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Kaotica Eyeball Review 2021 | The Best Studio Booth Alternative

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Kaotica eyeball is an acoustic product that is designed to keep off all the unwanted off-axis sounds around the microphone.

This helps to produce a more clean and undamaged voice in room areas without an adequate amount of acoustic instruments.

It channels the sound energy more when the microphone is out in the free airspace, hence increasing the sensitivity of the microphone.

The sound quality produced by the eyeball is original and way natural and clean.

Its main aim is to target the voice and the microphone, since when you focus your voice on an isolated microphone then the eyeball can capture the complete spectrum of your voice and reduce the background noise.

Table of Contents

Kaotica Eyeball Review 2021

Keep reading to find more about the Kaotica Eyeball, the best studio booth alternative.

Quick Specifications

  • Brand Kaotica
  • Model Eyeball
  • Categories Recordings
  • Take it anywhere with you
  • Minimizes the need for sound re-enforcement
  • Integrated pop filter
  • Reduces ambiance and reflection
  • Flame retardant
  • No stand, no shock mount, no hasel
  • Small durable and practical durable
  • Compliments any acoustically treated space

Why Kaotica Eyeball?

One of the huge problems I’ve been having when recording an audiobook vs my usual shorter copy is that the proven fact that I get interrupted by the surface noise pretty usually.

I might forever hear the lawnmowers, the dogs not far away, thumping bass music in someone’s garage, and blatant trucks passing by the road.

I feel they’ve forever been there, except for certain I hadn’t realized however annoying it had been till I detected one of the sounds in the middle of an extended paragraph, it aggravated the American state since I had to redo the full paragraph at another reliable place.

I’ve tried to surround my electro-acoustic transducer with the Aurelex foam panels to assist, however, it doesn’t forever filter things out fully as I’d find it irresistible too.

I do record during this typical space.

The electro-acoustic transducer is on a boom stand, before an open closet that I have adorned in thick sheets and foam, behind wherever I stand to try and do my recordings.

It’s not the prettiest setup, however, I like it to having none in any respect.

So recently after I found out about the new Kaotica Eyeball, an audio treatment device that claims to permit for pristine recording in even an untreated area, I was amazed!

Perhaps, this was the solution to my dilemma!

The review videos that I could watch online showed samples of singers, however, I wasn’t able to find any reviews of the Eyeball from voiceover artists.

In my online groups, everyone looked as if they might have brought a similar concept…a reluctance to shop for it until they heard from some people!

Unpacking the Eyeball

So I took it upon myself to travel and purchase the Kaotica eyeball and take a look at it and report my results from the viewpoint of a voice creator, recording from home.

I couldn’t wait for any more for the delivery of the merchandise I had bought, my excitement had seized me.

I was very anxious and desperate to open the box.

I waited anxiously all week for the box to arrive.

When it did, I pounced on it and opened it.

Wow, this was on the far side of my expectations.

It looked so wonderful and delightful.

I loved how simple the packaging was and it essentially showed it off.

The Eyeball look specifically like its name: a moderately sized foam dome with a sky-blue pop filter that matches onto the front of it and all spongy.

It feels thicker and stiffer than typical audio foam.

The first test

The first test was to check it out in my geographical area and see if it improved my sound.

I did a baseline recording of my audiobook passage without the Eyeball in the most untreated part of my house, then matched the Eyeball onto my mic.

You need to push it pretty firmly to pop it over the head of the electro-acoustic transducer, however, it’s perceived to stay in place much once it’s there.

According to Kaotica, this eyeball fits most condenser microphones, except the electro-acoustic transducer, which is much wider than the microphone.

It will require a stronger push to accommodate some wider microphones, but I am not sure if this will damage the product in any way.

You’ll center your electro-acoustic transducer inside the center of the hollow dome, then place the blue pop filter over the front.

Sound test

Though it’s arduous to catch a difference through normal pc speakers, I did notice a distinction of sound in what I was used to hearing in my headphones while recording.

The sound had a clearer feel to it; there weren’t as many noticeable reflections as before.

I additionally did notice that it plumbed a touch deeper; as if my mid-low tones were highlighted a bit more.

Gazing at the undulation, it’s like there was a small reduction in ground noise additionally.

The noise floor was around -53db.

The size of the Eyeball is simply right, sufficiently large to surround the mike, however not that massive that you just can’t see the script in front of you.

I used to associate iPad, command in my hand and can see it simply fine.

It sits on the prime of the shock mount wall.

One factor I did notice is that for the simplest sound out of the Eyeball, you have to speak directly into the blue filter space.

It is not as effective if your voice is off-axis, and it sounds higher if you lean slightly nearer thereto than the everyday vi inches we’re accustomed to voiceover.

Observations on using Eyeball

I’m not an audio engineer, thus I can’t very well provide you with an in-depth clarification of how the Eyeball changes or improves your audio on it.

I’m still learning a great deal about that aspect of the field!

But I’m an operating voiceover creator, who doesn’t have an outsized budget, nonetheless desires appropriate sound from my home studio.

I’m relying merely on my very own ears and therefore the entire expertise.

The Eyeball is comparable or cheaper in value to alternative noise-reducing devices, such as a surround screen or filter, and it’s nice that it includes a constitutional pop filter.

That eliminates an added piece of apparatus you have got to clamp onto your mic stand (I don’t know about you, however, I hate those sagging curve pop filters that keep touring or falling).

The Eyeball won’t as if by magic silence motorcycles on the road or the gardener’s lawnmower (oh however I want there was a mute button for those guys!), however, it’s a good space-saving, noise-reducing solution for the home recording creative person who can’t quite afford a vocal booth.

I suppose this device will work quite well for somebody traveling and recording in untreated areas.

I’m looking forward to testing it in new locations.

And I just like the indisputable fact that it’s an additional layer of protection for my sensitive mike, that typically gets bumped around by enthusiastic pets or husbands.

I’ll still be searching for ways in which to boost my room’s sound quality (most probably gazing the windows, that area unit massive previous single-paned monsters that allow variant sound in), however, the Eyeball will certainly be incorporated into my recording setup.

If you’re a beginner to voiceover work trying to earn expertise, a good mic, an Eyeball, and also the free Audacity recording package may be all you wish, for not an excessive amount of investment!

Just don’t be too shocked once Santa offers you associate odd looks once you tell him you “want an eyeball for Christmas.”

Structure of the Kaotica Eyeball

The Kaotica Eyeball is a tiny, light-weight, and even “flame retardant” ball and pop screen that you simply slide onto your mic.

The round-shaped style is supposed to lower the impact of the house noises, the audio is recorded in.

The frequency response is much better with the Eyeball than in haphazard acoustic environments (like most offices, bedrooms, and kitchens, for example).

It produces most of the sound to seem as if it has been recorded in a very tiny vocal booth – even though the house noises intrude in a small amount, it still looks like a vocal booth with an open door.

In different words, the merchandise’s spherical formed figure will just about precisely do what it says it’ll and what it’s purported to.

It’s extraordinarily helpful.

It has a tiny low hole in the lower part that permits the musician or the user to penetrate his or her mike within the eyeball.

This helps keep the mike in situ with the space provided for it within the round-shaped eyeball, once the microphone is fitted in there, it’s able to capture all the voice and sound created by the user.

The blue stuff thereon is supposed to guard the mike against any dirt or spit that may accidentally fall on it, once the merchandise is in use.

It’s incombustible which means it is not straightforward to combust or any kind of electrical energy.

Advantages of Kaotica Eyeball

Do you make music and you’re looking to improve the quality of your voice when you record it in an air-free open space?

Then you came to the right place.

To avoid the danger of mansplaining what a pop-filter is, or why you would like one, I’ll simply say it’s a vital part of obtaining clean, high-quality audio while avoiding unwanted consonant plosives.

Let me list out a few advantages of Kaotica Eyeball!

It’s very cheap

If you’re a musician and you’re not looking for something that is of high quality then this eyeball would do you a great service for some time.

This instrument is meant for those who can’t afford a vocal booth or who don’t have the space to accommodate one.

Its fairly priced rate makes it more efficient for more people to purchase it, hence it’s something that you can purchase and practice with any time you want.

It’s portable

This basically means that you can carry it anywhere.

It’s very lightweight and even if you were planning on doing your speech or presentation in a desert or on a roadside in a concert it’s a good product.

If you’re a singer and would like to record some songs on your way to the concert or you’re willing to do practice in your car or bus then I’d advise you to buy one eyeball.

Focuses Recordings

By not permitting your vocals to get away it causes your recordings to be utterly targeted which is able to consequently cause your vocals to be louder recording vocals and way more crisp and clear.

The most effective manner that I will describe the sound is that it sounds a bit like you’re in a very skilled recording booth.

I never knew how smart my Microphone might sound till I used the Eyeball.

If you were to shut your eyes and hear a sound before and after the use of Eyeball, you’d swear that I switched to one of those thousand greenbacks electro-acoustic transducer.

Dust Protection

Over time, dirt will find ways in which to enter into your mike and scale back its sound quality.

Also, the acoustic foam can facilitate keeping up an analogous temperature and forestall forceful changes, which can be prejudicial for a lot of sensitive condenser and ribbon microphones if you own one.

Drop protection

If you’re like me, you will be employing a flimsy swivel arm or plasticky mic stand.

I can’t count the number of times they either somehow come out of the holder or tip over from the slightest touch.

If you have got an electro-acoustic transducer connected whereas that happens, smart luck to you, Kaotica eyeball being a soft foam that covers all-around can shield your electro-acoustic transducer from any harmful impact and can provide you with some peace of mind.

Easy to maintain the same sound

Have you ever been doing an extended project and adjusted an area to appreciate that currently, it sounds fully different?

Well, that happens, and though not an ideal answer, Kaotica Eyeball can facilitate to reduce the modification in any sound.

Can offer extra echo reduction in an already treated area

You may already own some acoustic or soundproofing gear presumably you’ve got some acoustic foam on your area walls.

You can’t add a lot of foam on already existing foam, however, Kaotica eyeball can work severally and may give extra echo reduction.

A combined effort of multiple solutions is also the simplest choice to accelerate the audio game.

Disadvantages Of Kaotica Eyeball

Unreliable pop filter

The pop filter on Alctron PF8 could be a bit wobbly and skinny.

It’s such as you will tear it with token effort.

It’s not just like the pop filter is Kaotica Eyeball’s point.

They most likely had to make the corners all around somewhere once making the product whose primary operation isn’t preventing plosives.

Obstructive vision

Kaotica eyeball isn’t huge, however large enough to hinder vision when reading text.

It’s one thing I will deal with, however, I would like I didn’t ought to.

I typically browse from a 24-inch screen thus it’s a small issue for me.

However, I found it much more difficult to read when using small-screen devices like a mobile phone or tablet, or using it with a 15-inch portable computer introduced some awkwardness.

Echo reduction is good, not great

The main purpose of Kaotica eyeball is echo reduction, which is significant and good.

However, it can’t compare with a vocal booth or thick covering material setup on walls.

The froth is 33mm in thickness.

That is around 1.3 inches.

We all know 2-inch acoustic foam isn’t comfortable to combat echo and the eyeball offers less than that.

Admittedly, it’s most likely a bit denser than acoustic foam, but that also doesn’t cut it.

In all honesty, the item shouldn’t be compared to $5,000 vocal booths, however, I did it anyway.

Finding a decent area and applying acoustic treatments to your walls will turn out far better results.

But they’re still not comparable in worth.

Despite the fact that it’s a con, for the item it does astonishingly well and is well over the competition in terms of value for cash.

Doesn’t work well with end addressed microphones

It is designed for side self-addressed microphones.

It works nicely with my Rode NT1 even considering the Rycote shock-mount that gets in its manner.

However, I found it exhausting to use with finish self-addressed Rode Procaster.

You can still make it work, however, you’ll have to be compelled to face it at simply the correct angle.

It’ll take a while to urge it right and even then you’ll have to be compelled to check that you’re talking into an electro-acoustic transducer instead of foam.

What Others Say About It

The Kaotica Eyeball is exceptionally spectacular in that it’s ready to dampen.

The inner material is extremely dense and will do a decent job of keeping the outer noises returning from round the mic into the pattern.

If we tend to be recording even many streets over, our recordings would be abundantly cleaner.

Because it happens on some productions, there was no time to scout these locations on the day.

This can be why we tend to urgently get to begin educating productions on the way to embody sound in location scouts.

An easy direction of driving a passing van up the road a pair of blocks to insofar away from a busy intersection removes that additional superfluous noise.

The Kaotica eyeball is an appealing alternative to the vocal booth slippery snuggly over the electro-acoustic transducer with an inbuilt pop filter it’s a lot of promise for the creator on the go.

Blogger Laci Morgan made a review of the eyeball comparing her vocal recording with and without the eyeball not it getting used although Laci features a skilled record acting at skilled companies like Universal Studios and filmmaker holding a degree in Media Arts & Animations.

This supply is not reliable as a full review of the execs and cons of victimization of the Kaotica eyeball compared to similar sound treatment instrumentation.

Final Thoughts

This product lessens the requirement for excess equalization and the post-production process.

It provides a transparent tone immensely reducing reflections and also the ambiance inside a recording house.

Kaotica eyeball enables the electro-acoustic transducer to capture the entire spectrum of your voice and cut back abundant of the external atmosphere and provides wind resistance once recording outside

The Kaotica Eyeball accommodates microphones that are square measure aspect address with long/short-bodies.

Why wear down recording mess in the 1st place?

Needless to say, you’ll see the foremost dramatic results the more severe your recording house and also the cheaper your mike, which is fitting for the aim of this review.

At $198 the Eyeball appears dearly-won however honestly?

Get one for yourself today!

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