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10 Best Boundary Microphones & Their Reviews For 2021

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A boundary microphone is one of the most versatile microphones you can buy to up your AV game, conference room, home office, or sound stage.

Professionals rely on these microphones to capture audio in conference rooms, podiums, or stages, however, those working from home can use a boundary microphone instead of dynamic stand microphones.

These microphones sit flush on just about any hard surface like walls, tables, ceilings, or floors, where they pick up the sound reflected off those surfaces.

They come in a variety of polar patterns, so they will be able to capture the sounds you need, whether you want a directed cardioid, super-cardioid, or omnidirectional to pick up sound from anywhere in the room.

They are also condenser microphones (as opposed to dynamic microphones), this makes them ideal for reducing noise, picking up soft voices, or amplifying certain sounds, but can require the so-called “phantom power.”

They can come wired for improved transmission speed, or they may be wireless to allow for more flexible use in multi-purpose rooms, but this usually requires additional equipment.

Many of our choices come with USB connections, so you can plug them directly into your Mac or PC laptop to use with Zoom, Skype, or your favorite conferencing software.

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10 Best Boundary Microphones Reviewed

Let’s dive in and take a look at our top ten products.

1. MXL AC404 USB Conference Microphone

MXL Condenser Microphone, BLACK (AC-404)
  • Outstanding sound quality even in noisy environments
  • Turn any location into a conference room
  • Built-in headphone/speaker monitoring jack
  • Reccomended for Zoom web conferencing software
  • Durable all metal construction

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Our top choice is the MXL AC404 USB Conference Microphone.

This microphone shines in the personal conferencing USB-connection space with an excellent balance of features and quality at a reasonable price – most companies wouldn’t mind purchasing it for their employees.

MXL is a well-known manufacturer in the world of professional audio and sound equipment, and they have been producing high-end audio equipment for some of the top musicians for years, at a great value.

MXL has recently been focusing more on the podcast market, and they have a fantastic offering in the home-consumer marketplace with the AC404 USB Conference Microphone.

The AC404 is similar to the MXL AC424 Microphone which we’re going to talk about later, but the AC404 comes first because it’s less expensive, and the only significant feature you may miss out on is the integrated mute button.

The AC404 is ideal for smaller conference rooms, podcasting, or improving your Zoom, Skype, or other live streaming calls at home.

It’s an excellent alternative to the traditional dynamic stand microphones, which have been having supply issues from high demand.

This tiny, low-profile microphone uses its 3-capsule design to pick up sounds with a wide 25 feet cardioid radius, and it’s going to have far and away better sound quality than your laptop’s built-in mic.

The AC404 has an even balance between sensitivity and noise reduction, which will help distinguish between different people speaking in a room.

The microphone’s wiring is fully contained, so there is no need for any additional wiring or hardware for phantom power.

It includes a headphone jack but is noticeably missing an integrated mute button – if that is a critical feature for you, then consider spending a little more to get the AC424.

It has an easy plug-and-play installation on Windows PC and Mac, you won’t need to download any additional drivers or software to get it working out of the box.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Small, black, low-profile design
  • Includes a 6 ft USB connection with speaker jack
  • Excellent all-around quality audio, particularly for speech
  • 180 degree, 25 ft audio pickup radius
  • Great value for money

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2. Audio Technica Pro 44 Cardioid Condenser

Audio-Technica PRO 44 Cardioid Condenser Boundary Microphone
  • Low profile for minimum visibility
  • Wide-range condenser element with low-mass diaphragm for superior performance
  • Self-contained electronics eliminate need for external power modules
  • Rugged design and construction
  • 25' (7.6 m) detachable cable (TA3F to XLRM-type)

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Our second choice is a favorite microphone for most professional audio installations.

Audio Technica is one of the most trusted manufacturers on the market, and their Pro 44 Cardioid Condenser Mic delivers good sound with its low profile design.

It also has a unidirectional cardioid mic with a wide-range condenser and superior sound quality.

This sleek black mic is ideal for incrementally adding an audio pickup to your installed sound system, including conference tables, podiums, or sound-stage.

It’s the best alternative to micing your speakers individually.

The high-quality pickup will keep background noise to a minimum, and with the proper tuning, you will be able to get excellent sound reinforcement and avoid the dreaded feedback screech.

Since this is a traditional design, you should be prepared to provide phantom power for the condenser, which should not be a significant issue.

This unit comes with a detachable 15-foot XLRM cable to allow for plenty of flexibility when installing your microphone.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Great for installed audio systems
  • Small, sleek, lightweight design at 0.4 lbs
  • Great value for professional audio equipment
  • High-quality sound, especially for voice
  • TA3F to XLRM connection cable included

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3. Movo MC1000 Conference USB Microphone

Movo MC1000 Conference USB Microphone for Computer Desktop and Laptop with 180° / 20' Long Pick up...
  • COMPUTER MICROPHONE: Tabletop pc microphone for meeting room/web conference calls over VoIP, Skype, GoToMeeting,...
  • 20FT PICKUP RANGE: Cardioid mic captures sound in a 20' radius with 180° coverage - perfect for video conferencing...
  • HEADPHONE MONITORING JACK: Allows you to hear what's being captured live without having to play it back so you can...
  • LONG USB CABLE: Plug and play setup with 6.5ft usb cable so you start recording your office meetings and group...
  • WARRANTY: 1 Year Movo Warranty with U.S.A Based Support. Invest in the best for your remote conferences

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The Movo MC1000 Conference USB Microphone has plenty of features which makes it highly recommended as an at-home conferencing streaming alternative.

This mighty little microphone has an impressive 20 feet radius with cardioid polarity, 180 degrees coverage, which should be plenty of range for any home office and many conference rooms as well.

The Movo has a sturdy, rugged feel at half a pound in weight, and with its sturdy mesh body and stable base, you won’t have to use gaffers tape to keep it in place.

It has an integrated headphone jack, a LED status light but it’s missing a mute button, so you may have to watch out for hot-mics.

The Movo MC1000 includes a 6.5 feet USB cable, which should be long enough for most personal workstations.

It also supports Windows or Mac and its plug-and-play straight out-of-the-box mic with no additional downloads to worry about.

This pint-sized mic is very sensitive, particularly in the bass – make sure to evaluate your environment’s ambient sounds.

If you have specific low-level, low-frequency noises you are trying to avoid, then this mic may be too sensitive for you.

For the price, this mic will do a great job in capturing all of the audio in the room at a reliable, professional conference room quality in an otherwise quiet environment.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Includes a 6.5 ft USB cable
  • Sturdy, rugged design
  • Audio pickup over a 20’ radius with 180-degree coverage
  • Good value for the money
  • Good audio quality, acceptable for conference calls
  • Includes a headphone jack

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4. CAD Audio USB U7 Boundary Condenser Microphone

CAD Audio USB U7 Boundary Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone
  • Frequency response tailored for speech
  • Omnidirectional pick-up pattern for 360 degree coverage
  • Condenser microphone element for high sensitivity
  • Ten-foot USB cable for flexible mic placement
  • Low profile for unobtrusive recording

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CAD is another heaving-hitting professional audio manufacturer with a ton of experience in radio and broadcasting equipment that has recently been delving more into the home market.

The CAD Audio USB U7 is an omnidirectional condenser mic with a USB that will effectively capture your voice from 360 degrees, wrapped up in a surprisingly weighty metal body.

This microphone will be most effective for simple voice audio, but it will also pick up music well under the right conditions.

If you are the type of person who likes to pace and move around while you talk (personal trainers working from home, we’re looking at you), then this is your mic.

You may actually be disappointed that the unique and attractive triangular design is, in fact, too discreet – no one will notice your stylish microphone.

The CAD U7 comes with a generous 10 ft USB cable and has a LED status light.

It has a frequency response designed for the speech ranges, so if you are looking specifically to record music, then you will do better with another option.

The CAD U7’s reason to exist is to live-stream on Zoom, Skype, and other meetings; still, it could also be great for recording voiceover speech for video and presentations, dictation, or other voice recordings.

It weighs in at 9.6 ounces, with a metal body, so it’s got a reasonable heft and durable feel for its size that should stand up to the occasional mic drop.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Low profile, modern and unique design
  • Omnidirectional, 360-degree audio pickup
  • 10 feet USB cable included
  • Good audio quality, especially for voice applications, but also for music with the right tuning
  • Simple, durable build

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5. Shure BETA 91A Half-Cardioid Condenser Kick-Drum Microphone

Shure BETA 91A Half-Cardioid Condenser Kick-Drum Microphone with Integrated Preamplifier and Male...
  • Uniform half-cardioid polar pattern for maximum gain-before-feedback and rejection of off-axis sound
  • Precision-engineered low-profile design features integrated preamplifier and XLR connector to maximize setup...
  • Frequency response tailored for kick drum/low frequency applications with a wide dynamic range for use in high SPL...
  • Two-position contour switch to maximize attack and clarity depending on application: select the flat response...
  • Requires no external mounting or accessories for ease of use and storage

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During COVID-19, many of us started a new hobby or returned to an old one, and if your hobby is drumming, then this might be the best microphone for you.

Be a better percussionist, or just sound like it, with the Shure Beta 91A!

This condenser is designed to capture and amplify the sound from your kick-drum.

This retro-styled mic has a half-cardioid polar pattern that reduces feedback and rejects off-axis sound so that, it will pick up your drum beats and nothing else.

The Shure Beta 91A is a hefty microphone with an integrated pre-amplifier, which saves you additional equipment costs and space on stage or in your living room.

The microphone’s price tag is a bit expensive, especially when compared to other simpler alternatives on this list, however, for the specific application of capturing your kick-drum, these specialized microphones can go much higher.

This microphone is a behemoth, weighing in at a full two pounds.

The Shure engineering team put in the effort and specifically designed and tuned the Beta for bass frequencies, it has a strong low-end response and high sound pressure levels (SPLs), so you can crank up your decibel output without fear.

If you’re looking to improve the punch of your bass drum, then consider adding this mic to your mix.

For your next drum solo video on YouTube or in the club, the Shure Beta 91A is an excellent balance between quality and price.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Specialized kick-drum microphone
  • Requires Male XLR Output cable, which isn’t included in the package
  • Top of the line audio quality
  • Two-position contour switch for attack and clarity
  • Highest gain-before-feedback

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6. Audio-Technica System 10 Boundary Wireless Boundary Microphone/Transmitter

Audio-Technica System 10 Boundary Transmitter Wireless Boundary Microphone/Transmitter (ATW-T1006)
  • Automatic frequency selection for seamless, Interference-free operation
  • Operates in the 2.4 GHz range - completely FREE from TV interference
  • Digital 24-bit/48 kHz wireless operation for ultimate sound quality and dependable performance

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The System 10 Wireless Boundary Microphone is a wireless microphone explicitly designed to work with the Audio-Technica System 10 wireless media platform.

The ATW-T1006 can pair with any System 10 or System 10 Pro wireless receiver to provide the best performance with natural and clear sound quality.

If you need to run multiple wireless microphones together, then you can run up to 10 simultaneously with the System 10 Pro, or 8 microphones with the System 10.

You will most often find these systems in conference rooms, corporate facilities, educational settings, and other small to mid-size venues for panel discussions, speeches, boardroom meetings, school lectures, and more.

This fine microphone has a cardioid 180-degree audio pickup, which concentrates the capture in front of the mic and reduces any off-axis ambient noise.

It operates on 2.4 GHz, there’s no interference with your TV, and has a digital 24-bit/48 kHz wireless operation for the best sound quality.

The built-in 9-hour rechargeable battery is easy to charge with the included USB cable, or you can run the mic indefinitely off AC power.

The user-switch is flexible enough to toggle between push-to-mute or push-to-talk, while the LED status buttons ensure you will never catch yourself accidentally talking with a live mic.

The unit has adjustable gain so you can adjust the speakers with different speaking volumes at the mic.

The low-cut filter helps to reduce the most common low-frequency ambient sounds like air-conditioners.

The System 10 Boundary Wireless Microphone is one of the most customizable, controllable wireless options on the market.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Wireless for maximum flexibility
  • Use up to 10 mics simultaneously
  • Customizable user-switch modes
  • Compatible with System 10
  • Excellent audio quality

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7. Crown PZM30D Boundary Microphone

Crown PZM30D Boundary Microphone
  • This Pressure Zone Microphone technology Dual frequency response Frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz a Maximum SPL...

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The Crown PZM30D is a variation of boundary microphones, known as the pressure zone microphone.

An oldie-but-goodie, this mic is designed for top-of-the-line broadcasting, sound reinforcement, and professional sound stage recording.

Still, the Crown PZM30D can also be excellent when used in the boardroom or anywhere you want to mount a mic overhead.

With its dual-frequency response switch, you can adjust from “R” or “rising” frequency to achieve a clean, clear, brilliant sound, suitable for recording musical instruments in high definition.

You can use the “F” or “flat” frequency for your more natural sound applications like voice recording.

Whether you need to mic an orchestra or individual instruments, the rising frequency option delivers the most high-quality capture, just as close to the ideal sound without distortion.

This mic also has a unique ability to record percussion, particularly pianos and drums, in high quality.

The frequency response range is enormous, going from 20Hz to 20kHz, with a maximum of 150db, and if you are out to capture the unique whine of your table saw for YouTube posterity, then this microphone will help you achieve that goal.

The microphone includes a metal plate so that you can hang the microphone mid orchestra pit; it has its own boundary surface to help magnify the sound.

It may seem expensive, but the quality and richness it preserves are easily as good as microphones twice the cost.

This microphone does take an XLR cable and requires phantom power, so be prepared to use a mixer.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Built-in boundary plate for hanging mounting
  • 360-degree audio pickup
  • Top musical quality, authentic sound reproduction
  • Percussion really shines
  • Multi-purpose, wide frequency also suitable for voice applications

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8. MAONO AU-BM10 Metal Boundary Desktop Mic

USB Conference Computer Microphone, MAONO AU-BM10 Metal Boundary Desktop Mic with Mute and Headphone...
  • One-key for Mute: Note: NOTE: It is not a Speaker or Speakerphone, it has no speaker function, it is a condenser...
  • Anti-drop and Anti-slip Design: Aluminum alloy body protects it from being broken easily. 4.05 oz real metal...
  • No Need Extra Driver, Plug and Play: Easy to set up, it can be automatically identified after plugging into your...
  • Wide Pick-up Distance: Our recommended pick-up distance is 0.98 ft-9.84 ft. High Sensitivity: High Speed USB Cable...
  • Extra Headphone for Playback: One more headphone jack makes playback more easily. You can plug in the headphones or...

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MAONO is a company out of Africa that has made a name for themselves by producing electronic equipment for the gaming arena, and like other manufacturers on this list, they’ve jumped into the consumer home-conferencing market head first.

The AU-BM10 Conference Mic is a relatively inexpensive but reasonable quality choice for the home-consumer.

This mic is great for all of your essential conference call capability and features.

With its USB connectivity, touch-sensitive mute button, and LED status lights, it has all the functionality you need for effectively live-streaming Zoom and Skype calls.

It has a sturdy aluminum base and body, which will protect it from accidental dings from drops.

The pick-up distance is slightly shorter than some of the other microphones on the list at 10 feet, the 10-feet range is likely to be more than enough for the typical home workstation, and a lower range may help reduce ambient noise without any active noise reduction efforts.

The MAONO AU-BM10 comes with an integrated headphone jack and a 5 feet USB cable.

The unit has a shallow profile, it’s unobtrusive during meetings or recordings, plus it also has a round metal design and a lightweight of 6 Oz.

While the AU-BM10 Conference Mic is fantastic for dictation, meetings, and other standard voice recording applications and use-cases, its frequency range is somewhat limited, so it will not work well for musical or studio recordings.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Very low profile for minimum visibility
  • USB connection
  • Omnidirectional
  • Good audio quality
  • Best budget option

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9. MXL AC-424 Executive USB Conferencing Mic

MXL AC-424 Executive USB Conferencing Mic with Mute Button
  • Wide angle of pickup captures sound accurately in a conference room
  • Three-capsule array with 180 degree pickup pattern
  • Compatible with PC and Mac computers
  • Backlit mute button for private remarks
  • Headphone jack

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As we know, MXL is a high-end professional manufacturer playing in the home-user space, and with the AC-424, they have another excellent choice for conference calls.

MXL obviously spent some time thinking about the user design features that the average work-from-home meeting goer would want from this USB Web Conferencing Mic.

There is a prominent and backlit mute button, as well as an integrated headphone jack.

Like the AC-404, the AC-424 has a cardioid 180-degree audio capture and boasts an impressive 25 feet range.

The internal electronics of the AC-424 are likely to be more or less identical to the cheaper AC-404, so if you do not need the extra bells and whistles, the AC-404 model is a great alternative.

The low-profile curved body will make it an attractive but relatively inconspicuous addition to your workstation.

The sound quality is authentic, responsive, and the perfect upgrade from the built-in mic on your laptop for live-streaming your Zoom, Skype, or other meetings.

For portability, interoperability, features, and speech quality, the AC-424 is an excellent choice.

Pros & Benefits:

  • USB connection
  • Good audio quality
  • Large 25 feet range
  • Mute button

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10. UNOOE Microphone with Omnidirectional Boundary Condenser

Conference Microphone UNOOE Microphone for Computer with Omnidirectional Boundary Condenser Plug &...
  • ????[Omnidirectional pickup mode] The UNOOE computer microphone has an omnidirectional pickup mode, with a very...
  • ????[Best Design Principle] This Conference Microphone adopt Founder's multi-level dynamic noise reduction...
  • ????‍????[Easy to set up] The USB interface does not require any driver, plug and play, and provides a lossless...
  • ????[Made from high-quality materials & beautiful appearance] The USB microphone is made of durable and...
  • ????[Multipurpose]-Condenser microphone designed for office meetings, Skype, online conferences, podcast creation...

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UNOOE is a manufacturer out of China, so you may have seen them producing various electronics and consumer products, from iPhone AUX cables and HDMI splitters to Smart Home devices and Video/Audio Equipment.

They have developed a very reasonable budget option for a laptop condenser boundary microphone.

The UNOOE Microphone is an omnidirectional audio pickup microphone with a 10 feet, 360-degree audio pickup.

It has a compact, portable design with a durable metal body and an antislip base similar to higher-end models.

The UNOOE Microphone has basic dynamic noise reduction to help reduce background noises, allowing your voice to be heard anywhere in your home office or conference room.

It also features a top-positioned integrated mute button and a LED status light.

This microphone may not deliver the best voice recording quality when compared to other microphones on our list, but depending on your personal requirements, it may be good enough to get the job done.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Small, attractive round design
  • 360-degree audio pickup
  • Integrated mute button
  • USB connection
  • Good audio quality

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right boundary microphone for your application is not as complicated as it may have initially sounded.

Make sure you understand your specific budget, use-case, and of course, remember that cheaper is not always better with audio equipment.

Even for simple applications like voice and raw audio, the right microphone can amplify your voice while suppressing background noise, effectively turning your home office into a pseudo-professional sound-stage.

They can pick up everything from audio conversations or vibrational impacts like footsteps and tap shoes to the kick-drum in the middle of a musical set.

For professionals recording or broadcasting, you may want to consider equipment from reliable, trusted manufacturers who make quality equipment that can last a lifetime and has quality sound recording as well.

When dealing with musical applications, you may have to pay extra attention to the gain-before-feedback specification and placement strategies to achieve the best resulting purity, tone, and quality.

Whatever your application, there is a wide selection available for you now.

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