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10 Best Voice Acting Microphones & Their Reviews For 2021

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Without a doubt, a voice-acting microphone is a worthy investment for actors.

A microphone is an instrument that is used to record voices and perfect them as per the settings set.

There are several types of microphones with different features and designs but all are made for one function aim of achieving the best interest of the user.

Depending on what and where you may want to use the microphone, it narrows down to the type of microphone you may get.

For voice acting, there is a variety of microphones available but they have a single feature that makes them different, and that where you have to pay attention.

With that said we will be looking at the top voice acting microphone recommended by experts.

Of course, they’re more than one hence the need for this article.

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10 Best Voice Acting Microphones Reviewed

Let’s dive in and take a look at our top ten products.

1. Yeti USB Microphone

Blue Yeti USB Mic for Recording & Streaming on PC and Mac, 3 Condenser Capsules, 4 Pickup Patterns,...
  • Custom three-capsule array: produces clear, powerful, broadcast-quality sound for YouTube, game streaming,...
  • Four pickup patterns: cardioid, Omni, bidirectional, and stereo pickup patterns offer incredible flexibility,...
  • Onboard audio controls: studio controls for headphone volume, pattern selection, instant mute, and microphone gain...
  • Legendary Blue Broadcast sound: makes the professional difference for recording, streaming and building your...
  • Unique position able design: adjust and pivot the microphone in relation to the sound source to optimize your sound...

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It’s one of the advanced microphones in the market right now and most preferred by audio recording companies and individuals.

It’s customized with three capsules that work well with the four pickup patterns enabling one to record in any type of environment.

This microphone doesn’t disappoint in terms of voice clarity even when a pop filter is not used.

It a USB microphone with an A-D converter that helps one to achieve a perfect voice no matter the capsule compressor and pick-up patterns used.

One of the best things about the blue yeti microphone is that it contains a headphone amplifier inside for perfect volume.

It offers four pickup pattern options when recording and comes with a tri-capsule condenser.

It’s compatible with all types of Windows, has an inbuilt headphone, and is made of metal.

It’s a perfect choice for live streams because of its setting, you can set and reset to your preferred pickup pattern that matches your voice.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s pocket friendly
  • It’s available in different colors
  • It’s can be used everywhere
  • Comes with a 2year warranty
  • Can be found everywhere

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2. Blue Snow-Ball Condenser Microphone

Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic for Recording and Streaming on PC and Mac, Cardioid Condenser Capsule,...
  • Custom condenser capsule offers crystal clear audio for Skype, Messages and FaceTime
  • Record vocals, create podcasts, and add narration to your home movies
  • Add crystal clear audio to recordings for YouTube; Frequency Response: 40 –18 kHz
  • Easy plug and play directly to your Mac or PC—no drivers to install
  • Snowball iCE is a USB 2.0 device (USB 3.0 compatible as per USB 3.0 backward compatibility specification)

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For a clear voice when acting, this microphone is the choice for better production.

It’s a certified microphone for high-quality voice recording especially when there is a lot of movement during acting and change of tones by actors.

The USB output for this microphone is all that gives it more credit for its compatibility with all Windows.

This mic can be connected to several stands, it doesn’t need drivers for it to be compatible with Mac and PC.

It has a custom condenser capsule and a mute button for control.

The mic also has a USB cable connector with a unidirectional polar pattern.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It produces clear and quality audio
  • You can use it with any device
  • It has a warranty
  • It’s a certified microphone
  • Doesn’t need a pop filter
  • It’s affordable

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3. Rode Condenser Microphone

Rode NT-USB Versatile Studio-Quality USB Cardioid Condenser Microphone,Black
  • High quality studio microphone with the convenience of USB connectivity
  • Pop shield, Tripod desk stand, ring mount, storage pouch and 6m (20’) USB cable included
  • 3.5 millimeter stereo headphone jack for zero-latency monitoring

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This is the high-quality audio voice recorder of all time due to its amazing well-researched features.

For this microphone, it allows the user to monitor the inputs, so it’s easy to recognize which setting will work perfectly for a certain actor so you don’t struggle with training actors.

Amazingly it has a pop filter that is located at the bottom of the microphone so it helps to correct some heavy accents that produce heavy pop sound when pronouncing.

It doesn’t work well when the actors use low voice, it may not pick well.

It uses USB for connection and has a cardio condenser.

The buttons are outward and the mic has a unidirectional polar pattern

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s versatile
  • It comes with a popup filter
  • Easy to attach with the stands
  • It has inbuilt headphones
  • Produces high-quality audio

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4. Audio-Technica XLR Microphone

Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Studio XLR Microphone, Ideal for Project/Home Studio...
  • The price/performance standard in side address studio condenser microphone technology
  • Ideal for project/home studio applications; The noise level is 20 dB SPL
  • High SPL handling and wide dynamic range provide unmatched versatility
  • Custom engineered low mass diaphragm provides extended frequency response and superior transient response
  • Cardioid polar pattern reduces pickup of sounds from the sides and rear, improving isolation of desired sound...

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It’s an XLR microphone that every person would wish to have for it serves several purposes when not being used for acting.

Every person thinks of such microphone features every time they think of purchasing a microphone.

Its condensers and patter setting on how to operate them even for new users are easily understandable, you just follow the instruction or visit the manufacturer site for questions.

The size and shape of this microphone make it easier to plug it into the stand and be compatible when onset.

The frequency is amazingly so high that it most preferred microphone frequency.

This 240 volts mic has a cardioid polar pattern, wide dynamic range, high circuit sensitivity, and has a frequency response of up to 20,000.

It has a balanced signal-to-noise ratio and uses XLR for connection.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Compatible with all devices
  • It has a popup filter
  • It contains Inbuilt headphones
  • It’s affordable

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5. Rode NT1A Condenser Mic

Rode NT1-A Anniversary Vocal Cardioid Condenser Microphone Package
  • Large diaphragm 1” gold-sputtered capsule
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Ultra-low noise, self-noise of only 5dB (A)
  • Includes Rode SM6 shock mount, pop filter and dust cover
  • Internal capsule shock mounting

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If you are looking for the best microphone with a good condenser, look no further, this is a perfect one for you.

Phantom power is a necessary element for this microphone to work perfectly and if you prefer not to use it, you may experience some difficulties while doing your audios.

Phantom power is a type of power designed for microphones to help them work in situations where external power is not accessible hence why they should be used in acting.

It’s also an XLR connector microphone, it uses the XLR connector and requires photon power for proper functioning.

It has a cardioid condenser, an internal capsule and uses 1 lithium-ion battery

This voice-acting microphone is unidirectional with a pressure gradient.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s durable
  • It’s affordable
  • It has a one-year warranty from the day it purchased and ten-years when you register your microphone at the manufacturer’s website
  • It has a wide range of dynamics
  • Quality audio

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6. Harlan Hogan Mic

VO: 1-A Harlan Hogan Signature Series Microphone - The Voice Over Microphone!
  • Studio Condenser Microphone tailored to the unique needs of voice over recording
  • Foam-lined travel case and fleece-lined protective storage pouch
  • Fifteen foot Marshall XLR microphone cable
  • MXL quick mic clip & shock mount
  • Wiring by Mogami

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Being customized for voice-overs gives the advantage of producing quality audio which is what every acting looks forward to achieving.

It a well-engineered microphone with unique features.

It captures tone variation very well that you can get the meaning of what is being said without seeing the actor’s facial expressions.

Ever thought of the best microphone for voice-overs?

This is what you need for a great outcome.

The sound palette is nothing to worry about with this microphone, whether male or female.

It has a studio condenser with an XLR connector and is unidirectional in nature.

Another beautiful part is that you get a one-month return policy if doesn’t function well

Pros & Benefits:

  • Quality audio
  • If it doesn’t function, you can be refunded within the first thirty days
  • It’s durable
  • It’s compatible with all devices
  • Can be used with extra products
  • It’s available everywhere

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7. SE electronics XLR Microphone

SE Electronics sE2200a II C Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone
  • SE Electronics sE2200a II C Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone OPEN BOX

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It an XLR microphone that serves justice to people’s voices as you can set it to match your voice.

The audio clarity and quality it produces is just something else that would make you choose it over several options you would be considering.

Its condensers are the best for different voices and tones, such kind of microphone is what you need.

Quality products always will give quality satisfaction to the user.

This voice-acting microphone weighs 1.27 kilograms, has a large-diaphragm, and has a unidirectional polar pattern.

That’s not all of its features as it has a cardioid condenser and an accompanying XLR connector.

Ever thought of one microphone that gives you quality, lasts long, and easy to set and operate, if no, then this is what you need to get yourself.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It comes with a pop filter
  • It’s perfect for quality audio
  • It’s affordable
  • It’s durable

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8. Shure SM XLR Microphone

Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone
  • ONE MICROPHONE FOR EVERYTHING - Studio Recording, Home Recording, Podcasting & Streaming. The SM7B Is Trusted By...
  • STUDIO VOCAL RECORDING - The SM7B’s Dynamic Cartridge With Smooth, Flat, Wide-range Frequency Response Produces...
  • PODCAST & BROADCAST - Found In The Top Podcasting Studios Around The World, The SM7B Air Suspension Shock Isolation...
  • STREAMING CONTENT - Professional Live Streaming Starts With A Microphone Capable Of Capturing Exceptionally Clean...
  • PROFESSIONAL XLR CONNECTION - The XLR Connection Along With An Audio Interface Allows You More Control Over The...

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It’s one of the many cardioid dynamic microphones that use the XLR connector.

Easily attached to stands, this is because it has a protruding metal for holding it since it’s very smooth.

The wide range of frequency is what is good and its popup patterns.

It’s an improved and advanced microphone as manufacturer engineers have been working on this field for the longest time so quality is what you’ll get here.

Looking for a microphone with no struggle when attaching to a stand, this is the deal since it clearly shows where you should attach.

That said, it doesn’t work with all types of stands mostly those small ones you mount on your desk but for acting, it’s perfect for hanging above.

It uses wires for connection and comes with an XLR connector.

Another of its features is an electromagnetic hum rejection, internal shock, and cardioid condenser.

It makes use of 1 lithium polymer battery.

You need to buy some additional equipment that matches these microphone standards and features.

The cardioid condensers work well with the rejection of electromagnet hum to maximize shield.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s durable
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality audio
  • Doesn’t require phantom power

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9. Rode Pro Caster Dynamic Microphone

Rode Procaster Broadcast Dynamic Vocal Microphone
  • Featuring a tight polar pattern and tailored-for-voice frequency response
  • Perfect for every application where a great sounding, rugged microphone with superior ambient noise
  • Internal shock mounting of capsule for low handling noise
  • Internal pop-filter to reduce plosives
  • Includes stand mount, 3/8 inch adaptor and zip pouch

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This is a type of microphone you can hold for hours without getting tired because it’s so light-weighed.

It’s a classic microphone in the market with a very unique physical look, which is perfect for stands with the assurance it can’t fall easily.

In an acting industry, such a microphone is given priority, especially if the scenes are being acted outside where someone has to hold it for a long time.

The quality it produces is unique and demanding for listeners.

The polar patterns and capsules are the best you can have in a good quality microphone.

Among several features, the ones worth mentioning are its sturdiness and durability.

This microphone is made of metal and has an internal popup filter.

It also features a dynamic capsule and has a tight polar pattern that’s unidirectional.

Worthy of note is the fact that you don’t need to spend extra to buy popup filters even when there are some noises from the background, as it only picks the target voice.

It well-structured that many people prefer that physical structure when choosing which microphone to buy and made to last.

The quality of the audio production is something else it so superior and very clear.

It has versatility for any type of voice which gives it a stand out for acting for several actors.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s durable
  • Quality audio is guaranteed
  • It has a popup filter inside
  • It light-weight perfect for acting use
  • Balanced output
  • Customized for perfect voice frequency response

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10. Electro Variable-D Mic

Electro-Voice RE20 Broadcast Announcer Microphone with Variable-D
  • Professional quality dynamic cardioid microphone with studio condenser-like performance
  • The classic sound of FM radio voices with smooth, natural, and controlled sonic character
  • The Variable-D design and heavy-duty internal pop filter excel for close-in voice work, while an internal element...
  • Steel case and hum-bucking coil provide exceptional magnetic shielding and guards against line hum
  • Great for podcasts, voice-over work, audiobook narration, talk shows, sports announcers, radio, broadcasting, and...

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Of all other priced microphones this one is worth every coin you spend on it.

The way it’s designed, it’s made in such a way that it contains everything inside, making it a very versatile microphone.

Sound engineers recommend this microphone if you can afford it because its quality all-around is unmatched.

The popup is inbuilt so it’s one package with all needed for a quality microphone.

It’s a standard microphone that everyone who knows what a good microphone with linear features is aiming to get.

It has Variable-D and is made of metal, it has a large diaphragm and has a true cardioid.

It has unidirectional polar patterns and uses wire for connection.

The mic has a bass roll-off switch with the case made of steel, it also uses a 3-pin connector.

For the acting industry, this microphone is most used because it has a case that protects it so in case it falls, it can’t spoil easily and it’s also light-weight.

The audio quality for this is everything even when you move in any direction, still, it can capture the voice so the movement is allowed.

It worth the money it sold because its standard is a game-changer in acting or anywhere you may choose to use it.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s durable
  • Easy to use
  • It’s versatile for voices
  • The quality of the audio is super amazing
  • It has an inbuilt popup filter
  • It minimizes the tonal variation

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Things To Consider When Buying A Voice Acting Microphone


A microphone is an investment in acting so a good microphone will come with a cost so you have to save for it.


The size of the microphone influences how it can be used but doesn’t affect its functions because size doesn’t guarantee the quality, so consider doing a little research.

Type of connector

It’s very essential to understand that different microphones use different connectors and they are compatible with different devices unless you buy extra products that will help them work.


The warranty of the microphone can help you to know its lifetime.

This is because the longer the warrant, the longer the microphone is expected to function.


Microphone proximity for sensitivity is key especially when movement is involved so that you don’t notice even when the person moves from the microphone.


Knowing the range of microphone frequency, you may want help to get the perfect frequency that will meet your needs and expectation.


If you will keep moving, it’s advisable to avoid the microphones that don’t need a direct power supply source.

Is the popup filter necessary?

It’s not necessary but good quality audio is advisable for users to achieve the best results.

However, some microphones have an inbuilt popup so you don’t need to buy them.

Why do microphones have different prices yet serve the same need?

Different microphones are made of different materials and different features that come with an extra cost thus the price variation.

Manufacturers target different customers in the market so they produce as per their targets without overpricing.

Why polar patterns?

This is an essential element for every microphone because it helps sense and picks sound from different directions, also, different microphones have different sizes of diaphragms.

Some microphones have different polar patterns making them versatile.

Which is the perfect position for placing your microphone?

The position where to place the microphone depends on where the sound is coming from.

In a case where a person can’t stay in one position, it’s advisable to place it in the middle.

Final Thoughts

According to the research discussed in this article, these are the best microphones for voice acting though their use is not limited.

The microphone features influence the functioning period and quality of the audio.

To get a quality sound recording, you must invest in your microphone.

Also, you must know and understand how different microphone works.

In case you don’t find any good voice acting microphone among the discussed above, you can consider going through our buying guides to get the best microphone.

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