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10 Best Microphone Stand Bags & Their Reviews For 2021

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Knowing the best microphone stand bags to purchase will help your buying decision.

Finding out that your mic stands have stopped working well probably because of moisture is one of the worst things that can happen to you.

In such disappointing times or even from the start, you’ll most probably want the best mic stand bag to carry your equipment in an organized way.

Instead of waiting for that time to come, you can make adequate preparations now.

Selecting among many could be tricky as not everyone can tell if the microphone stand bags are made of quality material and are truly durable.

These cases are durable and will provide necessary safety to your item, thus you’ll not have to be scared about the misfunctioning of your apparatus.

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10 Best Microphone Stand Bags Reviewed

Check out the list below and choose what suits you perfectly.

1. Gators Framework Carry Bag

Gator Frameworks Single Compartment Carry Bag-Fits up to (6) Microphone Stands (GFW-6XMICSTANDBAG)
  • 50" Interior large enough to hold 6 microphone stands (less than 50" In length)
  • Rugged nylon forms a water-resistant, tear-resistant exterior
  • Heavy-duty zippers secure single storage compartment
  • Reinforced, padded handles provide a firm, comfortable grip
  • Fully collapsible for compact storage

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A large single compartment bag by Gator Framework has enough space to store up to 6 microphone stands.

The bag has a 50 inches space to hold your mics with the safety of a tear-resistant exterior.

This will protect your pocket when it scratches with sensitive materials so that the mics’ safety is ensured.

The exterior made with rugged nylon makes it water-resistant so that when you unexpectedly and mistakenly drop it near water, it won’t cross the surface of the bag to act as a catalyst to cause misfunction.

The product uses heavy-duty zippers to zip the single compartment for secure carriage of the material with a reinforced handle; then, once you pack up the mics to carry them for professional use, the Velcro-secure-rap handles provide a comfortable grip to your hands.

Durability, security, and comfortability all in one place, nylon material for extra stability, resistance, comfort, and lasting effect; the things you have to consider while getting a bag.

You will have all the vital features, and it’s lightweight, so it won’t be difficult for you when you carry it.

Once you’re not using the mic for any particular purpose, you can pack it and make it compact to fit anywhere you want, and you won’t have to concern about any damage to the bag.

You may be wondering that if it’s not in usage, it might get damaged, making it seem substandard, that is where the materials used will help you, and even after a long period of non-usage, it will look the same.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Lightweight
  • Single and large compartment
  • Durable

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2. AmazonBasics Carrying Bag

Amazon Basics Carrying Bag for Speaker Stands, Mic Stands, and Lighting Stands - Water and Tear...
  • Lightweight carrying bag for speaker stands, mic stands, and lighting stands
  • Made of durable, water- and tear-resistant, 600D polyester material in a sleek black color
  • Roomy 50-inch interior can accommodate 6 mic stands or 2 speaker stands at a time
  • One sturdy zipper for smooth, quick access to the large interior compartment; note: bag not designed for airline...
  • Measures 47.5 by 4.75 by 10 inches; backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty

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AmazonBasics bag is a lightweight carrying bag for multipurpose use.

It can carry mic stands, speaker stands, and lightning stands by engulfing them in it.

The material used in the bag’s structure is a 600D polymer that incorporates the features of water resistance and tears resistance into it.

600D polymer is strong polythene with lasting durability that has an appealing black color to catch your eyes.

If you’re looking for a product that is durable and has an appealing design, then this is for you.

This bag can take up two speaker stands, or six mic stands at a go in its 50 inches compartment, making your concerts or programs sound and complete.

This convenient bag helps you to carry your items in an organized manner and with efficient set-ups.

You’ll have your set’s accommodation; carrying the bag will not significantly affect your personality, but it will enhance it further, and you will look like a professional, seemingly stunning with your perfect demonstration.

Pack your things into this bag with its sturdy zipper that is strong enough to hold an excessive amount of stress, unlike breaking short as substandard zippers.

The brand has been able to satisfy all of its customers with its quality, as it also has an elongated shape that can carry disassembled stands.

Short bags are not fit for extended frames and seem to be problematic when fitting in the pocket.

Give it a try; you won’t need to try any other brand.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy carry
  • Long-lasting material
  • Roomy space

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3. JBL Pole Bag for Tripod Stand

JBL Bags JBL-STAND-BAG Pole Bag for Lightweight Tripod Stand/Speaker
  • Nylon Tripod Stand/Speaker Pole Bag, Fits (2x) Stands 54-Inch Max Length
  • Fits 2 standard speaker stands or pole mounts
  • Reinforced cross-stitched handles
  • Embroidered JBL logo

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JBL is an American brand providing a wide range of audio equipment and enhancements, a well-known company, and the bag is for its audio systems and stands.

The company itself does not need much of an intro, and the bag it produces is unsurpassed in quality and reputation.

The bag has a maximum length of 54 inches, a vast volume to fix your mic stand in it.

Nylon material that is used in the JBL does not retain moisture like conventional materials used in bags, which can be harmful; it can cause a short-circuit when you set up the moist mike, ultimately risking your life.

Choose nylon material to have a waterproof bag.

JBL uses significantly acknowledged nylon that is durable and cost-effective so you can have the product with significant features, even with a few bucks.

It has the comfortable capacity to store two speaker stands and six mic stands for transporting them with you.

You will not help but say that this is the best bag for mic stands by a considerably proactive company in the audio equipment industry.

The cross-stitched handles help you to carry the proportional weight.

JBL logo embroidery on the bag pictures the brand’s efficacy and proficiency in the microphone industry.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Nylon material
  • Appealing design
  • Max length for stands’ packing

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4. Hercules Microphone Stand Bag

HERCULES MSB001 Microphone Stand Bag
  • Brand: HERCULES
  • Carrying handles and shoulder strap
  • Contoured shoulder pad for comfortable carrying
  • Expandable design
  • Before expanding: Fits 2 Hercules microphone stands OR 1 Hercules SS400B speaker stand.

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Safety and comfort are the primary purposes of carrying bags with you.

Hercules, besides its other products, has taken care of the statement specified in its stand bags.

Carrying a bag may be daunting when you cannot hold it conveniently.

In tackling this problem, Hercules has added a shoulder strap with carrying handles to help you use it easily and effortlessly.

Hercules is basically built for the microphones and speaker stands of its own brand, as it describes that unambiguously the bag is for the Hercules microphone stand, but you can lodge the same size of the frame.

There is a volume for two microphones stand and one speaker stand, but it’s expandable; it can hold four microphone stands and two speaker stands when expanded.

Expanding the bag is fascinating; if you want to carry fewer materials, you can compress it and if you desire to move more, you can then expand it.

There is no space left whether it’s compressed or expanded, but you have to cover your stands as they can scratch while in the bag having only one compartment for stands.

The mega-width of the bag makes it possible to carry stands side-by-side, and it also has more room for other items if you want to move.

Transportation is made comfortable with this bag; you can trust the source brand and rely on the bag for an extended period of use.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Expandable
  • Heavy duty
  • Convenient

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5. On-Stage Stand Carry Bag

On-Stage MSB6500 Microphone Stand Carry Bag
  • A roadworthy mic stand bag made of heavy-duty nylon
  • Interior pockets hold 3 round bases, 3 hex-bases or a combination of both, plus the shafts and booms
  • Comes with a heavy-gauge 2-pull zipper, so the bag can be unzipped lengthwise from the center
  • Two hand straps ensures a well-balanced load and the deluxe corded piping gives the bag its rigid shape

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Onstage is a reliable carry bag with all the benefits in the premises of carrying a microphone or speaker stand in your professional or social capacity.

Heavy-duty nylon is the primary material of the bag which makes it reliable and long-lasting.

It won’t bear the pressure to deliver much, but the one which will happen eventually to save the products inside it.

This bag has pockets that can accommodate 3 round bases or a combo of both round and hex-bases including shafts and booms as the storage space is higher than that of standard bags.

Of all microphone stand bags, this one allows you to unzip it from the center, unfold the bag completely, and you then organize it the way you desire.

The bag is made up of nylon fabric, but it does not seem that way because the corded piping in the exteriors that makes it rigid revokes the thought of secure luggage with evenly distributed weight.

From all the perspectives, it’s apparent that the bag is the best pick if one considers durability with design.

Onstage brands are used each day; for stage performances.

Picking Onstage is an optimum option because it’s versatile, gives you better quality and storage for multiple bases stands in it.

It avoids moisture with nylon, and really protects your equipment.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Heavy-duty nylon
  • Versatile
  • Unzipped lengthwise from the center

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6. VidPro Tripod Carrier

VidPro TC-27 Padded Tripod Bag carries 27-Inch Long Tripods
  • Heavy-duty, Cordura webbed nylon
  • Accommodates:Tripod with head, up to 27" long
  • Material: Cordura webbed nylon
  • Shoulder strap and handles
  • Large zippered exterior pocket

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If you’re using a tripod stand for your speaker or microphone and you find it problematic to carry, then VidPro is here to solve your problem.

You’ll be getting enormous products from VidPro, and the bag it delivers is a high-quality professional carrier for tripod stands, it may be for camera or microphone.

A genuine guarantee of protecting many tripods stands while you transport them with you in a car or by hand; it will always be your companion.

Cordura web nylon improves the efficiency and entangles the effects of hard-core structure to face the sharp material but never compromise on the class of the stand it carries for you.

You can carry the bag in the rain, or it may scratch with something but it will always be by your side and prove to you that it’s truly durable.

You can carry a tripod stand up to 27 inches including the head, a vast vacuum to store your things.

While you carry your things, there is always something extra that needs to be fixed in there, but you don’t have the required space for it.

For extra material, Vidpro has exterior pockets that will come in handy when you need extra space to slip in something.

Sometimes when you buy a bag, it’s stunning in every aspect but after some time the straps begin to tear apart and it no longer becomes useful.

However, this is not the case with Vidpro as its bags’ shoulder straps are strong enough to bear substantial weight.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Cardura webbed nylon
  • Strong straps
  • Accommodates tripod with head

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7. Neewer Carrying Case

Neewer 36x6.7x6 Inches/91x17x15 Centimeters Heavy Duty Photographic Tripod Carrying Case with Strap...
615 Reviews
Neewer 36x6.7x6 Inches/91x17x15 Centimeters Heavy Duty Photographic Tripod Carrying Case with Strap...
  • Heavy-duty, Cordura webbed nylon
  • Large Size: 36x6.7x6 inches/91x17x15 centimeters
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Weather resistant vinyl case made to carry Background Kit to 30" long
  • Hi-quality zipper for years of use

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Once you’re buying anything, the foremost thing to consider is the budget you have, and if it’s a bit on the low side, then you may feel like getting a substandard item that’ll fit into your pocket.

Neewer provides a carrying case that is easily affordable and made with the best material.

You can carry photographic stands, light stands, boom stands and microphone stands with this glamorous bag, and that seems an incredible usage of the pack.

If you’re also an owner of light stands or photographic stands, then there is no need for you to get another one, use it to carry both.

The fear of damage arises when it comes to transportation, as when it’s on a spot the bag is safe and sound.

When you have an incomparable Neewer carrier, then carrying is as safe as when your mic stand is stationed at home.

The company uses vinyl as the building material in this bag making it suitable for all-weather usage, and water resistance to keep the water particles away from the electronic mics.

Most of the bags which have a single compartment result in the scratching of the mic stands, but with this bag, you won’t have to encounter such problems because it has sleeves inside it which separates each stand.

The handles of the bag are long enough, which will give you the feeling of a backpack even though it does not have a shoulder strap.

Among the few things to consider while getting a bag is the durability of zippers and Neewer has it all and makes your concern of tension go away.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Weather-resistant vinyl
  • Carries various stands
  • Lightweight and foldable

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8. Gator Microphone And Stand Case

Gator Cases Lightweight Microphone Combo Carry Bag Holds Five Wired Mics and Three Stands (GX-33)
  • Brand:GATOR
  • Includes zippered accessory pocket that expands.
  • Made from high-density Nylon.
  • Mic section has 5 mic drops made from thick form-fitted foam.
  • Interior Dimension 48" x 8"

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Gator always comes up with fine brands of bags; this bag has high-density nylon delivering more nylon benefits than other bags.

It has three sections; one vertical compartment is useful for carrying up to 5 mics that you’ll be using on different occasions.

The middle compartment holds stand, and it’s further divided into three equal divisions for engulfing stands each at their places.

The third compartment can hold a small object preferably round-based, or you can say it’s an accessory pocket that can fold out as well.

Collectively, it can carry five mics, three stands, and an object that will take space from the middle section of the second partition.

Using microphones and audio devices demands some equipment for precise and understandable sound quality.

To take with you the most requisite stuff, this bag is the most ideal one.

If you’re at work, then all you need is this case from Gator as it will serve your best interests.

The matter of getting a new one is not an issue you’ll face when you get a new Gator microphone stand bag.

Wasting money on low-quality microphone stand bags will cost you more in the long run.

All you have to do is get this bag so that you don’t waste your time buying low-quality products.

Pros & Benefits:

  • High-density nylon
  • Extra space
  • Easily moveable

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9. SLIK Medium Tripod Bag

SLIK Universal Medium Tripod Bag for Tripods up to 23", Black
  • Nylon Composition
  • Zippered Opening
  • Small Zippered ID Pocket with Window
  • Attached Nylon Shoulder Strap
  • Adjustable shoulder strap

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The tripod stand producing company, SLIK also delivers accompanying premium-quality microphone stand bags.

Tripod stand gives the microphone a centralized and focused position for picking the sound.

Slik is an award-winning company with more than 6 Japanese awards for the trading performances in tripods and their bags.

The company has changed the industry standards into its premium-designs.

If you need a tripod stand for your microphones, then get one for yourself now.

Medium tripods are all set to fit in the bag; it’s built to stay until you are fed up with it,  and this may never happen as it will surely last for an extended period.

It’s not only restricted to tripods; you can also set your monopod in it or anything you want in its capacity.

This bag is made of a savagery material and is an all-weather usage bag because of the nylon used in it.

You’ll feel like a fortune when the bag arrives at your doorstep, and you use it long enough.

The internal dimensions of the bag are 24.5 inches x 4.25 inches x 5 inches; sufficient for a medium-size stand.

It has a small zippered ID pocket for the distinction of identity when you’re at a place where there are other bags as well, so you don’t accidentally exchange them.

It also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap which will make it a sling bag that you can easily carry anywhere with you.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Hard composition
  • Zippered identity pocket
  • Adjustable strap

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10. SKB Microphone Case

SKB Microphone Case (3i0806-3-Rod)
  • Custom cut interior for rode link Rx and TX Body packs
  • Accessory pocket for lava mic and other cables
  • Ultra high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin
  • Complete Gasket seal makes these cases absolutely watertight (MIL-STD-C-4150J). automatic ambient pressure...
  • Resistant to corrosion and impact damage. Molded-in hinge. Trigger release latch system

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If you have a low-profile microphone stand that does not need much space for housing, then you might want to find an SKB microphone case.

Its case is molded with high-strength polypropylene to move your microphones and accessories with you.

When you work in a situation where you have to set a low-profile stand for your mic, you don’t need to pursue a large bag but a small one that takes everything.

SKB is the maximum protection of your items, may it be valuable for you or not, but its security matters respect for the company.

It has a gasket seal that makes it thoroughly watertight.

This bag won’t only save your bag from water, but the pressure relief wall keeps the material from UV, fungus, and corrosion as well.

The handles are comfortable and grippy that they do not hurt you while you are holding them.

When the bag handles have a low grip, then it disturbs your posture ultimately.

An accessory pocket is there for stand and remembers you can only settle a low-profile stand, and this is not an option for any other type of stand, only precisely low-profile.

Protection is at the peak with its trigger release latch system for the resistance of any breach of trust and property.

The main thing about this bag that makes it fascinating is that it comes in many sizes and shapes and has a lifetime warranty.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ultra-high strength
  • Resistant to corrosion and UV
  • Accessory Pocket

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Final Thoughts

Getting what you want is not always hard; sometimes, all you have to do is to go through different options and see what suits your need.

It’s even better to follow the advice of those who are experts so you don’t later end up regretting the wrong choice you made.

Are you having difficulty getting the best microphone stand bag for yourself?

This list of the best microphone stands was specially prepared for you then.

We hope that this article has given you a complete insight into the topic and will aid your buying decision.

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