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10 Best Microphone Table Stands & Their Reviews For 2021

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Are you worried that your mic will capture unwanted background noises because you don’t have a microphone table stand?

A productive microphone table stand, which aptly suits your microphone and fits perfectly in your recording studio room is what you need.

A well-posed mic stand would hold your microphone in your studio table, positioning it straight towards you, so that your microphone does not pick up the booms and bangs from the surrounding, also enabling the best quality output.

Most professional artists and young talents go through various outlets searching for a perfect microphone stand that best suits their microphone and the studio.

This process, sometimes turns out unfruitful, having cost a lot of labor, time, and money whereas, you still get to regret ever purchasing the stand you finally went for.

Looking out for a perfect table stand for your mic, especially one that’s suitable for your specifications might be an exhaustive, time-consuming process.

I’d like to make it much lighter for you by showcasing the topmost relevant, competent and some best microphone table stands available for you in this list.

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10 Best Microphone Table Stands Reviewed

Let’s dive in and take a look at our top ten products.

1. K&M 23860 Microphone Desk Arm

K&M 23860 Microphone Desk Arm - Black
  • Maximum load is 3.2 pounds
  • 5/8" thread connecctor
  • Maximum extension is 37"
  • Steel construction
  • Choice of professionals worldwide

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If you’ve been looking for an exclusive and professional microphone table for your studio or a multimedia workstation, then you’re in the right place.

This cleverly designed Microphone Desk Arm comes with an innovative table clamp to assist better placement of the microphone in your studio.

This particular well-heeled microphone table stands from K&M Stands Store, can easily hold microphones weighing up to 3.2 pounds.

It’s flexible, it can also be managed and set in various adjustable positions.

It’s available in a classic black tone and is capable of being fixed to a smooth table or a round table.

It’s a little expensive but it’s worth the money, moreover, its master design ensures that it’s a high-quality stand, hence it’s a perfect solution for the little space in your studio.

This sturdy and solid table stand has a lot of potential in making your recording experience super comfortable.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Stable metallic construction
  • Clamped on various surfaces
  • Easily adjustable
  • Has internally guided microphone cable
  • Has a sleek, modern look

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2. InnoGear Mic stand with Adjustable Boom Scissor Arm

InnoGear Microphone Stand for Blue Yeti Adjustable Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand with 3/8"to...
  • Shock Mount: Please noted the shock mount is not fit for Blue Yeti.It is made of high-quality material and can...
  • Heavy-duty Structure Mic Stand: The extra strong spring prevents the microphone from accidental dropping, noise...
  • Double Screen Pop Filters: The first screen blocks air blasts as any pop filter normally would. The gap in between...
  • Especially Design: The cable ties which adopt the self-locking fastener design, strong durable powerful lock, easy...
  • All-in-One Combo: Package includes all the items you need for studio recording and live sound, a microphone stand,...

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If you require a microphone stand that would fit well for your home, broadcasting, and recording studio, then try this one.

As one of the top-ranked bestsellers in microphone mounts, the InnoGear Microphone Stand for Blue Yeti, with an adjustable suspension boom scissor arm stand comes with enormous varied features.

This microphone stand kit includes an adjustable arm stand, a well-structured wind filter, and an anti-vibrant shock mount.

The shock mount goes well with a variety of microphones, yet isn’t adaptable for the Blue Yeti, plus it’s also made of durable metal and high elastic rope.

The windscreen, a major aspect of the kit, is double layered and can be adjusted to any desired angle.

And the mounting clamp is made of Zinc alloy and has a professional metal screw adapter, meeting high standards with a universal mic clip providing plenty of connecting possibilities.

The installation process involved here is much easier than that of its competitors.

The principal feature of the stand apart from its sturdiness and high quality is its economical price, which makes it one of the best top-selling microphones stands in the market.

It’s sold at a decent affordable price, it will definitely impress you when positioned on your working desk, table, or your studio room.

If you are a singer, actor, or any other artist (in need of a mic stand) trying to make their goals attainable, then this microphone table stand would be of much greater use to you.

However, this particular table stand isn’t designed only to meet the needs of this specific group of people, but it can also be used by a variety of users.

It can be set on stage, in recording studios, TV stations, broadcasting studios, etc, and it can provide the best quality outputs.

Pros & Benefits:

  • High quality, anti-vibrant shock mount
  • Double screen pop filter
  • Heavy-duty structure with extra-strong spring
  • Great material at a decent price
  • All recording essentials in one combo

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3. Gator Frameworks Deluxe Desk Microphone Stand

Gator Frameworks Deluxe Desk-Mounted Broadcast Microphone Boom Stand For Podcasts & Recording;...
  • Rotates Full 360-Degrees with Minimal Noise
  • Fixed, Internally Guided 10’/3. 05m XLR Cable Included
  • Spring-Loaded Articulating Arm with 4. 4 lbs. /2 kg Max Weight Capacity & 32. 25”/940mm Max Extension
  • Easily Mounts or Clamps to Desks, Tables & Similar-Sized Surfaces 2. 17”/55mm Max in Thickness
  • Standard 5/8”-27 Mic Threads for Connecting Most Podcast and Vocal Microphones, Including Shure SM7B, Shure MV7...

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Now, let’s get to know in detail about a Deluxe stand from one of the popular brands, Gator Frameworks.

This Deluxe Desk Microphone Broadcast Microphone boom stand for Podcasts and Recording with Integrated XLR cable, is the perfect solution to assist broadcasters, voice-over artists, radio hosts, etc.

The latest available version of this particular product is the 3000 series style, one of the best selling among its peers.

This stand is constructed with black powder-coated steel with a heavy-duty 70 mm threaded boom end, giving it a solid look.

The boom arm of this stand is a spring-loaded articulating one, providing maximum extension.

Coming to sturdiness and fixture, it takes a bit of effort in setting it up but, this particular boom stand is much better than its other competitors with the springs.

If you’re worried about the interrupting sounds that come from the stand itself, then you shouldn’t be because this device is specially engineered to make a very little sound when moved.

It also gives you the feasibility of adjusting to different angles and positions, easy for you to place the microphone desirably.

This microphone boom stand would be a perfect fit for you if you’d like to set up the stand firmly in a position.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Full 360 degrees rotation
  • Support microphones weighing up to 4 pounds
  • Both clamp and fixed mount hardware are included
  • Best for podcasts and recordings
  • Produces very little movement sounds

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4. Bearstar - 2 - Pack Adjustable Mic Stand

2-Pack Universal Desktop Microphone Stand Portable Adjustable Foldable Desk MIC Stand with...
  • Consumer Alert: Most users do not need a license to operate this wireless microphone system. Nevertheless,...

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Are you a microphone user who wants a single mic for multiple uses like broadcasting, gaming, recording, interviews, or anything else you do?

Then, here’s your perfect product, meant specially for a multitasker, and it’s also available at a modest price.

This 2-pack Universal Desktop Microphone Stand from Beasrstar reaches you with a foldable and adjustable desk mic stand and a microphone clip.

This stand weighs much lighter than its counterparts, hence it’s a portable asset for artists and people interested in recording and audio-related tasks.

The microphone clip of the stand is fixed using a metal converter, it’s capable of holding your microphone firm and steady for a longer-term.

You must also note that the device must be operated at a low power level, to ensure its durability.

Its stylish metallic design defines its caliber, it’s a unique and classy stand.

Since it’s light in weight, it’s much easier for the user to carry and fit it in any desired position.

You can certainly add it to your must-buy list if you are looking for such a high-quality product at a minimal rate.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Best quality at an affordable price
  • Has a solid metal base
  • Compact and easily foldable
  • Perfect fit for multi-purpose recording table

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5. On-Stage - DS7200B Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand

On-Stage DS7200B Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand, Black
  • Excellent stand for desktop and short height miking
  • Removable shaft with die-cast steel clutch provides height adjustments from 9" to 13"
  • Solid sand-cast base with non-slip rubber feet for stability and vibration dampening

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As we delve deep into the wider range of acquirable microphone stands, I’m bringing to you, the best product of a most sought out brand.

On-Stage – DS7200B Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand is here, ready to serve all your audio-related purposes.

It’s available in black and chrome shades, at a fair price without its value and standard being compromised.

The microphone stand is highly stable with its solid base with five rubber feet, this enables you to take on different sorts of announcements, recordings, etc on rough or uneven surfaces.

It’s adjustable in terms of height and also doesn’t take up much of your studio room.

The setting up procedure is not hectic too, and you can just go for it if you intend to save money and space.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Compact, sturdy with a solid base
  • Best for desktop and short height miking
  • Removable shaft with steel clutch

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6. Gator Frameworks - Short Weighted Base Mic Stand

Gator Frameworks Short Weighted Base Microphone Stand with Soft Grip Twist Clutch, Boom arm, and...
  • Short Microphone Stand With A Compact Base
  • Max Height: 23 Inches / 584 mm
  • Includes 16" Single Section Boom
  • Base Weighted For Balance And Stability
  • Cable Management Included.Base Type: U-shape

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Interested in knowing about yet another short microphone stand with a solid base from one of your favorite best-selling brands?

Here, let’s take a quick look at another exemplary product from Gator Frameworks.

This short heavy solid-based microphone stand comes in handy with a wide range of irreproachable peculiarities.

It’s also available in three different sizes: Deluxe Weighted Base, Tripod Base, and Weighted Base, all at minimal budgets.

Let’s talk about the one with a weighted base, which will undoubtedly draw your attention.

You need not be concerned about the word, ‘weighted’, since it relates to toughness in setting up because the product provides you with a soft grip to adjust height levels.

The shape and structure of the stand make it convenient for the user to handle it, without much hassle.

The weighted base makes the stand stable and sturdy when positioned on smooth or rough surfaces.

The base has a gasket for reducing movement vibrations, hence producing the best sound effect is its specialty.

This strong steel construction is developed to adapt to both US and Euro microphones clips, it has a soft grip twist clutch, enabling easy height adjustments with a simple turn.

It’s certainly worth exploring the features of this highly stable, sturdy, and durable microphone stand.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Anti-slip base with reduced vibration
  • Single section boom arm for easy adjustment
  • Removable and modifiable cable clips
  • Has twist clutch with soft grip
  • Best option for a desktop stand for quality recording

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7. Heil Sound HB - 1 Steel Microphone Boom

Heil Sound HB-1 Steel Microphone Boom
  • Brass lined 'C' clamp mount
  • 40" reach
  • Capable of supporting microphones up to 1.5 to 2 pounds
  • 5 lbs, the HB-1 has a reach of 40"
  • The HB-1 Boom accepts all of the standard 5/8" -27 threaded microphone hardware

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If you’re waiting for a stylish steel-structured microphone boom stand, then here it is.

The HB-1 Microphone Boom is made as a balanced steel structure, with four external springs.

You can tightly secure the stand into the position required with the help of thumbscrews, it’s designed exclusively for the top of your table, this would free up some space on your desk.

The boom arm is capable of supporting microphones that weigh as high as 2.5 pounds.

You may prefer this particular model to the other expensive Heil booms, and you’ll be satisfied with the choice.

The clamp mount is ‘C’ shaped and structured with brass lining, giving it an appealing look, and it’s capable of supporting a wide range of microphones.

If you need a classy, sleek microphone boom stand for your next recording, then go ahead to purchase this awesome product.

Pros & Benefits:

  • ‘C’ clamp mount, made of brass
  • Fits all brass Heil mounts
  • Has a steel channel structure
  • Flexible and easily portable
  • Great product and worth the money

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8. Pyle Desktop Microphone Stand

Pyle Desktop Microphone Stand - Universal Tabletop Mic Holder w/ Flexible 8.2'' Inch Gooseneck Mount...
  • ADJUSTABLE GOOSENECK: The Pyle desktop microphone stand is 8.2” inches high. It does not create static noise...
  • VERSATILE POSITIONING: This ideal mic stand with a flexible and bendable shaft is perfect for table, desk, counter...
  • STURDY U SHAPE BASE STAND: With it's solid die casting iron U shape base in 5.6'' x 6.8'' dimension, Pyle mic stand...
  • CONVENIENT BENDABLE TUBE DESIGN: This is an ideal professional mic stand for table, desk and counter. It is simple...
  • WORKS PERFECTLY: Perfect mic positioning and optimal pickup for in studio or on stage performances. The Pyle PMKS8...

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When I say “Excellence at Economy”, I am quoting the Pyle Desktop Microphone stand in this context.

The product we’re about to discuss is a universal tabletop mic holder from the Pyle store, it’s perfect for your table, desk, or counter.

This stand comes with a flexible gooseneck mount and a solid U-Shaped base.

This microphone table stand is also available in single and dual packs, both at a reasonable price.

One of the unique features of the microphone stand is its gooseneck, which is bendable, flexible, and adjustable.

It weighs less than the other metal-based stands and it’s much more convenient.

The universal clip allows for the attachment of various microphones of diverse features, it’s made of steel alloy base, with universal screw-on threading, and the microphone can be positioned in any direction needed.

The U-shaped base prevents the stand from stumbling and falling, ensuring good stability and balance.

This Universal Desktop Microphone Stand is made perfect for any tabletop, desktop, and all sorts of recording studio rooms.

Pick this uniquely designed microphone stand for recording at home or in the studio, for a convenient and perfect work experience.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Both on-stage and studio usage
  • Sturdy metal base, but lightweight
  • Enables quick assembling
  • Flexible neck with uniquely bendable tube design
  • Standard screw-on type threading

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9. InnoGear - Upgraded Microphone Arm

InnoGear Microphone Arm, Upgraded Mic Arm Microphone Stand Boom Suspension Stand with 3/8" to 5/8"...
  • Foldable Arm Band: The adjustable microphone arm can be folded up and easy for you to carry around. This feature...
  • Upgraded Desk Mount: In comparison to the old versions, this zinc alloy desk mount is built with anti-scratch pad...
  • The 5/8"-27 male to 3/8"-16 female screw adapter which included in the package fits for blue snowball.The Diameter...
  • Heavy Duty Steel Structure: Super-strong spring with extra positioning screw, compact microphone arm stand designed...
  • Note: The mounting hole on the Yeti Mic is sometimes just a tiny portion bigger than the 5/8" industry standard....

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Presenting to your focus next, another version of one of your most loved brands, upgraded with increased unique specifications.

This upgraded microphone boom suspension stand comes with a screw adapter clip to support various types of microphones.

The upgraded arm of this microphone stand is made of a high-quality durable steel frame, and it’s supported with adjustable screws for setting it up in a perfect position.

It can be adjusted or positioned at different angles, providing the best effective direct access to your microphone.

The adjustable arm of the microphone stand can be moved front, back, up, and down to various angles providing you with the ultimate range of flexibility that an ideal microphone stand should possess.

It’s very simple in handling, being light in weight, it provides ease and comfort in moving it around, to various places, from home to studio or anywhere else required.

The stable base of the microphone table stand helps in reducing the vibration effect when set on the floor.

It’s also supplied with a soft pad that supports and protects the stand from scratches as well.

The scissor arms of the InnoGear microphone stand are braced with two layers, making it strong and more durable.

With its wide-ranged screw adapter, it becomes compatible with various types of microphones.

This upgraded desk mount with a foldable armband is an ideal addition to your recording studio, it’s flawless and absolutely stunning.

Moreover, this amazing product can be purchased at a very minimal rate.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Adjustable arm to provide the perfect angle
  • Adaptable on a wide range of microphones
  • Extra positioning screws for quality setting
  • A stable base that reduces vibration
  • Easy installation and clamping process

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10. Ammoon Foldable Tripod Mic Stand

ammoon Foldable Tripod Desktop Microphone Stand Holder for Podcasts, Online Chat, Conferences,...
  • Foldable design for ease of carrying and storing.
  • Tripod design to give it exceptional strength.
  • Non-slip rubber feet to protect your desk from scratches.
  • Equipped with a 5/8" male to 3/8" female metal threaded screw, fits for most standard mic clip.(Mic clip is not...
  • With a clutch to help you lock the stand, more stable.

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Won’t you be amazed and in awe knowing that a product of supreme quality that you need, can now be obtained for a very cheap price?

Maybe it’s time for you to grab this microphone stand that I am about to review, it will greatly satisfy all your demands for basic recording, podcasts, online meetings, interviews, and a lot more.

This Ammoon microphone stand is a foldable tripod structure, which permits you to access and handle the device with great ease and also without consuming much of the space on your table.

The stand is made of iron, PVC, and nylon materials, and that’s the basis of its solid fetching design.

Looking at the build, you can effortlessly carry it around or store it anywhere you want, as it’s widely adjustable and compactly foldable.

Moreover, the tripod framework’s structural design makes it stable, solid, tough, and sturdy, thereby guaranteeing long-term usage.

The base foot is made up of rubber feet, which are specially designed with anti-slip features, this will also protect your table or desk from getting scratched, apart from being stable.

The metal threaded screw, furnished with the microphone table stand, is made to fit most of the standard microphone clips.

The special attributes of this Ammoon Tripod Mic stand are its foldable construction, exceptional strength, and non-slip base pads.

It’s patterned in a unique way to handle both your lightweight and heavier microphones, plus recording devices.

When you’re provided with a golden opportunity of spending less and gaining more, you shouldn’t stall.

This little, compact, heavy-duty table stand can’t wait any longer to fit in your studio room or recording location.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Foldable tripod structure
  • Rubber feet base which is non-slip
  • Has a compact and solid build
  • Has a clutch lock the stand
  • Low priced premium quality

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Choosing A Perfect Microphone Table Stand For You

While there’s no such thing called a ‘perfect product’, the worth also depends on the buyer’s choice and the user’s approach in handling and valuing the product as an asset.

Buying the desired product from your wishlist is an art that demands a little concentration, attention, and valuable analysis on your part.

When you think of buying a suitable table stand, you can indeed consider terms such as adaptability, mobility, affordability, stability, durability, flexibility, sturdiness, and much more.

A varied number of accessories and features make a microphone stand more productive and useful.

The most important step here is to analyze and understand exactly what your need is.

Whether you need a sturdy stand to be fixed on your tabletop, or a flexible boom arm stands suitable for your multi-purpose recording tasks must be decided first before purchase.

In some cases, the microphone stand you’ve chosen to buy might have a great deal of positive feedback and reviews, but it might not befit the specific needs of your microphone or recording system.

Hence, it becomes a terrible mic for you.

So you definitely have to make sure that you analyze and understand all the specifications of the particular item you’re selecting to avoid inconvenience later.

It’s pretty wise to first list down all the various, unique features that you expect out of a microphone stand, and then read this review article again.

But this time, look out for the perfect one that satisfies every requirement that your personalized microphone needs.

Final Thoughts

A perfect recording is possible only with the combination of a well-built professional microphone and a sturdy, stable microphone stand.

Microphone stands have gained huge importance with the growing concern for effective recordings, especially since many people now do their own recordings at a home studio, which might turn up unprofessional without a microphone stand.

If you use a microphone for your profession or passion, then you should use an effective microphone table stand to help your microphone successfully capture the real quality of your voice.

Whether you choose a famous branded microphone stand or a basic one, an expensive one or an economical one, just consider asking yourself, “will this one work for me?”

I certainly feel that you would’ve realized the importance of making a good choice in this matter.

Now that you’ve acquired a clear vision of how to choose the best stands, it’s time you make that purchase.

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