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10 Best Gooseneck Microphones & Their Reviews For 2021

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Before digging into the review of the best gooseneck mics, let’s get an overview of what a gooseneck microphone actually is.

A gooseneck microphone typically consists of a mini mic that is connected to a thin cable attached from a solid base i.e a gooseneck stand.

The cable is adjustable and the height of the mic varies.

The microphones sometimes have some LED lights or a power button on them.

They’re now widely being used in almost every place like government institutions, offices, homes, schools, announcement halls, churches, indoor and outdoor working areas, party areas, malls, gaming zones, and much more.

Gooseneck mics work pretty well for conferences, live streaming, skype calls, and voice-overs.

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10 Best Gooseneck Microphones Reviewed

Based on their features and services, the top 10 gooseneck mics are reviewed below:

1. Desktop Gooseneck Wired Microphone System

Desktop Gooseneck Wired Microphone System - Table Mounted Corded Voice Condenser Mic with Pop Filter...
  • PROFESSIONAL SOUND QUALITY: This audio microphone by Pyle Pro features high signal output and 200 ohm output...
  • ULTRA-WIDE FREQUENCY RESPONSE: This innovative and reliable corded portable gooseneck condenser microphone system...
  • ADJUSTABLE NECK: The wired microphone also features an adjustable gooseneck type mast for maximum comfort and vocal...
  • CABLE INCLUDED: The box comes with a professional grade 26 ft. XLR to 1/4'' audio mic cord wire to easily hook up...
  • MADE TO LAST: This handheld mic is equipped with rugged construction and steel mesh grill for maximum reliability....

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The product is suitable for people who are looking for a simple, easy-to-use gooseneck microphone.

This microphone is preferable for indoor use.

The device has a broad and heightened base on which the cable and mic are mounted.

This gooseneck microphone is preferable for both professionals and amateurs and can be used for audio recordings, podcasts, karaoke, conference calls, etc.

It’s provided by PYLE home, the mic comes with a very flexible cable and has a power button on/off on the front.

Its frequency response is relatively good, the cable is 17.5 inches long that can be very easily bent and moved for adjustments.

It’s flexible and strong at the same time, and this microphone catches the slightest signal and converts into a clear, loud voice, giving out the professional sound quality.

The sound produced at the output unit is of great quality.

Its pickup pattern, cardioid blocks all the unwanted noise in the background, providing a smooth, clear sound to the listener hence the output on the speaker is a smooth and filtered voice.

It also eliminates air sound from the audio, and the device has a wired connectivity i.e XLR with a port located at the backside of the microphone.

It can also be connected to a desktop PC through an adaptor and connector.

The microphone runs on a 9V battery supply, which can last continuously for up to 8 hours.

This microphone is made with high-quality material for maximum reliability.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Extremely flexible gooseneck
  • 17.5-inch long cable
  • Cardioid pickup pattern
  • Built-in pop filter
  • Loud and clear sound
  • Replaceable battery

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2. USB microphone for computers

USB Computer Microphone with Mute Button,Plug&Play Condenser,Desktop, PC, Laptop, Mac, PS4 Mic LED...
  • ????【HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO 】 This microphone embeds a patented audio filter in order to record only your voice....
  • ???? 【PLUG & PLAY 】 You just need to plug the microphone and it will work ! No software to install. A single...
  • ???? 【SMOOTH AND CLEAR】 Noise cancellation and isolates the main sound source, This USB Microphone is perfect...
  • ????【MUTE BUTTON & LED INDICATOR 】One click to mute/unmute your microphone,Build-in LED indicator tells you the...
  • ????【SATISFACTORY SERIVCE】- 30 days unconditional return. TKGOU Customer service 2 years, We are committed to...

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This is a very high quality professional microphone manufactured by TKGOU stores.

This microphone is ideal for online chatting, skype, conference meetings, voiceover recordings, YouTube videos, and google voice search, etc.

It comes with a strong base on which the cable and microphone are mounted.

An audio filter is installed in the circuit that filters all other voices other than the voice of the speaker.

It comes with a flexible gooseneck, its compatibility is very high as compared to the other microphones.

It can work with Windows, Mac OS, desktop computers, etc.

The microphone gives reliable results when used with Google voice recognition, Siri, and the virtual assistant of every search engine.

An audio filter is installed in the mic so it only records the voice of the speaker.

The microphone excludes any unnecessary voice and provides a single, clear voice of the speaker.

The base has an LED light that shows the status of the microphone i.e on/off.

A button to mute or unmute the microphone is also present on the device, this feature helps in making podcasts ever easy.

The cable can be adjusted as needed.

The product is plug-and-play, which means that it has a built-in sound card so it doesn’t need any additional drivers to be installed before using the device.

Apart from all these features, TKGOU gives customers a 30 days return policy for this product.

So in case you purchase the product and there’s something wrong with it, you can easily return it to the company.

Customer service for two years is also provided on the purchase of this device.

Pros & Benefits:

  • No drivers required
  • Adjustable gooseneck cable
  • Power LED light
  • Mute/unmute button
  • High-quality sound
  • Filters to cancel all sorts of noise in the background

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3. ZekPro USB Computer Microphone

ZekPro USB Microphone for Computer [Plug and Play] for Podcast Vocal Voice Studio Recording - 5ft -...
  • Quality Sound - Enjoy smooth and clear voice quality with this mic great for PC, Youtube, Podcast, Gaming and more
  • Quick Plug & Play - This computer mic is hassle free to install with built-in sound card, say goodbye to driver...
  • Noise cancelling microphone - This usb mic is an omnidirectional condenser microphone with intelligent noise...
  • Mute Button with LED indicator - Take control of your conference and voice with this computer microphone built for...
  • Travel Bag Included - Bring your desk microphone anywhere with you with our free travel bag included

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If you’re someone who wants a super stylish yet good quality gooseneck mic, then this is the best for you.

Zekpro is well known for its decent quality products.

The mic is recommended for gaming, podcasts, and conferences, and it can also be attached to a computer system for use.

The mic comes in black color with a metallic gooseneck that can be easily adjusted according to your need.

The cable is extra-long and can be moved at 360 degrees, and the length of the cord is 56 inches.

The microphone has a mute button on it which turns blue when your microphone is unmuted, so the LED light lets you know the status of the mic.

This mic is recommended for online conferences or podcasts as the unnecessary noise can be eliminated through the mute button.

This is a plug-and-play device that has built-in sound cards so there’s no need to install any sort of additional packages or drivers.

You can have hassle-free microphone usage.

The mic works with a USB connector and can be used with any PC, Mac OS or Windows.

The quality is high as the mic has circuits that cancel any extra noise going into the microphone, this gives out a smooth and clear voice of the speaker.

The mic uses a smart chip to adjust the quality of the sound, the package also comes with two wind cuffs to enhance voice quality.

It provides a better opportunity for people who want a high-quality get-friendly microphone.

Pros & Benefits:

  • High-quality
  • Extra-long and flexible gooseneck
  • LED power light
  • Mute/unmute button
  • 2 wind muffs
  • Plug and play device

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4. Shure CVG18-B/C Gooseneck Condenser Microphone

Shure Instrument Condenser Microphone, Black, 18-inch Gooseneck (CVG18-B/C)
  • Cardioid polar pattern with tailored response for speech
  • CommShield Technology that guards against unwanted RF interference from portable wireless devices (smartphones,...
  • Frequency response ideal for capturing fast transients in a wide variety of locations, including podiums and...
  • Superior Shure design and rugged, dependable construction

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This microphone is used in a variety of locations such as government facilities, offices, and homes.

Centraverse gooseneck condenser comes in two gooseneck sizes, 12 inches 18 inches, you can choose the size that suits you best.

The gooseneck provided is a dual section.

This Shure microphone has easy placement options and an adjustable cable that can be set according to your need, the mic is also provided with a windscreen.

Shure also offers a desktop base for the mic so you can easily use the mic.

As it has a condenser microphone, very delicate or low noises can be detected from the microphone and transmitted as loud voices.

CommSheild technology gives high resistance to the radio signals that may exist nearby.

The mic works on a tailored response for better speech, these mic offer consistency, and best-in-class performance.

The circuits inside the mic offer a fast response, it also filters all the unwanted sounds and noise that exists in the environment.

Because of CommShield and filters installed in it, the sound produced is clear and smooth.

The microphone has an ideal frequency response that can detect transients present in diverse locations.

It runs on a single lithium-ion battery and can also run without batteries, this gooseneck mic comes in pure black color.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 18-inch gooseneck wire
  • CommShield technology for high-quality
  • Better placement options
  • Reliability
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Light weight

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5. Shure PGA98H-XLR Cardioid Condenser Gooseneck instrument microphone

Shure PGA98H-XLR Cardioid Condenser Gooseneck Instrument Microphone with 15' XLR-XLR Cable
  • Tailored microphone cartridge design for clear reproduction of wind instrument sound sources
  • Flexible gooseneck design makes accurate positioning quick and easy
  • Integrated horn clamp for quick and easy mounting
  • In-line preamplifier provides phantom power and a direct XLR connection
  • Cardioid polar pattern picks up audio from the source while rejecting unwanted noise

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If you’re in search of a professional gooseneck mic for any musical instrument, this is a good option.

Shure offers a smooth black metallic design at the industrial level.

This company’s microphones have always provided supreme sound quality and devices.

It provides two options for its buyers; wired and wireless microphone systems.

You can choose a TA4F connector if you want a wireless mic or a 15-inch XLR cable for wired connections.

This mic is specifically designed for enhancing the sounds of musical instruments.

It gives worthy results when used for wind instruments like brass, flute, and woodwinds, etc.

According to the requirements, this is designed specifically flexible for extra ease to move around the gooseneck cable and is constructed to be durable.

This is an ideal microphone for both recording and live-audios.

Coming to the microphone, the mic is designed specifically to capture maximum sound produced from wind instruments.

The flexibility of the cable allows you to easily fix the mic on the level of the instrument or accordingly.

The device had a horn clamp so that you can mount it as needed.

The mic uses a unidirectional polar pattern that only allows it to pick audio and reject unwanted noise present.

The power source is a corded electric wire.

Shure integrates inline-preamplifiers that deliver phantom power supply and the electric wire used is an XLR connector.

Also, a zipper pouch is delivered with the product so that you can store the device with full protection.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Both wired and wireless mic
  • Specifically for wind instruments
  • Phantom power
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • Cardioid polar pattern

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6. USB Computer Microphone MAONO AU-GM30

USB Computer Microphone MAONO AU-GM30 Omnidirectional Gooseneck Condenser PC Mic with Mute Button,...
  • The Suitable Size and Stylish Desktop Microphone with Satisfied Configuration: MAONO GM30 USB microphone built in...
  • Perfect Design to Record and Chat: A few convenient little design details make recording or voice chatting a...
  • Improve Your Atmosphere of Gaming:7 colors LED atmosphere light brings you a more cool experience, also you could...
  • High Compatible and Plug & Play: no drivers to install. Simply plug the microphone into any available USB port,...
  • Better Shopping Guarantee: Maono provides up to 12 months warranty. Package list: 1x Computer Microphone with...

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This is an excellent choice for you if you’re a musician, podcaster, or gamer.

MAONO offers you a microphone that has almost everything to take your experience to the next level.

The mic is super stylish and is eye-catching when turned on with the lights, perfect for night or indoor events like DJs, parties, or gaming zones.

A professional sound chip is installed on the microphone to maximize sound quality.

The product comes with a mic gain switch and a mute button on top of it which brings perfection to your online meetings or podcasts.

The button turns cyan when unmuted and red when muted.

The power switch is mounted on the front of the base.

It comes with an omnidirectional 10-inch gooseneck cable which can be easily moved around back and forth without any hassle.

Only a USB power connector is needed to run the device without any other source of power.

LED lights are assembled in the microphone which makes an amazing gaming environment.

The lights are attached near the bottom on both sides.

It doesn’t require any additional software or drivers to run on.

It’s flexible and can work with laptops, desktops, Windows, and Mac OS and it doesn’t need any special knowledge to operate.

It comes along with a headphone jack

The frequency response of this device is between 80Hz to 16 kHz.

This microphone offers 12 months warranty, so you can get your hands on this device without any regret.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Omnidirectional polar pattern
  • No additional drivers needed
  • Provides a headphone jack
  • Works with MAC OS, desktop, laptop
  • Comes with a Mute button
  • Power indicator light

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7. On-Stage DJM618 Professional XLR Gooseneck Microphone

On-Stage DJM618 Professional XLR Gooseneck Microphone
  • Ideal for DJ's, talk-back, webcast, musicians on a budget, athletic complex announcements and schools
  • Features an 18" flexible gooseneck and a 3-pin XLR male connector at the base
  • Unidirectional pattern effectively minimizes feedback and noise from off-axis sections of the dynamic capsule
  • Can plug into any XLR microphone input on any DJ mixer

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This mic is the best for DJs, musicians, announcements, and voice-overs, etc.

On-Stage offers the microphone with a very long cable of 18 inches which makes it easier to bend from a long distance.

The weight of this microphone is relatively low with an accompanying structure that is sleek, thin, and smooth.

An XLR male connector is attached at the base of the microphone stand through which the power supply is given to the microphone.

On-stage offers the cable in black color only.

The microphone is made of chips that take in only the voice of the speaker, and the rest of the voices are neglected by the system, thereby producing sound with minimum background noise.

The 3 pins male connector is connected to provide a power supply to this device.

This device comes in a standard black color and an adjustable cable that can be rotated as per need.

The gooseneck can be bent up to 90 degrees or as required, this is highly recommended if you’re interested in an inexpensive gooseneck mic.

It uses an XLR cable type and has a frequency response that is between 50 Hz to 10 kHz.

The sensitivity of the mic is -76dB+-3dB and can be played on any DJ mixer.

It comes with a unidirectional pattern that can effectively filter out any excessive sound existing.

This gooseneck mic is simple in style but works effectively and has a strong body.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Unidirectional pattern
  • Preferable for DJs, musicians, and announcement centers
  • 3 pin XLR male connector
  • Recommended for DJs and voice-overs
  • Inexpensive
  • 18 inch long cable

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8. Samson CM20P Gooseneck Podium Microphone

Samson CM20P Gooseneck Podium Microphone
59 Reviews
Samson CM20P Gooseneck Podium Microphone
  • Condenser element, Cardioid Pickup Pattern
  • 20" gooseneck with flexible top and bottom, Internal Selectable Hi-pass filter
  • XLR connector, Flange-mount included
  • Multistage windscreen
  • 9-52 Volt Phantom Power Operation

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This gooseneck mic can be used in any sort of environment.

From commercial use to offices and homes, it provides a good service.

Samson Technologies offers a microphone that provides a flexible base and top sections so that you can place the microphone in several different positions.

It has a cardioid polar pattern that provides a smooth and noise-free voice to the listener.

The mic is sensitive to low voices and the voice quality is even made better by filtering the needless voices, you would need to attach a Samson Flange mount separately with this microphone.

This device has a design that’s relatively thin and smart when compared to usual gooseneck mics, it has both wired and wireless connections available.

The microphone has a condenser element so very low noises can also be detected through this microphone.

The gooseneck cable offered is 20 inch which is a relatively long cable when compared to the cables offered by other companies.

It doesn’t need any additional software to run.

The XLR connector type is offered along with this microphone.

Pros & Benefits:

  • XLR connector
  • High-quality voice
  • 20-inch long cable
  • Moveable gooseneck cable
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Flexible top and bottom of the device

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9. SoundTech GN-USB-2 18 inch Professional gooseneck microphone

Sound Tech GN-USB-2 18 Inch Professional Uni-Direction Noise Canceling Gooseneck Stereo Microphone...
  • The GN-USB-2 gooseneck is specially designed for professional voice communications. The GN-USB-2 is compatible for...
  • Features: Plug n Play, Noise cancelling, On/Off LED indicator, Detachable USB A~B cable, 16 inch adjustable neck,...
  • Specifications: Element: fixed-charge back plate, permanently polarized condenser, Polar Pattern: Hypercardioid,...
  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 , Apple Mac Os9 and all OX X...

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SoundTech provides a black colored gooseneck mic.

The product is designed especially for professionals of voice communicators.

This device is compatible with any kind of audio recording software, oral dictation software, and internet chatting, etc.

It’s a plug-and-play device so there’s no need to run additional software or drivers for it to work.

It uses noise cancellation technology and with this technology, any sort of noise that provides inconvenience to the listener is eliminated.

It runs on a USB cable that has both A~B USB ports, and the cable is 16 inches long and is moveable.

Along with the power button, LED lights are also provided for power supply indication.

The device is firm and has rubber mounts that are non-skid to minimize the chances of the mic moving from its place.

The USB cable provided is detachable.

This device works on any sort of operating system i.e Windows and Mac OS.

It uses a permanent polaroid condenser for better performance, and the mic also has hyper-cardioid sensitivity to enhance sound.

3V of Phantom power is enough to run this microphone.

This microphone is also recommended if you’re considering getting a speech recognition gooseneck mic.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Voice recognition mic
  • On/off button
  • LED light power indicator
  • 16-inch long gooseneck cable
  • USB power cable

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10. SKP PRO AUDIO PRO-6K PODIUM Gooseneck Microphones

SKP PRO AUDIO PRO-6K PODIUM Gooseneck Microphone
  • Gooseneck Microphone (table Microphone)
  • Polar pattern:Cardioid
  • Frequency Response: 60Hz-18000Hz - Sensitivity:-46dB±2dB
  • Directivity: Directional
  • Type: Condenser

Last update on 2021-05-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This product is recommended to those who’re considering a nice quality, wired microphone.

This device can be used in workplaces or conference rooms.

The design is simple with a broad base microphone on which a gooseneck and mic are attached.

The base has the power button i.e on/off at the center of it, moreover, the cord is flexible and can be moved around with no effort.

Near the mic, a ring of light is also installed, this ring turns on the light when the microphone is powered on, displaying the status of the mic.

The mic uses a cardioid polar pattern that gives a clear and high-quality sound.

The mic installed is a condenser microphone which also enhances the sound to produce clear audio of the speaker.

It has an on/off push switch mounted on the front of it.

The rotatable cable is 5 meters or 16 ft long, the frequency response for speakers is up to 18 kHz, and the connector type provided is XLR.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Unidirectional pattern
  • Light ring
  • On/off button
  • Moveable gooseneck cable
  • Condenser microphone
  • 6m long gooseneck wire

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Choosing the gooseneck microphone that works best for you

This is an important subject especially when you don’t have enough experience about this or are buying a mic online for the first time.

All the above-mentioned microphones have their own specs and qualities.

In general, your choice is dependent on the quality, reliability, and cost of different microphones.

If you want a gooseneck mic for instruments, then you should go for the Shure PGA98H-XLR Cardioid Condenser Gooseneck instrument.

If your need is a microphone for your computer, then ZekPro USB Computer Microphone, TKGOU microphone, or USB Computer Microphone MAONO AU-GM30 serves well.

The rest six are gooseneck mics that can be used for conferences, meeting rooms, homes, schools, offices, announcements, churches, etc.

Don’t forget to consider the reliability of the product you selected while purchasing.

Some manufacturers offer you a refund policy, warranty, or free customer services.

Another aspect is to check the details of each product separately.

Sometimes we miss some significant aspects and get the wrong or unnecessary product.

Summing up, choose your product very carefully, read all the instructions in detail, and then buy.

Final Thoughts

When looking for a gooseneck microphone, you need to make sure that the product you’re selecting is of good quality and has a good sound.

Consider the aspects discussed before and your own thoughts and choice.

The product should have more features, preferably polar patterns, and should be reliable and within your budget.

But if you get most features with the best services (good quality or warranty) then even if the product is costly, it will be better than choosing a low-quality product at a low price.

So, before purchasing that microphone, ensure you’ve gone through all the conditions and requirements.

Ensure that what you’re selecting is the answer to your specific need so you don’t end up getting the wrong product.

Hopefully, you get the perfect gooseneck mic for your need.

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