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10 Best Dictation Microphones & Their Reviews For 2021

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If there’s anything you can do to save yourself from computer eye strain, it’s getting yourself a dictation microphone.

As easy as that, you just say what you want to say out loud, and the microphone’s ear does the rest for you.

Here below, we will be looking at what would be best for any situation or particular circumstance.

Of course, these aren’t going to be just any microphones; they are the best ones in the market based on measurable factors.

These include user experience, accuracy, compatibility, noise cancellation, sensitivity, price, and, most importantly, reviews from real existing users.

There’s no second to waste here, so let’s cut to the chase.

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10 Best Dictation Microphones Reviewed

Below is a list of the 10 best dictation microphones in the market.

1. Philips LFH-3500 SpeechMike Premium

Philips LFH-3500 SpeechMike Premium USB dictation microphone
  • Free floating, decoupled microphone for precise recording
  • Optimized control panel for comfortable working
  • Ergonomically shaped for perfect fit in the hand
  • Integrated motion sensor mutes microphone when not in use
  • Laser-scanned, self-cleaning trackball for extra smooth operation

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It’s no coincidence Philips leads this list.

Quite literally, the brand makes up half the catalog.

What makes this particular product stand out, however, is that every of its feature was handcrafted to maximize the active user experience.

This microphone has a standard USB ready to connect to your Windows or Mac dongle.

It comes in black with several easy-to-access buttons on its front.

What’s more, you are guaranteed to use the value of your money since the durability factor was put into consideration.

It’s premium for a good reason as this mic has the latest features packed.

Pros & Benefits:

  • User-friendly control panel for your comfort
  • Fits perfectly in your hand
  • Mutes itself when not in use (motion sensation)
  • Laser-scanned, self-cleaning trackball for extra smooth operation
  • It’s free-floating and decoupled to maximize accessibility and recording experience
  • Signal to noise ratio: 70 dB (decibels)

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2. Olympus RecMic II RM-4010P Push Button Microphone

Olympus RecMic II RM-4010P Push Button Microphone
  • Olympus RM-4010P RecMic II USB Professional PC-Dictation Microphone - Push Button Operation

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Close up is the latest version of the Olympus RecMic II.

This one is optimized for one thing and one thing only.

It’s there to make direct recording possible.

With the voice detection apparatus on top, this dictation mic stands out for you if you happen to be looking for something that works particularly well and is light in weight.

Spoiler alert; it’s cost-friendly and very easy to carry around.

Olympus managed to squeeze as many features as possible into this slim microphone of less than half a pound in total weight.

Standard black is the color, in case you don’t want to attract unnecessary attention, and the push button is so big that it invites you to push it.

The microphone also comes with a stand/ docking station enabling you to use it for longer periods.

The microphone has, by default, tolerance to alcohol, allowing for superior cleanability.

This is a particularly great bonus given that this device is usually near one’s face at most times and is, in fact, used very frequently.

This version, however, does not come with software to create a DSS file.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Light in weight at a mere 0.41 pounds
  • Budget-friendly
  • Works particularly well with PC (Windows and any other thing else)
  • Free software is provided for Mac users
  • Easy hygiene with alcohol tolerance
  • Can work as mouse control

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3. Zoom H1n Portable Recorder

Zoom H1n Portable Recorder, Onboard Stereo Microphones, Camera Mountable, Records to SD Card,...
  • Streamlined Body with matte finish and newly designed protective mic enclosure
  • Built-in stereo condenser microphones in 90-Degree x/Y format
  • One-touch button controls.Battery life (alkaline batteries): Approximately 10 hours (continuous recording time...
  • Localized and intuitive menus for easy operation.Input impedance: 2 kΩ
  • Playback Speed Control, Voice Emphasize Filter, and Stereo overdubbing functions

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This Zoom portable recorder boasts onboard stereo microphones for bi-directional recording, which works perfectly well in an interview setting.

It also allows camera mounting, which means you can use it effectively for Youtube or Instagram cat videos if you’re into that.

The visible feature that stands out the most is the digital display screen, which, even if basic, allows for a wide-enough range of communication to assist you in figuring out what is going on as you continue with your recording.

The microphone also supports an SD card for stand-alone recording wherever you are.

This also means you do not necessarily need live transcription software at hand for it to work as it works wherever you are.

It’s quite hard to overstate how convenient this little thing here is.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s portable and stand-alone
  • It comes with a protective mac enclosure for better assurance
  • All out incognito with a black matte finish
  • External storage compatibility
  • Ten hours (est) of battery life with continuous recording
  • Controllable playback with overdubbing functions
  • Display screen
  • Cost friendly

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4. Philips SMP4000 SpeechMike Air Wireless

Philips SpeechMike Premium Air Wireless Dictation USB Microphone, Push-Button
  • Philips SMP4000/00 SpeechMike Premium Air Wireless Dictation Microphone with Push Button Design

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Philips makes it back on the list, but now wireless.

Just like that, you are now saved from the stress of fighting with the cord and basically, getting stuck around your computer or workstation all day long.

The Philips SMP4000 SpeechMike Air Wireless comes with SpeechMike’s signature Push Button Design made for your convenience.

Yes, it’s wireless with zero quality compromise, given that it uses Wi-Fi data bandwidths to communicate to your PC.

As you can probably guess, once the cable is out of the picture, the weight is significantly reduced.

This leads us to a 4.2-ounce microphone now gone wireless.

It’s safe to say you won’t notice having it in your hand.

Bodywise, the microphone is streamlined to feel comfortable even for continued use.

It also comes in silver giving a futuristic kind of look.

The stand provides an active clear display of battery power and connection status.

It also serves as a stand for practical purposes, making it adequate for office space use.

Also, this so-called docking station serves as a high-speed charging and smart pairing port.

The wireless Philips SpeechMike is also equipped with a touch sensor mouse, which happens to be dust and dirt resistant.

This turns out to be much more convenient compared to earlier versions, which necessitated moving around the whole device and possibly inducing gradual damage over a stretch of time.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Mutes itself when not in use (use of motion sensor)
  • Multi-purpose docking station (for charging and smart pairing)
  • Active battery and connection status reporting
  • Configurable buttons and modes allowing personalization
  • Lithium polymer battery included

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5. Nuance PowerMic III Microphone for Dragon

Nuance PowerMic III Microphone for Dragon (Non-Healthcare), 9 Ft Cord, Dictate Documents and Control...
  • Combines a robust, ergonomic USB microphone with full function, PC mouse capabilities to avoid constant switching...
  • Ergonomic, thumb control operation: PowerMic allows users to easily control standard diction and speech recognition...
  • Plug and play installation: USB connectivity with plug in installation eliminates the need for soundcard enabled...
  • Advanced, accurate dictation : Unidirectional microphone with noise cancellation ensures higher accuracy even in...
  • Nuance PowerMic III Speech recognition hand microphone can be used with multiple programs such as Dragon Medical,...

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This Nuance PowerMic also happens to be a computer mouse and takes energy and efficiency to a whole new level.

Not only do you get a microphone that is precise and accurate, but you also get a mouse and that means two things.

First, you won’t need another mouse (that’s some dollars saved), and second, you can work seamlessly without having to switch in between the microphone and the mouse.

It’s also worth mentioning that the design of this multipurpose Mickey mouse if I can call it that, takes ergonomics to its extremes by paying extra attention to the backside.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Freedom to move within 9 feet radius (cord)
  • Small and very efficient
  • Adapted with mouse features to eliminate interruption
  • Fluid plug and play installation
  • Compatible with Dragon Medical, Power Scribe, Dragon Legal, etc
  • The backside is ergonomically designed
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows (Including XP, and Vista)
  • Optional coiled cord available for increased accessibility
  • Programmable buttons available
  • Available active sound playback

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6. Philips SMP4010/00 SpeechMike Premium Air Wireless (Switch Design)

Philips SpeechMike Premium Air Wireless Dictation USB Microphone, Slide-Switch
  • Philips SMP4010/00 SpeechMike Premium Air Wireless Dictation Microphone with Slide Switch Design

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This newer version of the SpeechMike Premium Air Wireless kicks things up a notch.

It’s a modern wireless dictation microphone with a little bit of a classic touch.

In contrast to most models currently on the market, this one offers a slide switch instead of a push button as the centerpiece of its design.

The button is designed such that you control recording activity with only your thumb.

Worry not about the durability.

The switch can go the distance with smooth transitions between either side of the switch.

The premium look remains, and it’s reflected as well on the button adding ergonomics harmoniously with beautiful design.

Just like the standard SpeechMike Premium is, this Switch Design microphone still has all the features in the package.

These include premium speech dictation (with the latest noise-canceling technology), and personal button configurations (providing for a more flexible user experience).

Other features include a multipurpose smart docking station (for support, status check, quick charging, and pairing), and a touch sensor mouse (as seen on previous versions but now refined).

One thing to note about the mouse is that it’s dust and dirt resistant, effectively reaffirming its place as a premium device.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Wireless with high quality through wi-fi bandwidth
  • Light in weight
  • Classical look and feel
  • Mutes itself when not in use (use of motion sensor)
  • Multi-purpose docking station (for charging and smart pairing)
  • Active battery and connection status reporting
  • Configurable buttons and modes are available allowing personalization

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7. Nuance Dragon USB Headset

Nuance Dragon USB Headset, Dictate Documents and Control your PC – all by Voice, [PC Disc]
  • The Dragon USB headset delivers superior audio input for use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  • A noise cancelling microphone enhances speech accuracy while the USB enhanced digital sound ensures consistent...
  • Tune in to your PC while remaining in touch with your surroundings
  • Works with all versions of Dragon

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If you’re looking for a much more modern look and feel, say no more cause Dragon has got your back.

This microphone provides all the dictation features you would expect from a dictation microphone and goes a little bit further to stand out.

It has a long cable enabling you to move all over the place whilst dictating to it.

One more noteworthy feature of this cable is that it allows you to make the most of recorded sound quality with no compromise whatsoever as it has a sufficiently large bandwidth at your direct disposal.

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is optimized to work best on the recently discontinued Windows 7, it also works with Windows 8 as well as the now popular Windows 10.

You will also notice a very clear design contrast with the rest of the dictation mics in the market.

The final recording device comes as a protrusion facing the source of sound directly, which, in this case, happens to be your mouth.

Being a headset, this Nuance Dragon can fit on your head, providing optimal working experience, and most importantly leaving the hands free to go about doing their thing as always.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Very cost-friendly
  • Optimized to work with Dragon Naturally Speaking Software
  • High-quality audio bandwidth accessibility with a USB cable
  • It’s compatible with PC
  • Convenient support (over the head)
  • Enhanced digital sound

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8. Lapel Microphone for Computer Laptop Dictation

Lapel Microphone for Computer Laptop Dictation Podcast Asmr Live Record, 10ft Long Wired USB...
  • Professional lav collar clamp-on mic for hands-free to Video Youtube Recording, Interviews, Skype, Vlogging,...
  • USB interface plug compatible with Raspberry Pi, laptop, desktop, PC and Mac, cameras, Chromebook
  • Omnidirectional mic, high sensitivity, noise cancellation and stereo sound clear
  • 10ft cord for long-distance sound recording and move around in freedom
  • Portable and attachable, Plug & play

Last update on 2021-05-23 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This is the smallest dictation microphone yet.

Believe me when I say it can fit in your pocket.

This microphone comes with an Omni-directional audio pickup, a 10 feet cord, and a metal clip, all connected to the computer with a standard USB 2 port.

What makes this Lapel Microphone stand out is its exceptional ability to fit so much utility in such a small space.

That being said, this can serve multiple purposes such as music recording or even for that creative project that needs good audio.

What’s more, there’s no other device with so much compatibility as this one.

Whether you have Raspberry Pi (for your kids), any Windows PC, laptop or desktop, Mac, camera supporting USB, or Google’s Chromebook, this microphone has your back.

The metal clip cannot be overstated, while conventional dictation mic design is hinged on your capacity to hold the device in your hand, this one capitalizes on clothing or house components to carry the load.

This hands-free design means there is added flexibility, and given the cord size, it’s an almost unbeatable combination.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Compatible with the most devices
  • Lav collar clamp-on design for a hands-free experience
  • Omni-directional microphone capacity
  • Noise cancellation capacity
  • Long cord for easy attachment
  • Condensing capacity
  • Bonus for creatives with a large frequency range (50 Hz- 18 KHz)
  • Light and small (1.41 ounces)

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9. Nuance Dragon Bluetooth Headset

Nuance Dragon Bluetooth Headset, Dictate Documents and Control your PC – all by Voice, [PC Disc]
410 Reviews
Nuance Dragon Bluetooth Headset, Dictate Documents and Control your PC – all by Voice, [PC Disc]
  • Incredibly fast and easy to setup headset and dongle pre paired out of the box
  • Separate power slide switch and volume button, with single multifunction/call/mic button for easy, intuitive use
  • Universal and highly comfortable design, adjustable to left or right ear
  • Works with all versions of Dragon

Last update on 2021-05-23 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Nuance Dragon took the legacy of Bluetooth Headset and nicely packaged it into your day-to-day dictation headset microphone.

Your convenience is at the top of this product design and implementation.

For instance, the headset and dongle come paired out of the box.

You’re probably worried this might be a bad experience for your ears.

Be rest assured that this Bluetooth headset is as comfortable as it gets.

What’s more, the headset can be adjusted and personalized to work optimally for every ear.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Bluetooth powered wireless capability
  • Dragon software compatibility
  • Adjustable around both ears
  • Phone compatibility (using a downloadable app)
  • Kills out all the frustrating noise for you (noise cancellation)
  • Control button available
  • Easy setup (comes already paired together)
  • Multipurpose across all devices supporting Bluetooth
  • Allows you to call and receive calls
  • On-device volume controls

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10. YBS Olympus RecMic II USB Dictation Microphone

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If none of the items above has convinced you yet, perhaps this one will stun you with its exceptional accuracy.

Certainly, the YBS Olympus mike has all the standard features.

The YBS Olympus Mike boasts high accuracy and EHR/PACS integration.

To save you from the pain of googling that (if you’re not a physician), it simply means it was carefully optimized to perform various industry-specific tasks.

If anything, you might think with high accuracy comes all those perks of unintended noise.

Let me assure you that it couldn’t further from the truth.

The ingenuity here is that you dictate with maximum accuracy while your breath, wind, traffic noise, or anything else are canceled out.

If you thought that was all, then get ready to have your hygiene taken care of.

As a device popular in medical applications with bacteria and viruses flying around the clinic, you want to be sure this tool will help you stay a doctor not becoming a patient.

That is why the microphone erases what little pathogens have escaped your hygiene procedures with the use of an antimicrobial surface.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Gets it all with record accuracy
  • Keeps you clean with the use of an antimicrobial surface
  • Perfect for daily clinical life
  • Filters out all unwanted sounds with a triple-layer pop filter

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Has the smartphone caught up?

The smartphone is competing with almost every device since the early years of consumer electronics times and one of these is dictation devices.

Recent improvements in processing capacity, internet speed, and machine learning have made some level of dictation possible as long as there is the internet.

For professional uses, however, some questions remain unanswered.

The most prominent is battery capacity.

With most of us having to rely on a full charge for the whole working day, battery-intensive processing and internet data transfer make dictation a hefty expense.

The more time used on the action, therefore, translates to a sacrifice on other uses some of which (such as navigation) have now become essential.

Where dictation microphones pair with the computer’s resources, smartphones are still lagging.

Another important consideration is the recording quality which for professional use is usually less than optimal.

Features such as noise-cancellation when extended to the breath, wind, and other unwanted but hard-to-eliminate-sounds make the overall experience much better than using a smartphone.

Last but not least, research has consistently indicated that smartphone proximity in our work environments negatively affects productivity and performance.

This is also an important consideration given that most of these devices are set to be used almost daily for long periods of time.

Final Thoughts

We have seen the absolute best of dictation mics in the market.

Depending on your unique needs, there is a high likelihood that you will find something that works best for you.

Most of these microphones come with standard Omni-directional recording capacity allowing more flexibility and an overall more comfortable experience.

For the most part, dictation is pretty guaranteed, but if you are considering the microphone for part-time creative or even creation-oriented uses, consider taking a closer look at the frequency range which most manufacturers provide.

If you also happen to be new to this, there are guides to assist in training the microphone if that functionality is provided.

For some professionals, medical practitioners, in particular, you’ve seen microphones that are specifically made to be compatible with industry standards which is a huge plus (for example, Olympus).

Other than that, there has been a lot of innovation in dictation microphones from cable to wireless (Bluetooth and others), and more are yet to come.

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