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10 Best Beamforming Microphones Reviewed For 2021

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A beamforming microphone is exactly what is needed when you’re at a meeting or conference, and you can’t hear the speaker or presenter.

Thanks to a technology known as beam, this has enabled the production of a new type of microphone that can reduce noise and produce clear communication among participants in a conference or meeting.

Companies, schools, colleges, universities, courtrooms, and churches are now interested in getting microphones of good quality that can project sound in a loud and clear way while silencing the noise around.

These mics can balance the tone of the voice whether the participant speaking is at the front or back of the room.

The microphones are portable, of good quality, and you can mount them at any place in the room and you would still get quality sound, moreover, a good beamforming microphone prevents boredom in conference rooms and people from dozing off.

Gone are the days of using a single microphone that had poor sound distribution when moving in a different direction, and of course, even while using a speaker and amplifier.

College classes and office meetings are more energetic and engaging, as everyone can hear and understand what has been said and ask questions without difficulties.

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10 Best Beamforming Microphones Reviewed

Let’s dive in and take a look at our top ten products.

1. ClearOne Communication Beamforming Microphone Array

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This product is great for conference rooms, boardrooms, lecture halls, courtrooms, or training rooms and it’s among the most advanced microphones in noise cancellation and AEC.

It’s available in three different colors of white and grey.

It’s used for both video and audio conferencing and has a single cable that plugs into the audio, power, and control, this prevents clutter and a mix up of cables which can be very messy.

It comes in a super sleek design that delivers crystal clear audio using beamforming technology and filtering acoustic waves.

The software used is the Converge Pro 2 Console which provides a unified way of conferencing and enables uniform distribution of sound from all participants in the conference.

Acoustic Intelligence helps to focus on the sound that you would like the participants to listen to while silencing other noises.

It can be extended to other rooms which makes it more diverse, and you can use it for small spaces and big spaces as well, it extends to other rooms by using the daisy-chaining technique for up to 3 arrays in one Converge.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Single cable for audio, control, and power
  • Daisy chain-link hence can be extended to other rooms
  • Offers simple connectivity, good integration, and an easy way of how to use it
  • It’s mounted on either the ceiling or wall

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2. Phoenix Audio Condor-USB Conference Beamforming Array

Phoenix Audio Condor - USB Conference Beamforming Microphone Array - Up to 30ft 180º Coverage. Wall...
  • COVERAGE - Pickup range up to 30 feet with optimal acoustics so everyone in the meeting is heard
  • CONNECTIVITY - Offering multiple interfaces in a single product - USB, Analog, and SIP. Allows you to use Condor in...
  • TECHNOLOGY - 15-microphone array, highly directional, 48-inch aperture perfect for huddle, medium, and large...
  • BEAMFORMING - Seven fixed-direction directional beams with Constant Beamwidth designed to improve noise and echo...
  • DUAL MOUNTING OPTIONS - Place the condor on a tabletop or mount it above or below a monitor (wall and table mounts...

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This product is great for collaborative office rooms or open areas, and you can access it from a 30 feet radius.

The model is sleek and reduces clutter by offering many types of connections.

The installation comes in two options which include wall mounting which comes with two small mounting brackets, and two stands for placing condors on a flat surface.

The technology used enables you to easily follow the direction of the sound and it’s compatible with any speaker or soundbar.

The beamforming technology enables it to cancel unnecessary noise and it can concentrate on the speaking participant – it also silences any echo.

The technology used improves audio quality in rooms with hard reflective surfaces such as glass walls or ceilings.

Moreover, it can also get power from the Ethernet cable, hence there’s no need of walking around with a power cable.

The USB connection can also offer a power supply, hence there’s really no need for a power cable.

The design has LED capabilities that can pick up voices and the direction where signals are coming from, and another advantage is that it adjusts your voice such that, even when your tone is low and fragile, your voice remains clear and audible to all.

It uses 15 microphone arrays which allow it to capture the direction of the sound, and this is useful in conference rooms.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Mounted anywhere in the room
  • Compatible with any soundbar and speaker
  • Multiple sources of power connected by either USB or Ethernet cable
  • Reduces clutter

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3. Andrea C1-1019800-1 Model ARRAY-2S SoundMax Superbeam Array

Andrea C1-1019800-1 Model ARRAY-2S SoundMAX Superbeam Array Microphone with 3.5 mm Connector, Two...
  • Two unidirectional microphones with individual channels to a stereo output
  • 12" - 48" Recommended operating distance
  • Beamforming technology eliminates background noise for clear, crisp sound transmission
  • Far-field speech recognition with the accuracy of a close talking microphone
  • Small and compact for mounting on a desktop computer monitor

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It’s a stereo with two microphones which are unidirectional and have an individual medium for the right and left stereo, hence this product serves as a stereo microphone.

This microphone is more powerful than the traditional one which uses only one direction to pick up signals.

It has beamforming properties when used with its software, Andrea Communications USB-SA, which you can buy on its own.

The beamforming technology allows it to get a clear and accurate sound signal that is far stretched and reduces the surrounding noise which can come from either a vacuum cleaner, car horns, or chatter.

It uses acoustic signals that help in silencing the echo which can be a hindrance while listening to someone talk.

This microphone is good for a conference facility or a college because you can be seated anywhere in the room and yet, be able to hear clear sound signals without variance of the lows and highs associated with a normal voice.

The physical appearance is small and compact, but it can fit on a desktop or any other flat surface.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Portable because of its small physical appearance
  • Accurate and clear in noisy environs or distant sounds
  • Eliminates background noise

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4. Bluetooth Speakerphone EmeetLuna Computer Speakers

Bluetooth Speakerphone – Luna Computer Speakers with Microphone w/Enhanced Noise Reduction...
  • New Background Noise Reducting Technology & Speech Enhancement - eMeet Luna Bluetooth Speakerphone features...
  • Daisy Chain For Up To 12 Attendees – With eMeet cascading cable, you are able to daisy chain Luna USB...
  • Multi-Microphone Array & 360 ° Pickup - 3 Microphone array equipped with self-developed VoiceIA algorithm...
  • Various Connection Mode & Strong Compatibility - USB, Bluetooth, AUX, Dongle Connection are all your choices to...
  • Stylish & Intimate Design – eMeet Luna conference speaker adopted advanced sandblasting process making full-metal...

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This product is good for those working from home or in small office spaces, and it uses a Voice IA algorithm which reduces background noise and makes the sound clear.

It helps reduce noise from the background which might be difficult for a participant to have a meeting, especially for participants who are seated far away from the speaker.

It’s built-in an enhanced way and its intelligent nature reduces sounds within the environment like those from keyboard typing, vacuum cleaning, and chewing.

It has a daisy chain kind of connection that can connect 12 people within a room, this makes it diverse, and you can either use it alone in your home office or connect with several other participants.

The daisy chain connection can work between two Luna speakerphones using the daisy chain cable available by Emeet, making it shareable between several users.

To connect your Luna speakerphone to your laptop, you can either use your USB or Bluetooth, this makes it easier for participants who might have one connective device and lack the other.

The battery is long-lasting, it has a 2600Ah capacity, hence this battery can last for to two days and it conserves its power by switching itself off when it’s not playing any music, having meetings or calls.

The speakerphone is omnidirectional and has enhanced speakers such that, it gets sound within a 360-degree radius and has 3 inbuilt microphones.

The 3 omnidirectional speakers can host up to 8 people within a room and it also balances voice tones wherever a person is located in the room.

It also recognizes sound from a distance and helps in getting clear crystal sound from a participant.

The speakerphone is easy to carry and has an easy-to-use design, this is because of its small design which makes it portable, and also due to the presence of buttons, which are used to turn the microphone or Bluetooth on or off.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Long-lasting battery
  • It’s portable
  • Many ways of connecting to several participants

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5. USB Speakerphone – eMeet MO Conference Speaker

USB Speakerphone -M0 Conference Speaker for 4 People Business Conference Phone 360° Voice Pickup 4...
  • 【Easy Setup And Use】As a plug & play USB speakerphone(NOTE: No Bluetooth Use) for laptop or PC, eMeet USB...
  • 【Everyone Hears The Real You 】Distinguished from the traditional single-directional microphone, eMeet...
  • 【Meet With Up To 4 People】eMeet conference speaker and microphone M0 can pick up the sound with 360-degree room...
  • 【Compact And Portable Design】 Compact and portable design makes you easy to put the eMeet M0 USB conference...
  • 【Led Indicators And Functional Controls】When somebody is talking, LED will indicate the direction of the person...

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This product is good for those working with a few numbers of people, usually between 8 to 10 people.

It’s easy to use and set up because it’s compatible with most operating systems, moreover, all you need to do is plug and use it without installing any software.

It does not have Bluetooth and it’s easy to set up since no drivers are required for the setup.

It has 360-degree coverage, hence able to pick at most 4 people in a room, the design is small and tiny but it’s very powerful giving a clear sound it produces even when there is noise around.

The sound is very clear, everyone can listen and hear you because of its noise reduction technology and its Acoustic Echo technology, which it uses to eliminate echo.

The size is small and compact, this enables you to move freely around with it either in your jacket or briefcase, you can also have meetings and pick up calls wherever you are.

The speakerphone has LED indicators that give direction on where the sound signal is coming from – this filters the sound and makes it even clearer.

The control buttons are easy to use, they include the volume control, microphone on/off button, and it also has a slot for the microphone device in case you want to have a private conversation.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s portable
  • Clarity of sounds and voices
  • Easy to use
  • Hold meetings wherever you are

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6. Phoenix Spider MT503- USB Speakerphone

Phoenix Spider MT503 - USB Speakerphone - Tabletop or Ceiling Mountable - 360º 16sqft of Coverage,...
  • FULL DUPLEX COMMUNICATION - Ensures no one will be cut off when speaking, even if two people are talking at the...
  • DAISY CHAIN UP TO 15 UNITS - It doesn’t matter the size of room you need to cover. Add a Phoenix Audio Power Hub...
  • BEAMFORMING - Four fixed-direction directional beams with Constant Beamwidth designed to improve noise and echo...
  • CEILING MOUNTABLE - The Smart Spider supports a mounting system (sold separately) that allows you to mount units...
  • USB POWER - The ability to provide power to the device through the USB connection getting rid of the need to use a...

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The speakerphone is diverse because you can use it as a single user or with several users.

The daisy chain link can connect several users to work as a single system and this enables it to have more coverage, the daisy chain link can also connect up to 15 participants so, space is not an issue for this speakerphone.

The speakerphone has a dual communication, two participants can connect without getting interrupted by a third party, they can all speak without one party getting cut off and this makes the conversation sound natural and real.

It uses beamforming technology in the four fixed direction beams which help to reduce noise and silence echo.

The speakerphone has two ways in which its placed, it can be either mounted on the ceiling or just placed on the table.

However, the mounting system is sold separately, it doesn’t come with this product.

The speakerphone uses a USB connection for the power supply, this makes it less bulky in that there is no need to carry a power cable, hence with only a USB cable, you are good to go.

It’s perfect for small office rooms but it’s also advantageous in big rooms because of the daisy chain link technology it has, you can connect several participants and get the same quality of sound.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Full dual communication
  • Can connect to different participants with daisy chain link
  • USB power supply
  • Flexibility in placement – either on the ceiling or on a flat surface

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7. Bluetooth Speakerphone- eMeet M2

Bluetooth Speakerphone - M2 Gray Conference Speaker w/Dongle, Idea for Home Office 360º Voice...
  • 360° Voice Pick-Up & Smart Ai Microphone Array – Forbes has acclaimed that eMeet speakerphone: “well-built and...
  • Professional VoiceIA Guarantee Immersive Sound - Different from others, our USB speakerphones have professional...
  • Unique Design Especially For Meetings – eMeet is a company specializing in the research and development of office...
  • Multiple Connections & High Compatibility- No driver needed, just plug and play. The eMeet M2 Bluetooth...
  • One Button Mute Design – When you press the mute button in the middle of the operation panel, eMeet M2...

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This speaker is suitable for use in the house or a few people, and it’s the second generation of eMeet M1 which was among the first speakers of this kind.

The M2 is a better version because it has a touch-sensitive user interface and the Bluetooth range from the device covers more area.

It has a formal appearance that is best suited for both office space or home, it’s designed in a cylindrical form with the speakers placed on the top including the control buttons.

The anti-slip design makes it durable and firm, thus it can’t fall from high surfaces and it’s available in three different colors of white, grey, and black.

It has a mobile app that you can easily connect to your PC or phone for easier control.

It’s omnidirectional and has 360-degree coverage which enables it to pick sound from every corner of the room and produce a clear sound signal.

It’s easy to operate because the control buttons are placed directly above the speakerphone, and the connection pairing uses Bluetooth which can reach a radius of 20 feet.

With 360-degree coverage, it can pick up sound signals 15 feet away and from all directions, it also filters the signals to produce a quality sound that is free from noise and echo.

The daisy chain link can connect several users to work as a single system and this enables it to have more coverage.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Daisy link chain technology
  • Easy to operate
  • It has a mobile app for easier control
  • Wider Bluetooth range

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8. Tonor Conference USB Microphone

TONOR Conference USB Microphone, Omnidirectional Condenser PC Mic for Video Conference, Recording,...
  • Omnidirectional Microphone - It is not a Speaker or Speakerphone, it is a condenser microphone. The microphone has...
  • Made for Conferences - This microphone is perfect for small or medium meetings over an internet network by using...
  • Plug & Play, No Drivers Required - The microphone is compatible with all operating systems - both Windows and...
  • Convenient Mute Button - Quickly mute/unmute your microphone. The built-in blue indicator light for checking...
  • Well Designed Cable, Durable - The microphone is constructed of sturdy and durable metal material and the base is...

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It’s omnidirectional and has a 360-degree coverage with a radius of 11.5 ft, making it easy to capture the signal and deliver clear sound without even raising your voice.

It’s a condenser microphone, and conferences with small to medium-sized meetings benefit most from this microphone.

Other groups that can use it include short training, court proceedings, business negotiations, and this microphone can also be used through an internet connection using Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting, and other software.

The microphone requires no software drivers, you only need to plug it in and use it, but this is because it’s compatible with most operating systems.

This makes it simple to use and it consumes less time when setting it up.

The silent button is placed in a convenient location on the microphone, it’s right above the microphone, this makes it very easy to mute or mute a participant with just one click.

There is a blue button at the back of the microphone with a LED indicator that guides you on whether the mute button is on or not.

The microphone is durable because it’s made from long-lasting material and the bottom has anti-slip properties which make it stable when used on flat surfaces.

And it can last several years without getting affected physically.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Durable
  • It’s not complicated to use
  • No installation driver is required for it to work
  • Control buttons are placed in a strategic position for easy reach

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9. Skywin Wireless Conference Call Speaker and Microphone

Skywin Wireless Conference Call Speaker and Microphone - Conference Call Speaker for Mobile Phone or...
  • Portable Home Office Wireless Conference Speaker Phone
  • Easy setup for conference calls and Internet calls with your Phone or PC
  • Rechargeable Battery For Up to 5 Hours of Talk Time and 300 Hours of StandBy
  • Omni-directional 360° Microphone with Echo and Noise Cancellation
  • Connects to Mobile Phone or PC Compatible with Bluetooth Wireless Protocol

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Setting up this microphone is simple, and it’s used for international calls or conference calls using either your phone or PC.

It’s omnidirectional with a 360-degree radius which enables it to capture the surrounding sounds and to produce one clear sound which is free from noise and echo.

The microphone is linked to the PC or phone with Bluetooth connectivity using a wireless connection.

The battery is long-lasting and can stay charged for 5 hrs while on call, and 300 hrs when just placed on stand-by mode.

It has a sleek and portable look, you can carry it wherever you go either in your trouser or briefcase, and receive or make calls wherever you are.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s portable
  • Has a simple to follow setup and it’s uncomplicated
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection

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10. Anker PowerConf S3 Bluetooth SpeakerPhone

Anker PowerConf S3 Bluetooth Speakerphone with 6 Mics, Enhanced Voice Pickup, 24H Call Time, App...
  • Smart Voice Enhancement: Real-time voice optimization and background noise reduction is conducted by the customized...
  • 6 Microphone Array: Stand up, walk around, and be confident knowing that PowerConf S3 Bluetooth speakerphone has...
  • Optimized Clarity and Volume: Voice volume is automatically balanced to make up for differences in loudness and...
  • Multi-Person Mode: Hear every word of quick-fire discussions without lag or listening fatigue thanks to...
  • Easy To Setup: PowerConf S3 Bluetooth speakerphone is compatible with all popular online conferencing platforms and...

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It contains 6 microphone arrays with a 360-degree radius hence you can walk around in the room and it will pick up your voice.

It has a smart voice boost, this optimizes voice in actual time and reduces background noise which ensures that the sound gets to pass from one end to the other end in a clear and crystal way.

The microphone allows one to hear everything and no one will have to strain their ears just to hear what’s being said.

The voice volume has an automatic system that enables sound to have the same level at all times; there is no high voice or low voice which might make one lose interest or mind wander off during the discussion.

The microphone is well-built which makes it simple to set up, and it’s compatible with most devices, hence if you would like to connect to a PC or mobile phone, then you can use a wireless Bluetooth connection.

It has a good and long-lasting battery of 6700 Aph which is built-in, this enables it to store power, the battery can run for 24 hrs in a day.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to set up
  • Built-in battery storage
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Portable and discrete

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What Is A Beamforming Microphone

Beamforming microphones provide high-quality signals by picking up a signal of interest and converting it into a clear sound, free from any interference.

It uses Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) and noise suppression technology.

Microphone Beamforming Array provides high-quality sound from a desired specific location while diminishing interfering noise.

Beamforming microphones can either be placed above or below the monitor, the ceiling, on a wall, or just on a flat surface like a table, it’s different from the traditional microphone which is mounted or fixed to a desk for every speaker.

This reduces movement from one place to the other since most traditional microphones pick signals in one direction.

Beam microphones can pick up sound signals from anywhere within the room while still being clear and concise.

The traditional microphone uses a single signal while the microphone beamforming array is omnidirectional, and it can pick up sound signals everywhere while reducing noise.

They also make it easy to locate where the sound signal is coming from.

Beamforming microphones are cheaper to install, have less cabling, good sound quality, and allows movement within a room, and that is why it’s a hot cake buy for companies, colleges, courts, and churches.

To get a good performing microphone, it’s advised to get one that has a wide array with several microphones.

This enhances and produces a good quality signal, the wide array and several microphones capture sound in all directions.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a beamforming microphone requires you to be diligent, do thorough research, and look at the pros and cons of each device.

And of course, these resources can all be accessed online.

The best beamforming microphones have a wider array and several microphones, so before choosing a microphone, it would be good if you had a look at the size and the number of speakers.

They have an added advantage over the traditional single-direction microphone in that most are portable, and the biggest advantage is that they reduce noise and cancel echo which can be annoying in a presentation.

They also allow free movement within a room and you can tap your legs without having to worry about if the microphone will pick it up.

For companies, schools, colleges, and churches, these are the top 10 best beamforming microphone options that are out there for you.

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