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10 Best Companies That Sell Custom Microphone Stands

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Who doesn’t love custom mic stands, especially when it helps make your persona on stage?

Do you know out there, some outstanding companies can make custom microphone stands according to your specifications & requirements.

Yes, you heard it right.

You just need to give them some basic info like your microphone brand, your height, type of coating, and more.

These outstanding brands offer their famous customized microphone stands to famous personalities like Taylor Swift and Julie Bergan.

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10 Best Companies That Sell Custom Microphone Stands

These brands offer the replica of famous brands, that will take you to your past.

Below are some of them.

1. Crystal Rocked

Do you want to make your mic stand look more eye-catching & expensive?

Then Crystal Rocked should be your priority.

Crystal Rocked is famous for crystal works and plating of gold and diamonds on products like microphone, microphone stands & more.

Experience and Expertise

Over the past 15 years, they have made a very dominant position in the crystalline industry.

They have worked with some of the world-famous brands like Shure, DW Drums, Dolce & Gabbana, and more.

Most of their clients are the world’s top music personalities and businesswomen like Cher and Kylie Minogue.

Crystal Rocked uses Austrian crystals & metal in its crystallization process.

Their crystalized products are 100% handmade as they have one of the most expert designers who place all crystals in their original places with perfection.

Best Customer Service

They have the best customer services in the world as they offer their customers the opportunity to send in their own designs.

This way they make the microphone stand based on the designs sent in.

So, if you want to create your own designs of microphone stands, you can contact them through phone or email.

Design Your Own Custom Micro Stand

You get to discuss your ideas with their team of experts.

After listening to your ideas, they make computer-generated images of how your microphone stand will look after crystallization.

Make sure you tell them the exact height measurement of your microphone stand, as their height is nonadjustable because of the crystal nature.

After confirmation of the ultimate design, their in-house expert designer make these custom designs in days.

They provide worldwide shipping to almost 100 countries.

You will get your own custom microphone stand within days because they use the world’s fast international express delivery.

2. Devil and Sons

Do you want to show your full confidence on stage without using your voice only?

There should be a custom microphone stand for you too based on your band theme.

If you don’t fully understand the types of designs that will catch your audience’s attention the most, then “Devil & Sons” is for you.

Background and Clients

They are basically a guitar manufacturing company that makes customized guitars for their clients.

They also customize microphone stands for their clients like Daniel Kapp.

They spent 15 years performing live with one or more famous bands like The Age of Pilots, The Second Line, and The Amy Trade.

And their familiarity with different types of instruments got the audience’s attention.

So, if you have no clue how to customize your microphone stand, they are ready to customize your microphone stand considering their entire life experience.

Design Your Own Microphone Stand

They offer a wide range of designs.

So, if you have a design on your mind that is not common, you can ask them by going to their contact page.

Don’t forget to add brief details like shapes, body-color, your height, and your microphone brand.

They work day and night to make a custom microphone stand for you to build your on-stage persona.

And they also upload links to their social media accounts to view their latest designs at workshops.

Get Free Shipping

And if you live in Mainland UK, then this is a golden opportunity for you to build a powerful image on your audience by getting a custom microphone stands they are offering free shipping to Mainland UK.

3. Metal Dozer

Want to become a successful singer like Richie Sambora or Robert Plant?

If you really want to feel how it’s like to perform in front of thousands, then Melt Dozer got your back.

Metal dozer has a rich history of working with popular singers, songwriters, and musicians like Richie Sambora and Robert Plant.

They give you the chance to connect with these notable brands.

Want To Put a Smile On Your Father’s Face?

Is your father really passionate about music?

Then, why not give him a surprise gift of his favorite band’s microphone stand?

It is the best time to show your love to your father.

Metal Dozer creates a direct replica tribute microphone stand of famous artists like Axl Rose, Def Leppard, ZZ Top & more.

This microphone stand comes with removable bases and different colors you choose.

They also provide you with the same colors your studio has to maintain the balance with national and international shipping.

You Can Choose A Design From Their Portfolio

In case you are confused about what to select or what type of design you have to choose?

Then, have a look at their portfolio designs.

They are 100% handmade available in different colors of coating and sizes.

If you like one of those designs and also want to make some additional customization, then, they are happy to make that customization for you.

Let Them Know Your Requirements

You just have to choose what colors you want for coating, design & material for your microphone stand.

Fill in the custom order form on their contact page.

Just fill the form & send them.

They will contact you later to discuss with you further details.

4. Rebel Stage Gear

To those who have the significant power of imagination, Rebel offers a solution by allowing them to express their creative microphone stand to the world.

Highly Trained Team

Rebel comprises a highly motivated team of experts who really want to introduce new custom inspiring designs to the music industry.

Their mission is to build custom mic stands in the light of your imagination.

They are fully confident that their inspiring designs are long-lasting.

Their designs are totally custom made according to the client’s specification & requirements.

Portfolio designs

Along with their designed microphone stand, they offer their portfolio design with different options.

You can choose your favorite microphone stand based on your requirements.

Design Your Microphone Stand

And if those portfolio designs do not grab your attention, then you can give them your ideas.

They will make designs according to your requirements.

Just give them all the tiny details you have in your mind.

And if you can draw a sketch, then it will be really helpful for them.

Their team of professionals will easily understand what you need when they see your sketch.

Offering Multiple Finishing

Whether you want the wet paint or powder coat on your microphone stand or prefer the gold plating or high quality crystallized coating like Swarovski & Preciosa, Rebel can do it with perfection.

In case your band also has the logo or artwork and you want it pasted in your microphone stand, it is possible.

Simply send your design along with other details.

Don’t forget to mention your height, your microphone brand, and model, finishing colors, a brief description of your ideas, and also attach your logo or artwork.

5. Ironawemicstands

Every musician has a fantasy to perform live in front of thousands, right?

But only a few can perform live.

Are you ready to become one of the few who can perform live & earn thousands of compliments?

To perform live with your talent also the compatibility of a stage gear with your microphone stand is important.

What if we tell you that there is a company that makes stage gear along with a custom microphone stand, which boosts your confidence & helps you connect with your audience?

Ironawe is that company you haven’t heard of before.


Ironawe started by the Welder Fabricator, who is also the main lead performer with tribute & cover bands for many years.

The combination of his work & passion led him to create outstanding work designs providing the entire world with the best metal designs stage gear including custom microphone stands.

Design Your Own Microphone Stand

They claim that they can turn any microphone stand ideas & themes into reality.

Like a genie in a bottle, they will grant whatever you wish for.

Famous Designs

Not only are they offering their famous designs like spider webs or wand stands.

But also, they can make custom microphone stands according to your specification & requirements.

Whether you want to make some animal designs or to put your name on your microphone stand.

They will never disappoint you.

You can contact them via email or on Facebook.

Where they get the order of many designs also including stage risers.

Recommended by Clients

They have worked with a lot of clients including Ozzy Osbourne.

Their clients highly recommend others as they can design what you want them to be.

You can check their customer reviews on their reviews page.

6. Blue Weld

Parenting is tough nowadays and it’s difficult to get your kids on the line in this digital age.

Kids in their teens are very hard to handle as they are going through a lot and are a bit emotional.

You must have a strong communication bond with your kids because only then will they start seeing you as their best friend to share with you their feelings and emotions without hesitation.

And it’s only possible when your kids feel comfortable talking with you.

Custom Microphone Stand as a Birthday Gift

To make bonds strong with your teens, birthday gifts play a vital role.

And if your kids love to play with their musical instruments with their band.

Then, blue weld’s custom microphone batman, superman stands would be the best birthday gift ever to boost their confidence on stage while performing.

It will give them a sense of security and they will start sharing everything with you.

Along with superheroes microphone stands, they are offering a wide collection of microphone stands including gold chain and steering wheel microphone stand.

Design Your Own Microphone Stand

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for then you can send them your own design on their contact form.

Their artistic hands will design art for you which will make you to be remembered in the eyes of your fans for a long time.

Similar Categories

They are offering metal art for your home, garden & public places like metal lamps & shades, door canopies, and more.

They are providing their email, and also a social media account for you to send them your custom microphone stand designs.

7. Two twisted stage art

Everyone wants to be cared for, seen, loved, and appreciated, especially if you’re a performer in a music band.

You’re always looking for ways to get your game strong in front of a live audience.

Performing live allows you to test your nerves, skills and confidence, which makes you a better musician.

It also gives you more chances to connect with your genuine fans.

Meeting new people in the same industry gives you a lot of opportunities to learn how to improve your game on stage.

Design Mic Stand For Outdoor Performances

To make your persona on stage strong, two twisted stage art allows you to design your own microphone stand for outdoor performances.

Two twisted stage art makes a cool artist mic stand for you, which lifts your game to the next level.

They have earned a lot of love through their live performances.

Till now they appeared in 15 official music videos, live DVD, in a movie & several tv shows.

Famous Clients

They worked with a lot of famous musicians, singers, songwriters, and artists like Demun Jones, Randy Houser, Colt Ford, Lee Brice, and many more.

Types of Mic Stand

They offer two types of mic stands and they include a steering wheel & firm base.

And if you’re worried about matching base color with your band theme, you can also choose what type of base color you want for your mic stand that will also match with your band theme.

Offering Print on Demand Caps

And if you’re their diehard fan, then they are offering for their fans their logo printed trucker caps.

To see their new designs and updates, you can also join their social media accounts.

To make a custom mic stand, you can contact them via their contact page as well via their social media account.


Being in the center of attention is every musician’s fantasy.

But not everyone has the courage to fulfill that fantasy because of stage anxiety.

Stage fright is a common problem especially for those who are just performing for the first time.

Different thoughts begin to haunt you.

What if the microphone stand falls or shakes?

What if you pull the microphone stand from the base and it sticks?

These unreal imaginary fears are enough to break your confidence.

Low confidence badly affects your persona on stage.

Overcome Stage Anxiety

To manage these dreadful moments, mictsands offers the solution to stay confident.

They are offering custom mic stands along with their accessories, which can really be helpful in your live performance.

Mic Stand Accessories

The accessories include a “mic stand base flange” which saves your mic stand from misbehaving during live performance.

Also, its mic stand’s quick release makes it easy for you to release the microphone from its stand when you want to move around the stage to cheer up your audience.

You can choose them according to your specification.

Glow Mic Stand

If it’s a night function, then its rainbow stands color effect makes it glow in the dark.

Its 2 hours battery time with pulse & flicking effects helps you maintain the rhythm.

Also, because of its removable base, you can use the whole stage with a glowing microphone stand in your hand.

Also, they are offering different base stand colors, you can choose the color you want according to your band theme.

Offering Steering Wheel Bases:

They are offering steering wheelbases with multiple diameters.

Besides all these designs they offer, if you want to design your own microphone stand, then you can contact them via their email address, to submit your requirements and specification.

9. Katherine ford

Are you looking for an artist who can design your mic stand according to your band theme?

Then Katherine Ford is the best choice for you.

She has a degree in clothing, textile and fashion merchandising.


She is one who can design your mic stand by applying natural elements, fibers, and sculptures to create a fresh look according to your band theme.

She believes we all come into this world with a purpose, and everyone should take steps to achieve their dreams.

Past Clients

With 17 years of experience, she has worked with famous brands like The Bascom, Plateau Magazine, and more.

She has given out her email address through which you can contact her for designing a custom mic stand.

She enjoys working with clients to achieve the best outcome for your band.

10. Viscardidesigns

If you’re fond of metalwork and would want to design metal mic stands with neon LED lights, then let us introduce you

Tony Viscardi is the owner of Viscardi designs.

Rockstar of the Art world

He is a global top-selling artist known as “Rockstar of-the-art world” and has been in the media including the television show “That’s Clever”.

His arts are a mixture of fun and illusion which make it thought-provoking for people.


His clients are popular celebrities, car dealers, rock bands, and reality show artists and they include, Kim Kardashian, Kat Von D, Occ (Orange City Choppers), Chop (the king of cars), Holy Madison, Tantric, and more.

Social and Print Media Presence

They have featured him many times in TV shows, magazines, national and international news.

Also, famous comedian David Adkins band made a video about Viscardi design in which he is so fascinated about Tony Viscardi’s designs and creativity.

Contact Info

You can contact him either of three ways.

It can be via email, phone number, or by making use of the contact form.

Whatever you wish, Viscardi can design for you.

Along with mic stands, he creates logos, outdoor arts, neon sculptures, clock, furniture, tabletop, public sculptures.

Final Thoughts

Every brand has its own special & unique thing to offer.

But we can judge the credibility of every brand by its ability to understand the needs of its customers properly.

No matter how experienced their team is or how creative and eye-catching their equipment are, if a brand cannot capture and give her audience what it wants, then it has no value.

We have curated a list of the best companies which produce custom mic stands so if you’re searching for one, you know where to visit.

We hope this article will be really helpful to get your dream custom microphone stand.

Do continue being creative with music.

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