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10 Best Small Diaphragm Condensers Reviewed For 2021

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Microphones with high-quality sound and lower noise are important for YouTubers, singers, social media influencers, podcasters, or voiceover artist play, and having a small diaphragm condenser mic makes all the difference.

A condenser microphone has all the qualities and features which are the needs of an artist.

These microphones are best for instruments (like brass, drums, strings, and more), and vocal recording due to their best performance.

A condenser microphone has a thin membrane that is electrically conductive, this membrane has attached to a solid plate and converts the voice into an electrical signal for better quality.

As the condenser microphones have powerful amplifiers so they need a phantom power around 44V to 52V DC to operate.

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10 Best Small Diaphragm Condensers Reviewed

Below is a list of the 10 best small diaphragm condenser microphones you can lay your hands on.

1. C1000S

AKG Pro Audio C1000S High-Performance Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
  • Gold sputtered microphone capsule and XLR pins give high immunity against humidity
  • Powered by internal AA batteries or by Phantom power for use with any equipment and every application
  • Bass cut and -10 dB switchable for amazing versatility in every situation
  • Presence boost adapter provides three frequency settings For different sound sources
  • Unique polar pattern converter allows the microphone to be switched from cardioid to Hyper-cardioid

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C1000S has a small aperture and it’s a high-performance microphone that’s best for recording voice and musical instruments.

This microphone supports two 1.5 V AA batteries or 9-51 V DC phantom power to power up.

The microphone has three different frequency responses which can be activated using an adapter and it’s useful for sound sources.

This microphone provides the best quality sound in the frequency range of 50-20000 Hz.

There is a bass cut of -10 dB switchable for brilliant quality in any situation without any distortion.

There is also a polar converter which is a built-in feature, with the help of a polar converter, pattern direction can be easily changed.

This feature allows switching the pattern from hyper-cardioids to cardio.

It has a unique feature of sensitivity of 6mV/Pa and resistance of 200 ohms and can bear the load impedance of 2k ohm.

It’s a black color model with wind protection, softcover, and a microphone holder in the delivery package.

The 80 Hz powerful bass filter can cut off stage distortion, stage screen, and gusts of wind.

An LED indicator shows the on or off status of the microphone.

The microphone has a protective cover to enhance the life span of the device and to secure it from any damage and dust.

The package also has a set of brackets for stable installation of the microphone on the stand.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It has a convenient format for live vocal and studio use
  • Powered up by phantom power or AA batteries
  • Unique polar pattern converter
  • A built-in boost adapter for settings of sound sources

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2. PRO37

Audio-Technica PRO 37 Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
  • Professional performance for studio recording and live sound reinforcement
  • Low-mass element for superb transient response
  • Excels in high-SPL applications
  • Low-profile design for optimal mic placement
  • Corrosion-resistant contacts from gold-plated XLRM-type connector

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PRO37 is a condenser microphone launched by Audio-Technica.

It’s best for studio recordings and live performances and works well with acoustic piano, overheads, guitar, and group vocals.

This microphone has a cardioid directivity diaphragm and a small aperture.

It has a low mass element for brilliant transient response and a unique design for the placement of an optimal microphone.

This microphone is outstanding in high SPL applications.

The cardioid polar system enables the microphone to reduce noise and distortion.

The cardioid polar enables it to improve the isolation of different sound sources by cutting off the unnecessary voices at the side and back of the unit.

The frequency response of the microphone is 20-15k Hz.

This microphone has impressive reliability and ruggedness which enables it to work in the worst conditions with minor distortion in the sound.

It has a nominal resistance of 200 ohms and a sensitivity of 7.9 mV/Pa.

It has a maximum input level of sound around 141 dB SPL, at the frequency of 1k Hz.

It requires 11-52 V and 2 mA phantom power to operate.

This is the perfect microphone for the “live” performance and choral singing.

It can deal perfectly with higher pressure levels of sound.

There is a windproof foam screen for the safety of the mic for outdoor use, this foam absorbs the wind gusts.

The professional gold-plated XLR acoustic connector makes the microphone corrosion resistant.

In the package, there are a 5/8 inches microphone stand, wind protector, soft carrying case, and a removable holder.

Besides, it has an adaptor that is compatible with 3/8 inches euro standard mount.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s a cardioid polar pattern
  • Designed for acoustic and overhead instruments
  • Gold-plated XLR acoustic connectors
  • Corrosion resistant

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3. Lauten Audio LA-320

Lauten Audio Black LA-320 Tube Condenser Microphone Black
7 Reviews
Lauten Audio Black LA-320 Tube Condenser Microphone Black
  • "Audio Analog or digital: Analog Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz Max SPL: 130 dB Connectivity: XLR Pattern and...
  • "The Series Black LA-320 large diaphragm vacuum tube condenser microphone is a professional and versatile...
  • This microphone features a 1 in
  • gold sputtered diaphragm with cardioid polar pattern, dual-triode vacuum tube, 120 Hz low-cut filter, 12 kHz...
  • The low-cut filter helps reduce boomy lows or low-end rumble; the high-pass filter helps to tame bright sources

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It’s a professional condenser microphone with a large-diaphragm.

This is a tube condenser mic that gives extremely higher quality recordings.

The Lauten Audio LA-320 has a dual-triode vacuum tube and a 1-inch gold-sputtered capsule which provides the classic sound.

It’s equipped with high-end components like a custom output transformer, polypropylene capacitor, and a 12 x 7 vacuum tube.

It has a single pattern cardioid mic alongside a 1-inch condenser capsule.

The mic has a chrome-head basket and black aluminum body, its dimensions are 8 inches in length and 2 inches in diameter.

The package has a power supply, shock mount, and cables.

The mic has a low cut/high pass switch with a frequency of 120 Hz, this feature is useful in eliminating the noise in the sound.

The second switch on the mic has a 12K Hz high cut/lowpass frequency, this filter can eliminate the vocal sibilance, cymbal sizzle, amp noise, and even string jangle.

The LA-320 has a nominal impedance of 200 ohms and a sensitivity of 14 mV/Pa.

The frequency range of the mic is from 20 Hz to 20k Hz and 120 dB dynamic range, it has an SPL handling of 130 dB and a self-noise of less than 17 dBA.

This mic provides a bass boost of 60 Hz, a wide dip range of 1.8k Hz – 9k Hz, and a flat midsection ranging from 200 Hz to 1.5k Hz.

The LA-320 is a non-hyped, and smooth microphone with its pre-filtered state.

The microphone has an amazing feature of a 5-pin XLR USB connection as compared to an ordinary 3-pin XLR.

It has a specific power supply with different selectable voltage.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It has a low cut/high pass filter to eliminate muddiness and room rumble
  • It has a high cut/low pass filter to eliminate rooms and sources
  • It supports single pattern cardioid

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4. Rode NT2-A

Rode NT2A Anniversary Vocal Multi-Pattern Dual Condenser Microphone Package
  • Large 1 inch HF1 gold sputtered capsule
  • Three position variable polar pattern: Omni, Cardioid & Figure 8; all controlled on the mic
  • Three position variable high-pass filter: Flat, 40 Hz or 80 Hz
  • Three position variable pad: 0dB, -5dB or -10dB

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The NT2-A is the product launched by Rode and it’s among one of the best condenser microphones.

The NT2-A consists of an internal shock attached in a gold-sputtered capsule to avoid the noise and also has a metal body.

The microphone itself has very low self-noise which enhances the quality and helps to record nuances in its audio source.

For its operating purposes, it uses phantom power ranging from 24V – 48V and the output is a 3-pin XLR connection.

The mic has a sensitivity of -36 dB and 1 V/Pa with a maximum output level of 16.0 mV (1% THD into 1K ohm load and @1k Hz).

The nominal resistance is 200 ohms and the frequency is ranging from 20 Hz to 20k Hz.

The microphone is a 1-inch capsule mic for the studio, it contains variable high-pass, variable pad pass, and variable pick-up pattern filters.

A three-state switch is mounted on the body of the mic to provide the freedom of selecting a flat response to 40 Hz – 80 Hz high-pass filter, a pad adjustment between 0 dB, -5 dB, or -10 dB attenuation, and Omni or cardioid polar pick-up patterns.

These filters can eliminate the handling noise, rumble, or distortion produced by an electromagnetic field.

The capsule is an Australian-based design and the manufacturing type is hf1 dual diaphragm.

The transient and frequency response of this microphone has been designed to meet today’s modern recording techniques.

But still, it has the smooth silky character of the mic from the ’50s and ’60s.

This feature gives the superlative and flexibility in audio characteristics that make the NT2-A best and a versatile condenser mic.

The package has a dust cover, SM6 shock mount, microphone cables, and a tutorial DVD.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Control of polar pattern, pad, and HPF
  • Three-position polar pattern – cardioid, figure 8, or Omni
  • Three-position high pass filter – flat, 40 Hz, 80 Hz
  • Three-position pad – 10 dB, -5 dB, -0 dB

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5. Blue Yeti Pro

Blue 1967 Yeti Pro USB Condenser Microphone, Multipattern
  • Three custom condenser capsules and four different polar pattern settings: Cardioid, Stereo, Bidirectional and...
  • Cutting-edge A-D converter chip and separate analog circuit path for use with professional studio mixers and...
  • Built-in headphone amplifier for zero-latency monitoring, and direct controls for headphone volume, pattern...
  • 15 Hz - 22 kHz frequency response. Headphone Amplifier: Signal to Noise 114dB. Yeti Pro is not capable of...
  • 192 kHz/24 bit Sample/Word. Proprietary capsule design to capture sounds with detail and articulation

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It’s a small diaphragm condenser mic that has both USB and XLR connections.

It can capture ultra-high resolution with the help of an analog to digital converter that enables it to record 24 bit/193k Hz audio for digital recording on desktop.

It’s compatible in all conditions and at any place like a studio, home, or in the Himalayas.

It has three 3 condenser capsule array that allows using a different pick-up pattern.

It has four different pattern settings like omnidirectional, cardioid, bi-directional, and stereo.

The cardioid pattern is for professional voice-overs, podcasting, instruments, and vocal recording.

The omnidirectional pattern is perfect for the recording of 360 degrees around the mic and it’s best for recording conference calls, bands, multiple recording, and vocal groups.

The stereo is designed for the piano, singer duo, multiple instruments, percussion, and acoustic guitar.

The bi-directional is perfect for recording from two different points; this is for the recording of interviews and vocal duets.

Blue Yeti Pro is a USB mic featuring dual XLR breakout to connect the mic with high-end preamps, mixers, and other studio gear.

This mic has a special feature called recording latency; this amazing feature enables a person to hear his voice via headphones a moment after he spoke.

This mic has zero latency to record and monitor the recording in real-time without any delay.

There is a volume knob on the mic that enables a person for perfect monitoring.

The mic has a 24bit rate, a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20k Hz, and a maximum output SPL of 120 dB (THD 0.5% @1kHz).

The mic has a nominal resistance of 200 ohms and the sensitivity is 1.5mV/Pa at 1kHz.

Yeti Pro requires 5V, 500mA (USB), and 48V DC (analog) of power to operate.

In the package, there is an adjustable desk stand, 3M USB cables, and 12-inch XLR breakout Y-cables.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Three condenser capsule arrays
  • Four different pattern settings – Omni, stereo, cardioid, and bidirectional
  • Zero-latency headphone monitoring
  • USB and XLR breakout cable

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6. AKG C414 XLII

AKG Pro Audio C414 XLII Vocal Condenser Microphone, Multipattern
  • Sonic character of the famous AKG C12 delivers astounding sound quality for lead vocals and solo instruments
  • Nine selectable polar patterns for the perfect setting for every application
  • Three attenuation levels (-6/-12/-18dB) for close-up recording or high-output sources of up to 158dB SPL
  • Three switchable different bass-cut filters to reduce wind noise, stage vibration or proximity effect
  • Overload warning with audio peak hold LED to detect shortest audio peaks

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The C414 XLII is a multi-pattern condenser mic that offers nine choices of polar patterns for the best sonic capture.

All the controls can be easily disabled for trouble-free use of the mic for permanent installation and live sound application.

The C414 has a multi-pattern capacitor microphone and a large diaphragm.

The front side of the diaphragm is gold plated and this prevents the electrical shorting between the backplate and diaphragm at high SPLs.

There is a four-point uniquely designed suspension for the capsule and a unique method to select the various pattern, filter options, and pads.

There is also a soft touch rocker button which is a link between status LED, switching circuitry, and non-volatile memory.

The non-volatile memory stores the setting so that the setting can be retained when the power source is disconnected.

There are five steps to switch to a pickup pattern.

These pickup patterns are wide cardioid, Omni, cardioid, the figure of eight, and narrow cardioid, and a tiny green LED indicates the pattern which is being used.

The pad switch has 6 dB, 12 dB, and 18 dB settings, this switch is selected by the polarizing voltage on the capsule.

Due to the high impedance, any changes made by using the switches will take some time for activation.

There is also a bass-cut switch with a range of 40 Hz, 80 Hz, and 160 Hz settings.

A new and updated transformerless circuit has been installed in it for the extensions of the dynamic range of the microphone to maximizing headroom to 134 dBA and minimizing the self-noise to 6 dBA.

The mic has powered up using 44V to 52V and 4.5mA phantom power, the phantom power is positive regarding ground cable.

The microphone has a sensitivity of 23 mV/Pa, nominal resistance of 200 ohms, and load impedance is 2.2k ohms (recommended).

The audio frequency bandwidth is between 20 Hz to 20k Hz.

In the package, there is a C414 XLII microphone, an H85 universal shock mount, a metal case, a W414 windscreen, and a pf80 pop filter.

Pros & Benefits:

  • An LED indicator switching system
  • Wide cardioid polar pattern
  • Advance accessories
  • Classic C414 sound

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7. Blue: Bluebird SL

Blue Bluebird SL XLR Condenser Microphone for Recording and Streaming, Large-Diaphragm Cardioid...
  • Extended upper clarity with smooth mid frequencies for any voice or instrument 
  • Hand-built proprietary large-diaphragm cardioid capsule for full, open sound 
  • High-pass filter and -20dB pad for ultimate versatility 
  • Works great with home studio audio interfaces

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It’s a highly versatile condenser and pressure gradient microphone.

The bluebird SL has a gold-sputtered mylar diaphragm and a pressure gradient transducer in its capsule that provides high resonance at high frequency.

The sound balancing for the complete frequency spectrum is ensured by making use of the rear backplate.

It comes with a shock mount and wooden storage container to protect the audio from handling noise and low-end rumble.

The accuracy of the sound is maximized by class-A circuitry.

It’s perfect for electric & acoustic guitar, vocals, drums, and piano.

The frequency response of the mic is from 20 Hz to 20k Hz which enhances its use for several instruments with different tones and timbre.

The mic has a switchable -20 dB pad and 100 Hz high-pass filter to record a variety of sound sources with power and nuance.

The sensitivity of the mic is 28.5 mV/Pa at 1k Hz and an output impedance of 50 ohms.

Bluebird SL has a maximum SPL of 138 dB, sound to noise ratio is 82.3 dBA, the noise level is 11.7, and the dynamic range is 126.3 dB.

It has a pad of -20 dB and HPFof 12 dB per octave and 100 Hz.

It works brilliantly with USB audio interfaces and a home studio.

The microphone requires 48V dc phantom power to operate.

The dimensions of the mic are 222.5 mm x 47.5 mm.

In the package, there is a wooden box for storage and a shock mount alongside the mic.

Pros & Benefits:

  • -20 dB pad and a high-pass filter for versatility
  • A large-diaphragm cardioid capsule which is hand-built
  • Best for home-studio interfaces (thunderbolt, USB)

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8. Shure SM86

Shure SM86-LC Cardioid Condenser Vocal Microphone
  • Condenser elements are more sensitive resulting in greater output level, frequency response and dynamics.
  • 11 to 52 Vdc Phantom Power is required. (Phantom power needs to be used in order for this microphone to operate...
  • The Cardioid pattern reduces off-axis signal resulting in greater performance around stage monitors, loud...
  • An internal windscreen reduces noise caused by wind and breath sounds.

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Shure SM86 is one of the best condenser microphones and it’s 100% optimal for vocals recordings.

It’s perfect for stage performance and home studios.

The microphone is of a metal build and rugged with a two-stage pop filter, built-in shock mount to ensure the elimination of handling noise while performing and recording.

Shure SM86 uses an XLR connection and cardioid polar pattern.

It requires 11 V to 52 V of phantom power to operate.

The cardioid pickup pattern isolates the unwanted noises and main sound source which makes it ideal for in-ear monitors and stage monitors.

It has a unidirectional polar pattern.

There is an internal windscreen to protect the sound from the noise of breath sound and wind.

It has a high tailored frequency response between 15 Hz to 18k Hz and a maximum SPL (sound pressure level) of 124 dB.

The mic has a signal-to-noise ratio of 71 dB.

The load impedance is 600 ohms, and the output load is recommended to be as low as 150 ohms.

The sensitivity of the mic is -50 dB V/Pa – 3.15mV/Pa.

There is a 3 pin XLR connector for the mic.

In the package, there are these accessories: a 26A13 microphone bag, a 31A1856 5/8 inches to 3/8 inches adapter, and an A25D break-resistant microphone.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s a clear and crisp sound
  • Two-stage pop filter
  • Tailored frequency response

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9. Audio-Technica AT2020USB+

Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone, with Built-In Headphone Jack & Volume...
  • Condenser microphone with USB output for digital recording
  • High quality A/D converter with 16 bit, 44.1/48 kilohertz sampling rate for superb audio
  • Headphone jack with volume control allows you to monitor the microphone signal with no delay
  • Mix control allows you to blend your microphone signal and prerecorded audio
  • High output, the internal headphone amplifier delivers superior clarity and musical detail as well as more volume...

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Audio-Technica AT202USB+ is a solid USB condenser microphone that offers an option of XLR connections.

It has a metal build and is rugged with a low mass diaphragm.

It has some amazing features of a mix control knob, pivoting tripod stand, and headphone jack.

The microphone offers award-winning and critically acclaimed studio-quality for songwriters/singers, podcasters, field recorders, home studio recorders, and voice-over artists.

The microphones have an analog and digital converter, and a 44.1/48k Hz sampling rate to ensure sound reproduction.

There is a mix of control that is used to blend pre-recorded audio and microphone signals.

There is a high output internal amplifier to deliver super clear and musical details.

It has a cardioid polar pattern and has a wide-angle of 120 degrees and offers brilliant off-axis rejection.

The frequency response ranges from 20 Hz to 20kHz.

The output power of the headphone is 130 mW at 1kHz, 32 ohms load, and 10% THD.

It needs 5V DC power to operate.

This mic is equipped with zero-latency technology to monitor the recording in real-time for an excellent result.

It has a nominal resistance of 200 ohms and a sensitivity of 7.9 mV/Pa.

In the box, there are these things: 5/8 inches -27 to 3/8 inches threaded adapter, mount stand for 5/8 inches-27, soft protective pouch, 10 USB cables, and a 2-year warranty.

The dimensions of the microphones are 6.38 inches in length and 2.05 inches body diameter.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It has a cardioid polar pattern
  • It uses low power 5V DC
  • It has zero-latency and volume control
  • It’s compatible with Windows 10, 7, Vista, and Mac

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10. Neumann TLM-102

Neumann TLM 102 Condenser Microphone, Nickel
  • Large-diaphragm microphone with cardioid directional characteristic (pressure gradient transducer)
  • Compact Neumann design
  • Very high maximum sound pressure level (144 dB)
  • Slight presence boost above 6 kHz helps vocals to shine in the mix

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Neumann TLM-102 is considered the Porsche of mics, it has amazing technology with advanced features.

It’s a big deal in a small package and it has distortion-free sound even at high SPL(sound pressure levels).

It has the feature of plug and plays with treble boost for excellent sound, and is best and perfect for instrumentals and vocal recordings.

It has a special accent area ranging from 8k Hz to 12kHz which is perfect for the human voice.

In the overall mix, the sound has a noble presence, and recordings have silky elegance for large-diaphragm microphones.

In the mic, there is a separation for acoustic guitars and vocal sounds, it’s equipped with an integrated pop shield.

The TLM-102 can jump to dynamics without any distortion in the result, it also has a unique and latest technology of transformerless output stage.

This transformerless circuit gives a direct and clear sound just like an acoustic source.

Its transformation less output makes the microphone resist the electromagnetic fields and reduces transmission losses.

It’s best for recording in-home studios, instrumental recordings, loud signal sources like drums, winds, and amp instruments.

It’s a perfect package for singers and is easy to position.

It uses cardioid polar pattern settings and the sensitivity of the mic is around 11 mV/Pa with an impedance of 50 ohms.

The frequency range for the microphone is from 20 Hz to 20kHz and 132 dB of dynamic range.

The signal-to-noise ratio is 73 dB, and the maximum SPL is 144 dB.

It uses a phantom power of 44V – 52 V to operate.

In the package, there is a TLM-102 microphone, a stand mount, and cables.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Transformerless output stage
  • It equips an integrated pop shield
  • Treble boost for vocals

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Final Thoughts

There is plenty of advice to buy a condenser microphone, but it completely depends upon you.

Above is a complete analysis of the best condenser microphones.

Are you seeking to purchase a small diaphragm condenser microphone and wondering the perfect mic for you?

Well, you have a full list of the top best small diaphragm condensers there are in the market.

Do ensure you make a brilliant choice for the exchange of your money.

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