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10 Most Common Microphone Connectors Reviewed For 2021

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A microphone connector, mostly known as an XLR cable, greatly affects how you sound on a microphone.

It might just look like a normal cable but in reality, it affects the sound with its build quality.

A well-balanced XLR cable will not have radio interference or white noise, regardless of its price.

You must have encountered mic cable-related issues, maybe on live performance or while recording; this is a problem that can be easily prevented – by getting correct and quality mic cables and plugs.

This is why you should choose the best microphone connector depending on your budget.

Choosing the right microphone connector might be a little confusing, especially when faced with terms that you don’t know at the beginning but don’t worry.

We will tackle the 10 commonest microphone connectors reviewed and you’ll have an idea of what XLR connector to get for your fancy microphone.

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10 Most Common Microphone Connectors Reviewed

Finally, here’s the list you’ve been waiting for!

1. Mogami Gold Studio XLR Cable

Mogami Gold STUDIO-15 XLR Microphone Cable, XLR-Female to XLR-Male, 3-Pin, Gold Contacts, Straight...
  • From large recording facilities to small project studios, engineers and artists trust Mogami GOLD STUDIO XLR...
  • Mogami GOLD STUDIO XLR Mic Cables are wired with Mogami Neglex Quad High Definition Microphone Cable, a balanced...
  • Use Mogami GOLD STUDIO XLR Cables for pro audio sound with nearly any device equipped with an industry-standard XLR...
  • This Mogami GOLD STUDIO-15 XLR Microphone Cable is a 15 foot length. The Mogami GOLD STUDIO XLR Microphone Cable...
  • Mogami Lifetime "No Excuses" Warranty: all brand new Mogami cables include Mogami's Limited Lifetime "No Excuses"...

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Cables that give you the whole audio are essential whether it’s a live performance or a recording and that’s what Mogami Gold brings you.

Mogami Gold has been chosen by top audio engineers for its high-quality cables which feature great audio clarity, low-loss signal transfer, almost no noise, and consistency with every product.

Mogami Gold produces these high-quality products with a lifetime warranty and since cables greatly affect sound quality, better choose a trusted one, Mogami Gold.

Mogami Gold Studio XLR Cable will be the most expensive cable on the list, but of course worth its price.

This cable features gold-plated connections and has a 4 conductor cable, which is 2 times more than the normal ones.

These cables capture the whole impact of the sound source and have the highest amount of noise cancellation.

The quad cable design produces a great and clear sound that’s 95% quieter than any 2 conductor cable out there.

Just like normal cables, the Mogami Gold Studio XLR cable also has 3-pin output and input.

This allows you to use it on various items such as speakers, amps and preamps, mixers, and audio interfaces.

You can get them in different lengths which will be useful for both home and outdoor usage.

The durability of the cables is one of the best.

The 105 strand count per cable combined with gold plating gives you a good quality product. Another thing is this cable has a lifetime warranty which gives you peace of mind for all the money you spent.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Gold plated connector
  • 105 strand count per cable
  • 2 conductor cable with gold plating
  • Lifetime warranty

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2. Rapco Horizon N1M1-15 Stage Series M1 Microphone Cable

Rapco Horizon N1M1-15 Stage Series M1 Microphone Cable Neutrik Connectors 15-Feet
  • Black cable Neutrik nickel -1 Series XLRF-XLRM
  • Matte jacket PVC material is very flexible yet durable with very low memory
  • Pure copper conductor and shield
  • Utilizing a serve shield process for quiet operation yielding maximum flexibility
  • Connector brand options available to meet various preferences and price points: RapcoHorizon, Amphenol, Neutrik, or...

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RapcoHorizon has proven itself over a long period of time by offering a unique construction of cables and connectors with its high-quality materials.

They produce this premium quality line of cables with pure copper conductors and shields with top brand connectors.

These cables are hand-soldered and tested individually to check if they meet the standards and output maximum performance, response, and durability.

Rapco Horizon N1M1-15 is a mid-range budget cable that produces good quality sound at a cheaper price. This cable uses Neutrik connectors, which has a high reputation in the industry of connectors.

These connectors use 24 gauge bare copper conductors and a copper shield which ensures the noise cancellation of the product.

In addition to this, they use a high-quality PVC that makes sure the wires are in place.

Considering its size, which is 15 feet long, maybe considered short, it will work well on studios and streaming but for a performer who moves around a lot, it may be a problem.

However, if you need a longer cable, you just need to join two together.

Overall, for its good build and quality, it’s good value for your money.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Neutrik connectors
  • 24 gauge bare copper conductors
  • A copper shield that ensures noise cancellation
  • High-quality PVC for extra durability
  • Cables can be connected for a plus length

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3. Planet Waves Classic Series XLR Microphone Cable

D'Addario Classic Series XLR Microphone Cable, 25 feet
  • In=Out Technology: Low capacitance for pure signal transparency
  • Nickel-plated brass connectors offer reliable contact and corrosion resistance
  • Shielding provides noise rejection for quiet operation
  • XLR Male to XLR Female plugs for balanced I/O
  • Limited lifetime guarantee

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Planet Waves Classic is considered one of the best in the low-budget category.

Just like the normal connectors, this cable has 3-pin XLR on both ends.

This connector is made in nickel-plated brass that ensures that the cable is corrosion resistant and its strain-relief plugs are durable.

These cables display their heavy gauged oxygen-free copper conductors and nickel-plated brass connectors for a much more stable, reliable, and smooth signal transfer.

The connectors are protected by a layer of conductive PVC with dense copper for optimal shielding coverage that protects the signal from any kind of interference.

And lastly, each plug is molded for outstanding strain relief making your cable last longer than usual.

This entry-level plug brings the bar higher for all cables, proving that Planet Waves cables are guaranteed for life.

This cable used 90% spiral shielding making sure that the sound will not allow white noise.

This shield is crucial in providing noise reduction thus having the sound clear and steady.

It’s offered in 10, 25, 50-foot lengths that can be used either indoor or outdoor.

Planet Waves gives you a lifetime warranty as a plus.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Oxygen-free copper conductors and nickel-plated brass connectors for better sound transfer
  • 90% spiral shielding for better protection against white noise
  • Comes in 10, 25, 50-foot length for flexibility in any environment
  • Lifetime warranty

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4. LyxPro Balanced XLR Cable

LyxPro 25 Feet XLR Microphone Cable Balanced Male to Female 3 Pin Mic Cord for Powered Speakers...
  • HIGH QUALITY BALANCED XLR CABLE : Great for live gigs, recording applications, connecting professional microphone...
  • TWIN CONDUCTIVE PVC INNER SHIELD : 98% braided shield Cotton Yarn wrap reduces noise and all noise and static...
  • WORKS WELL FOR DMX LIGHTING : Because of its 98% braided shield it will also work great for DMX lighting...
  • GOLD PLATED CONTACT POINTS : Reliefs cable strain with gold plated contact points , Black metal housing connectors...
  • AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE COLORS AND SIZES FOR CABLE MANAGEMENT : choose between many different vibrant colors , styles...

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LyxPro Cables is one of the best quality connectors at an affordable price, it’s also considered one of the best XLR cables you can use to record.

At its affordable price, you can achieve much greater sounds and high performance.

As a 15 foot long cable, it might not be sufficient for stage performances but it performs well for studio recordings.

Its build for its price point is absolutely great.

The cables have 3 pins on both ends and their wires are protected with twin conducive inner shields that are made in PVC and a braided shield that is made in cotton.

Cotton yarn helps reduce white noises, this build allows the sound to be much clearer while having less noise.

The cables are durable and can be used at a 90-degree angle or straight, it also has a crisp and clear response that also has a 5-year warranty.

With its built, LyxPro Balanced XLR Cable delivers an absolutely high-quality signal transfer and clear high-frequency transmission at the same time providing outstanding performance with almost no noise at all.

These premium cables are built to endure even in the toughest and rugged use and can handle daily use in any environment.

This microphone connector which is built in 24 AWG oxygen-free copper with its 98% braided shield and gold-plated contacts on the connectors will make every cent you used worth it.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Tough cables for daily rough use
  • 24 AWG oxygen-free copper cable
  • 98% braided shield for better shielding and better noise resistance
  • Gold-plated contacts on the connectors for a stronger connection
  • 5-year warranty

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5. Hosa HMIC-010 Pro Microphone Cable

Hosa HMIC-010 Pro Microphone Cable, REAN XLR3F to XLR3M Connectors, 10 feet Cable Length,...
  • Silver-plated REAN connectors for superior signal transfer
  • 20 AWG Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductors for a louder, clearer signal
  • 90 percent OFC braided shield for a higher signal to noise ratio

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As a budget XLR cable, Hosa Pro delivers good sound quality at a good price.

Hosa is a company that has been around for many years and they produce a wide variety of products and cables.

This 10 feet cable can be joined together to make it longer, thus giving the users flexibility on where they’ll use the cable.

If you wanna move on stage then you probably should combine two or more cables but it will work well in studios where you don’t need a long cable.

The cable is an XLR-Female to an XLR-Male fitting.

The build quality is tough and strong and one of its features is having silver-plated REAN connectors.

These connectors are made by Neutrik who has a great reputation in the industry.

The 20 AWG copper conductors and shieldings greatly help in the noise cancellation of the cable.

Its oxygen-free cables add up to give the best performance due to its better conductivity.

Considering its low price and good quality, this cable is really worth its price.

They also offer different lengths and durable cables.

It may not be at the very top of the market, it still does its best in noise-canceling and being durable despite its low price thus making a name among XLR cables.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Affordable price
  • 20 AWG copper conductors for a stable connection
  • Oxygen-free cables which add up to toughness
  • Silver-plated REAN connectors made by Neutrik
  • Connectable cables for a longer cable

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6. Cable Matters XLR Cable

Cable Matters 2-Pack Premium XLR to XLR Microphone Cable 6 Feet
  • Pro-grade microphone cord is designed for microphones or other professional recording, mixing, and lighting...
  • Convenient and cost-effective 2-pack microphone cables provide spare or replacement XLR cables (XLR male to female...
  • Balanced Mic cable with soft PVC jacket is constructed with oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors for delivering...
  • Copper braided shielding of these Mic cables provides maximum cancellation of hum and noise; Polyethylene...
  • The Mic cord is compatible with equipment with 3-pin XLR connectors such as shotgun microphones, studio...

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Cable Matters XLR Cable is also one of the best XLR cables out there at an affordable price.

Its 25 feet length and 3 pin connector make it a good cable in any environment.

This cable features a soft jacket that is made from PVC that makes the wires protected.

It also has oxygen-free copper conductors with high-quality copper shielding which makes sure that the sound will travel without any interference and free of any noise.

This connector is gold plated which makes it strong and durable, free from oxidation and corrosion.

The build makes the cable sturdy for daily usage, and great for both studio and stage use.

It’s sold in 2 packs and with a wide variant of sizes; with its low price and great quality, Cable Matters XLR cable is worth buying.

It has a sturdy build with oxygen-free copper conductors which makes the sound great and noise-free.

As an affordable option, this cable will last long for you.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 2 pack XLR cables which give you a spare one to use
  • Balanced cable with a soft jacket made of PVC for better protection
  • Oxygen-free copper conductors with a high-quality copper shield for steady noise reduction
  • Gold plated connectors for better connection

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7. AmazonBasics XLR Cable

Amazon Basics XLR Male to Female Microphone Cable - 25 Feet, Black
  • Microphone cable for studio recording and live sound
  • High-quality XLR male and female connectors; 3-pin XLR male to XLR female
  • Protective metal housing; flexible PVC jacket with 6.0mm outer diameter
  • All copper conductors and inner copper spiral shielding; shielded cable reduces interference and excess noise
  • Measures 25-feet long;

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Like they say there are some hidden gems on the rough sand, and one of them is the AmazonBasics XLR.

Made by AmazonBasics, this basic XLR cable is made with an all-copper conductor and inner copper spiral shielding that helps a lot in removing white noises.

It has made a name for itself because of its excellent build quality, thus receiving lots of positive reviews making it even more famous.

AmazonBasics XLR cable belongs to the best XLR cable in the market.

It’s a great microphone cable that is suitable for both studio and stage uses, it’s also affordable and built great with its copper conductors and spiral copper shield.

In addition to that, the manufacturer added reliable metal connectors which are of course strain relief.

The durability of this cable is second to none, it has an outer jacket that’s made of PVC materials to protect its interior components.

It also has two cores, which blocks interference and white noise with the connectors of this cable made in zinc alloy which adds up to its durability.

The cable comes in different lengths of  10, 25, and 50 feet which you can join together.

The AmazonBasics XLR can be used in live sound or studio recording, it’s definitely sturdy and durable but also has a one-year warranty.

It’s a quality microphone cable with its low price that competes with the other same-priced cables.

AmazonBasics XLR is truly one of the cheapest microphone cables that continue to satisfy, and even exceeds the expectations of the users.

What’s good about it’s that this cable doesn’t just do its job, but does it so well without creating a hole in the customer’s pocket.

The cable can be used in a lot of situations, from your own home record to live performances and fixing PA systems setups, which makes it flexible and loved and appreciated by sound technicians.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Available in 2 pack or 1 pack
  • High-quality XLR cables for better sound transfer
  • Sturdy build with metal housing and flexible jacket
  • Zinc alloy conductors with spiral shielding

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8. Vitrius Cables XLR Cable

XLR Cable 10 Ft - Reliable, High Performance from Vitrius Cables - 3-pin Connectors, Male to Female
  • YOU DON'T WANT A CABLE THAT CRAPS OUT at that crucial moment in a live performance, or ruins that perfect take in a...
  • WHY WASTE TIME OR MONEY swapping out cheap, unreliable cables? Save yourself the time and frustration, and in the...
  • All Vitrius Cables use premium quality die-cast 3-pin XLR connectors, which feature a chuck-type strain relief, so...
  • Your music is important to's your passion. At Vitrius Cables, we're Your Music Connection. Our mission and...
  • Compatible with all professional microphones, mixers, outboard gear, and powered speakers

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Virtius Cables produce various types of cables that are heavily relied on by musicians and people around the industry.

It’s because their high-quality and premium microphone cables can stand up to constant use without heavy cash needed.

The shells of the XLR connectors are made from die-cast steel and are not stamped.

Half of the section is made of tough durable plastic with a hint of rubber shoulder.

While assembling, this rubber part tightens into the shell and prevents the cable from getting pulled out of the connector.

Through this, it provides a more reliable type of strain relief than normal XLR connectors which use a set screw.

Virtuis cables feature colored rings for connectors making it easier to identify which cable is being used or where it’s connected.

It’s easy to swap color rings that don’t require soldering to attach, just unscrew the ring and remove it from its outer shell then swap the colors and re-assemble it.

These cables are built sturdy and compact and have a chuck type strain relief which does not allow pulling of the cable out of its connector.

They also have copper conductors that create a clean, smooth, and steady signal without any disturbances and noise.

Its big connector might not allow you to push the connector to other plugs all the way, but it also adds up to the sturdiness of the cable.

Other than that, Vitrius proves itself with its premium feel and quality that does not cost too much.

These cables are also available in a lot of lengths that are up to 50 feet.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Sturdy, tough, and reliable premium XLR cables
  • Premium quality die-cast connectors with strain relief
  • Interchangeable colored rings for connectors

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9. Audio Technica AT8314-50 Deluxe Super Cable Microphone Cable

Audio-Technica AT8314-50 Deluxe Super Cable Microphone Cable
  • Length : 50-Feet
  • Professional connectors
  • XLRF to XLRM balanced
  • Ultra-flexible cable
  • High conductivity

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Audio Technica is a brand that is mostly known by most people.

When you don’t know where to start or what cable to choose, Audio Technica is a good place to start from.

They make high-quality and premium products such as microphones, headphones, and of course, microphone cables.

Engineered for maximum signal transfer with minimum audio and signal loss, Audio-Technica Premium microphone cables are designed for low-impedance while keeping the balanced cables sturdy and can endure heavy use.

The cables also use professional Neutrik connectors which added to their durability.

And to protect the signal quality and avoid signal loss, each conductor is enclosed in an individual spiral shield inside the molded insulating sheath making it safe from any kind of interference.

In addition to this is the fact that the microphone connector is wrapped with a conductive PVC layer inside each shield, which dissipates and removes static buildup during flexing.

A sturdy and premium 1000ft length cable, that’s what Audio-Technica Premium microphone cables are.

This cable is sold in different lengths with 30-feet as the longest, which might be small for you, but it’s sufficient for a home studio or recording.

The cables have dual copper outer shields and twin conductive PVC inner shields that protect the cable signal quality with 100% coverage.

They used high-quality 24-gauge stranded copper conductors to offer optimal signal transfer which ensures that the audio will be transmitted without losing any quality and removing a lot of noise.

Audio Technica AT8314-20 has professional connectors that make the signal high quality.

The cables are also made to endure tough usage thus these cables are enclosed with heavy-duty PVC jackets.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Low-impedance high-quality cables
  • Conductors are individually enclosed in a spiral shield for better noise prevention
  • Each cable is wrapped in a conductive PVC for a sturdier build and better sound flow

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10. Monoprice Premier Series XLR Cable

Monoprice Premier Series XLR Male to XLR Female - 6Ft - Black - Gold Plated | 16AWG Copper Wire...
  • Monoprice Lifetime warranty on all cables: with Monoprice lifetime warranty you can rest assured we stand behind...
  • Balanced Audio cables utilize impedance balanced lines that reduce EM and RF noise.
  • Balanced cables have a separate braided Shield to provide additional resistance to interference without modulating...
  • Xlr Male to female cables continue our tradition of bringing the highest quality cables at the best prices.
  • These cables feature thick, heavy gauge wires, gold Plated connectors and sturdy connector housings.

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These cables won’t let you down with their quality.

Monoprice Premier Series features gold-plated connectors, heavy gauge wires, and durable connector housings.

These cables have balanced lines, which reduces electromagnetic and radio frequency noise.

The two balanced cables also have a separate shield that prevents ground loop issues without modulating the interference into the signal and causing phasing issues.

The cables are made to be heavy and sturdy but are also flexible which makes them easy to store and carry around and when things go wrong, Monoprice has a lifetime warranty on their cables.

These Premier Series XLRs really give off the quality that can be present even with cheaper cables.

These cables have a different length option which you can choose for the environment you’ll be using the cable into.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Gold plated connectors
  • Heavy-duty wires and cables
  • Two balanced cables which have a separate shield
  • Lifetime warranty

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Final Thoughts

Even though microphone cables are used a lot and are present anywhere, information about the cables which helps the customers make better decisions and gives them insights on a proper cable is hard to see.

Manufacturers tend to disregard noting the cable’s specifications but instead relying on marketing to promote it.

A lot of features are notable, just like having low noise, oxygen-free copper and gold-plated contacts, are presented but they don’t expound the idea of why having these is important in microphone cables and certain environments.

There are also times where manufacturers mislead the customers making them confused by stating things that do not add up in microphone cable.

Don’t make the same mistake as many people do – buying XLR cables that they just saw in the advertisement or store.

Always do research and have a look at the specifications of each microphone you have and get the proper microphone connector for it.

Remember that there are hidden gems in a vast number of XLR cables.

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