab your Gator Framework Accessory Mount.

Believe it or not, this wonderful product provides you with the opportunity to add up to four accessories like shelves, mic clips, accessory trays, goosenecks, microphone booms, and more at a time.

So, what more can you wish for?

With various threaded ends, the Gator Framework Accessory Mount System is best for resolving your space issues.

The Gator Framework Accessory Mount is made from high-quality aluminum with a black anodized finish.

Also, it’s securely attachable to any microphone stand with a diameter ranging from 15 MM to 22 MM.

So don’t look beyond this product if you want free floor space in your studio.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Fits as many as four accessories at a time
  • Affordable pricing
  • Space-saving
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Premium material

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6. InnoGear Microphone Arm

InnoGear Microphone Arm, Upgraded Mic Arm Microphone Stand Boom Suspension Stand with 3/8" to 5/8"...
  • Foldable Arm Band: The adjustable microphone arm can be folded up and easy for you to carry around. This feature...
  • Upgraded Desk Mount: In comparison to the old versions, this zinc alloy desk mount is built with anti-scratch pad...
  • The 5/8"-27 male to 3/8"-16 female screw adapter which included in the package fits for blue snowball.The Diameter...
  • Heavy Duty Steel Structure: Super-strong spring with extra positioning screw, compact microphone arm stand designed...
  • Note: The mounting hole on the Yeti Mic is sometimes just a tiny portion bigger than the 5/8" industry standard....

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Do you want a portable microphone arm stand so you can move it easily from one place to another?

Then, the InnoGear Microphone Arm is what you are looking for!

This mic arm is made of highly durable steel and is extremely light in weight.

Also, it’s highly portable so you can store and transport it easily.

Another great feature of the InnoGear mic arm is that its feet help in promoting additional stability, protecting floor surface from scratches and scuffs, and eliminating floor vibration.

This product is compatible with voice sound recording, tv stations, radio broadcasting studios, home studios, and so on.

The arm is foldable, which enables you to adjust it to your suitable height and angle so you can perfectly record your voice.

When you are going to use it, just loosen the knob first before adjusting the angle of the mic arm, and don’t rotate it by force because it can harm the screw threads.

Unlike old versions, the InnoGear Mic Arm desk mount has a wider mouth up to two inches to fit a variety of desktops.

Also, the desk mount has an anti-scratch pad to protect your desk from scratches.

The material is high-quality steel and the design is compact for heavy-duty carry with the maximum load it can bear being 1.5 Kg.

Sometimes the mounting hole on some microphones is slightly bigger than 5/8 inch, which is the industry standard so in that case, we suggest you use the Thread Tape (included in the package) to wrap around your mounting screw on the shock mount to make it workable for your mic.

This way, you will effectively expand the thickness of your mounting screw without using another screw thread and make yourself capable of connecting to your mic.

InnoGear Microphone Arm is suitable for Yeti Pro, Yeti X, Blue Yeti, Yeti Nano, Blue Snowball, and Blue Snowball iCE, Audio-Technica AT2020, AT2035, AT2020USB+, ATR2100-USB, and ATR2500-USB, Fifine K669B, and K669.

The package includes a mic scissor arm stand, 3/8 inch-5/8 inch thread, table mounting clamp, and a microphone clip.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Flexible, adjustable, and portable arm
  • Durable steel material and dual-braced arms give strength
  • The soft pad protects from scratches
  • Highly reasonable price

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7. On-Stage MY550 Microphone Extension Attachment Bar

On-Stage MY550 Microphone Extension Attachment Bar
  • Perfect choice for adding another mic to your stand for miking drums, cymbals or an acoustic guitar
  • Fits most standard mic stands and booms - it will even clamp to the side of most amps
  • The adjustable clamping bracket features a nylon tip for a secure hold without damaging the finish of your...
  • Standard 5/8"-27 threaded ends will fit most standard mic clips and booms

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Are you all set to get mic drums, acoustic guitar, or cymbals but are currently having issues with space?

Don’t worry as we have found a great solution for you!

This is one space-saving Microphone Extension Attachment Bar by an internationally-acknowledged company, the On-Stage!

As the name speaks for itself, this merchandise is well-known for producing the best on-stage equipment you can find anywhere in the world.

On-Stage Mic Extension Attachment Bar is the best choice for making musical instruments.

This product fits most standard microphone booms and stands, that will even clasp on the side of amps!

The clamping bracket is adjustable and has a nylon tip as well for a firm hold to your equipment without damaging its finish.

The On-Stage mic extension attachment bar fits for all the standard (5/8 inch-27)threaded microphone clips.

This is also great for the musicians who’re on a budget!

Get the On-Stage Mic Extension Attachment Bar and experience it yourself!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Adjustable clamping with a nylon tip for firm hold without damaging the equipment
  • Fit for all the standard microphone stands
  • Portable
  • Durable material
  • Affordable price

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8. Pyle Mic Boom Pole

Pyle Mic Boom Pole - Telescope Microphone Boom Fish Pole for Shotgun Mics with Adjustable Length -...
  • Durable, Lightweight & Reliable - Ready to Record: Quick Setup, Easy Length Adjustment
  • Maximum Extension Length: 5.7' Feet - Minimum Length (Folded / Collapsed): 2.2' Feet
  • Convenient Boom Pole / Fish Pole Mic Placement - Universal Microphone Compatibility
  • USA Standard 5/8'' (35mm) Threading - Foldable/Collapsible Shafts - Mic Clip & Mic Not Included
  • Includes Velcro Straps for Cable Management - Rugged Aluminum Metal Alloy Construction

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This wonderful Mic Boom Pole by Pyle is a must-have for the people who are out and about for recording audios.

The Pyle Microphone Boom Fish Pole provides you reliable and convenient shotgun mic placement.

With this long pole mount, you can easily and quickly add the telescoping microphone placement in a variety of applications.

You can use this boom pole for both the in-studio productions as well as the on-stage productions.

This boom pole allows you to capture your crisp voice with the best audio pickup.

This telescope boom pole also offers universal shotgun mic compatibility with the USA standard mic threading (5/8 inch ), quick-locking mechanism, clamp-style extension, collapsible extending arm shafts, and comfy padded handle-grip.

The in-built velcro straps allow you to keep your cables in place so you can stay organized and capture the best sounds in the best possible ways.

The collapsing, foldable shafts are for easy storage and transport and as you extend your mic up to 5.7 feet, the mount will collapse up to 2.2 feet.

The durable and rugged aluminum alloy construction makes it reliable, maneuverable, and lightweight – and the polished, sleek frame is all good to go for pro audio performances.

Get up and achieve the best audio recording ability with your Pyle Extending Mic Boom Fish Pole.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Convenient fish pole placement
  • Universal shotgun mic compatibility
  • Durable, reliable, and lightweight
  • Sleek frame style
  • In-built velcro straps for cable organization
  • Snuggy handle grips

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

9. InnoGear Desktop Microphone Stand

InnoGear Desktop Microphone Stand, Upgraded Adjustable Table Mic Stand with Mic Clip and 5/8" Male...
  • Upgraded with metal base and affixed with 4 non-slip cottons, moving the desktop microphone stand without causing...
  • Our base diameter is bigger and weight of stand has been increased as heavy as 840g(1.85lb) so it won’t be...
  • Other's snap-in style stand may loosen after a long time, while our screw-in style stand is much more secure and...
  • Package comes with an extra high quality metal 5/8" Male to 3/8" Female Screw for multi-purpose of use. It works...
  • The desktop microphone stand is easy to carry. Suitable for holding the microphone at the conference room, church...

Last update on 2021-06-04 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

With ever-changing technological advancements, mic stands have evolved into desktop stands.

Now, you can still record your audios while sitting in the comfort of your couch.

Use the InnoGear Desktop Mic Stand for a meeting, singing, podcasting, broadcasting, live interviews, and other activities and occasions.

Due to its adjustable features; the desktop mic stand is easy to carry.

Made of highly-durable iron, the InnoGear desktop mic stand is more suitable and much stable than any other plastic microphone stands for live meetings and sessions.

This particular stand works best with Blue Snowball since it includes a 3/8 inch female to 5/8 inch male screw.

The InnoGear Desktop Mic Stand has a heavy metallic base that prevents your mic from falling.

The base is fixed to four non-slip cotton pieces which move the mic stand without leaving any abrasions on the table and producing noise.

You can adjust the height of the mic stand up to 15.4″ to best meet your requirements.

The package also includes a screw that is applicable for digital Zoom H1 and Zoom H2 recorders.

Being highly portable, you can safely carry the InnoGear desktop mic stand to conference rooms, churches, and any other public places you want.

If you were watching out for the potential desktop mic stand, the InnoGear desktop mic stand is what you were looking for!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Portable and convenient to carry
  • Price is affordable
  • Highly adjustable
  • Heavy base to prevent the mic from falling
  • Perfect for podcasters and broadcasters

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

10. On-Stage 6 Inch Microphone Gooseneck

On-Stage 6" Microphone Gooseneck, Black
  • 6" of strong flexibility enables precise mic placement
  • Pinch point-free rolled metal won't nip your fingers or cables
  • 5/8"-27 threading on both ends fits standard mic stands and accessories
  • Holds up to 2.5 lbs. for sturdy support of your mics
  • Black finish

Last update on 2021-06-01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

If you don’t want to use the hand-held mic, then this On-Stage 6 inch Mic Gooseneck is your thing.

This is one of the most simple but serious tools that help you enjoy your comfort zone.

The flexible Microphone Gooseneck by On-Stage comes in lengths of 6, 13, and 19 inches respectively.

It’s attachable to an adaptor or mic stand with standard male and female threads.

This flexible gooseneck is made from interconnected rolled metal that doesn’t harm your cables or fingers as you hold it during recording.

One of the best things which sets this particular item apart from its rivals is that it’s very reasonably priced while maintaining the best quality.

The threaded ends of the gooseneck are made of solid steel, which makes it extremely flexible and durable.

The strong flexibility of the gooseneck ensures precise mic placement, unlike many other goosenecks where you need to hold the neck by hand which kills its actual purpose.

This product can bear the weight of up to 2.5 pounds and is available in only black color.

So, just sit, relax, and recline while recording your audio.

You don’t need to look further than On-Stage 6 Inch Microphone Gooseneck if you want to have a hassle-free recording experience.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Highly flexible and durable
  • Comes in three different lengths of 6, 13, and a9 inches respectively
  • Highly affordable
  • Attachable to any standard microphone stands or adapters
  • Made of solid steel

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a music-savvy or an American-Idol underway, these microphone stand parts will help you big time by bringing out your beautiful masterpieces.

These are what you need to produce those beautiful beats of yours.

If your studio is lacking any of these, you now know what to do and which to get.

Remember, you most definitely cannot purchase all as you may not need everything at the same time so your purchasing choice is dependent on what you truly need.

Hope you make the best choice after going through this review.

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