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10 Best CCTV Microphones & Their Reviews For 2021

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The world has turned into a crazy ship and having a CCTV microphone attached to your security camera makes it all the better.

There is so much crime and chaos that it’s difficult to believe that one can just go ahead and survive without the right protection.

This is the reason that sales of CCTV cameras have increased tremendously over the year, but is a camera enough?

Not really what you need is a great microphone with it as well.

Imagine watching a movie on mute, the irritation that you feel when you are unable to understand what the characters are saying and why what’s happening, that’s exactly what will happen if you don’t have a CCTV microphone.

Imagine a robbery is taking place and you can see the culprits talking to each other, wouldn’t it be easier for you to escape if you have an idea of what they are saying?

Well look no further, we have done the legwork for you and take pride in presenting below a list of bestselling 10 microphones that you can find to be safe.

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10 Best CCTV Microphones Reviewed

Let’s dive in and take a look at our top ten products.

1. Yosoo Health Gear CCTV Microphone

Yosoo Health Gear CCTV Pick Up Microphone, High Sensitive Audio External Microphone for CCTV...
  • [Wide Range]: Designed for the monitoring and recording applications within normal range, the widest monitoring...
  • [Application]: Super high sensitive mini microphone capturing audio evidence. This microphone is compatible with...
  • [Good Performance]: Clear voice, low noise, high fidelity, applies to a variety of situations, such as for bank,...
  • [Safe to Use]: Built-in reverse power protective circuit, low power expense, wide voltage range, safe and reliable...
  • [100% Satisfaction]: If you have any question, please feel free to contact us, we will help you within 24 hours on...

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The Yosoo health great CCTV microphone has all the great features that you will need.

The great quality of having a wide range is a major plus point, which means that the mic can pick up the sound from far away as well, so it alerts you easily if there is something in the distance or someone coming your way.

If we look at the numbers then it can monitor the sound up to 100 square meters!

That’s amazing, isn’t it?

When we talk about its ease of use, you will be more surprised as the microphone can be attached with devices that accept Audio Video input, like VCR, TV, DVR, and all related low-frequency devices like amps.

The compatibility is a major plus point which many CCTV mics lack.

Talking about the performance of the microphone, well you would be pleased to know that the microphone promises to give you a clear voice, which is a great competitive advantage over other related items available in the marketplace.

It has low background noise, high fidelity and because of these promising features, it’s safe to be used for police stations, banks, examination halls, and even shopping malls.

So basically, it’s insanely good if it’s suitable for such high-security areas.

Now, you won’t have to worry about leaving your house alone.

One last thing you should note that it’s completely safe to use as it comes with a built-in reverse power protection circuit that is secure and reliable to use.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Wide range of sound monitoring
  • Easy to connect
  • Safe to use

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2. USA Sales Group RCA-DVR Outdoor CCTV Microphone

CCTV Microphone Security Outdoor Microphone Audio Microphone Tiny CCTV Surveillance Microphone RCA...
  • BEST CCTV MICROPHONE FOR SECURITY CAMERA ON THE MARKET - This security microphone for CCTV security camera is...
  • AUDIO MICROPHONE HAS Qualitative Preamplifier used to increase a microphone's low output voltage to a stronger...
  • SURVEILLANCE MICROPHONE HAS High gain and auto level adjustment + sensitivity adjustment. Qualitative elements and...
  • THE SUPER HIGH GAIN micro audio system has power DC 6 - 12V, 13 inches cable attached to the 3 connectors. Low...
  • SURVEILLANCE DVR MICROPHONE - PERFECT GIFT IDEA. What are You waiting for? Click the Add to Cart Botton to Order...

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A great outdoor CCTV camera is of no use if it’s not connected with a great microphone, and don’t worry we have researched just the right product for you.

This product is amazing for outdoor CCTV cameras due to its durability and its design style.

It’s easy to plugin and doesn’t cost you a fortune.

The security microphone can be connected to AV input electronics like VCR, DVR, TV, as well as any low-frequency amp, which means that it’s likely to connect with your already installed CCTV camera as well.

The microphone’s greatest strength is the audio quality as it comes with a qualitative preamplifier which increases the receiving low output, so in layman terms, it will pick up small sounds as well.

So, you need not worry about some sound escaping the grip of your microphone.

Speaking of numbers, the microphone has a highly sensitive audio sound pick-up quality.

The CCTV DVR audio microphone guarantees the customer that it will work for more than 5,000 hours, that’s almost 208 days!

This is an astounding feature to buy yourself this microphone.

Another great element is that the surveillance microphone has a high gain and auto adjustment level, its innovative design is the reason that people view this product as a market leader in the US market.

The product has a super high gain micro audio system that has DC 6-12V power, it comes with a 14-inch cable attached to 3 connectors.

So, you are getting low noise, high fidelity, a whopping frequency response of 300- 5500Hz.

All of these features together make this product awesome!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easily detects small sounds
  • Compatible with multiple mediums
  • It has a frequency response of 300- 5500Hz

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3. Urban Security Group CCTV Microphone and POE power kit Combo

Urban Security Group CCTV 1x Microphone + 1x PoE Power Kit : 100 Feet Max Cable Run : Power Both...
  • Urban Security Group Microphone + PoE Kit Model USGMicPoe01
  • Power your microphone and camera using just ONE network cable!
  • 1x STCS20 High Fidelity Auto-adjustable Sensitivity Sound Monitor
  • Maximum Cable Run Distance: 100ft (pure copper)
  • 1x STPOE30 Power Kit

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You just need to protect this product from rain and snow, aside from that this product is good on its own.

It comes with a transmitting distance of 500 feet.

Attached is a 13-inch cable that comes with three connectors.

The pickup range of the product is 5-150 sqm.

The product has a built-in preamplifier and the power DC ranges from 6-12V.

The output level of the product also varies from 2-15 V and can work with 10 mA current level.

So, you get all the voices crystal-clear and free yourself from worrying about any suspicious persons talking nearby your house.

The microphone has a high-fidelity range of 1 x STCS20.

The microphone has an electric condenser and the output impedance is 600ohm.

The product has an SNR of 70 Db (1M/40Db), making it a great mic to get vivid audio.

The ambient temperature the product can work great with is -20C to +55C which you can also read as -4F to 131 F.

The frequency response is 300 to 5500 Hz and the sensitivity is 40 dB (10m/40dB) 1 kHz at 1Pa.

The security microphone can be easily connected with devices that offer AV input; for instance, a TV, DVR, VCR, and all low-frequency amps.

The microphone comes with a 1x STPOE30 Power Kit.

You can power your microphone and camera using one network cable only, so you won’t have a big pile of wires tangling around.

One wire will fix all.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Durable in varying temperatures
  • Auto adjusts sound according to sensitivity
  • Microphone and camera can be used using one network cable

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4. USA Sales Group CCTV Microphone

CCTV Microphone Security Microphone Audio Outdoor CCTV Gift RCA Tiny Surveillance Microphone DVR...
  • BEST CCTV MICROPHONE FOR SECURITY CAMERA ON THE MARKET - This security microphone for CCTV security camera is...
  • AUDIO MICROPHONE HAS Qualitative Preamplifier used to increase a microphone's low output voltage to a stronger...
  • SURVEILLANCE MICROPHONE HAS High gain and auto level adjustment + sensitivity adjustment. Qualitative elements and...
  • THE SUPER HIGH GAIN micro audio system has power DC 6 - 12V, 13 inches cable attached to the 3 connectors. Low...
  • SURVEILLANCE DVR MICROPHONE - PERFECT GIFT IDEA. What are You waiting for? Click the Add to Cart Botton to Order...

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Looking for the best quality CCTV camera?

Well, search no more because this product has it all.

The product comes with not just a well-functioning microphone but also a waterproof metal case!

CCTV plays a huge part in today’s society, and with cameras all around us, our day-to-day lives are experiencing higher levels of security each day.

This CCTV microphone is just like the previous one compatible with all devices that accept AV input.

This product comes with a free surveillance DVR microphone, so you can avail yourself more for less.

Moreover, this product is of the best quality and has features that one can only dream of.

It offers users the ability to increase the microphones’ low output voltage to a stronger usable level, and by doing so, you can have a compassionate audio sound pick-up.

The product offers features such as a super high gain micro audio system that has power DC 6 – 12V and a 13 inches cable attached to the 3 connectors.

Aside from this it also has an amazing frequency response that varies from 300 to 5500Hz.

This product offers you the best quality at an affordable price so what are you waiting for you?

This product further comes with a modern design so you can feel safe fashionably.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Works up to 5000 hours
  • High sensitivity
  • Very responsive
  • Works in all sorts of conditions
  • Waterproof

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5. Night Owl Security surveillance indoor microphone

Night Owl Security Security Surveillance Indoor Microphone
136 Reviews
Night Owl Security Security Surveillance Indoor Microphone
  • Connect the security surveillance microphone to a camera or area where you’d like to record audio up to 30 ft....
  • Extend the microphone up to 100 ft. away from your DVR
  • Compatible with all Analog and AHD DVR Systems
  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY)/ Indoor Use Only

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When you search for a product you want it to have all the features in the world, well this product literally has it all!

The Night Owl Security Surveillance Indoor Microphone is a very user-friendly product that comes with an indoor microphone, power adapter, and a Velcro strap.

Not only this, the product has a 100 feet power cable and makes it easier for you to attach it to an external device.

This product has trusted reliability and tremendous audio quality which enables you to record any sound within a distance of 30 feet.

Moreover, this device is compatible with all Analog and AHD DVR Systems therefore it can work with multiple devices inside your house.

Everyone wants a product that not only works well but a product that stands out.

Because of that, this microphone has a modern design and comes in a black color making it easier for you to clean.

By this, you can live fashionably and make no compromise on quality.

Furthermore, you can easily position the microphone up to 100 ft away from your DVR and add audio to your video files.

Most devices that have these many features are heavily weighted, it takes a lot of time to install them, however, this microphone is light-weighted thereby making it easier for you to install and consume less energy as compared to other microphones.

This product offers you more for less, by containing all the features that you would want in a microphone at a very affordable price.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easier to install
  • User friendly
  • Modern design
  • Compatible with all analog systems

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6. Urban Security Group CCTV Microphone

Urban Security Group CCTV Microphone : Camera Mic : Wall Plate Panel Style Housing : RCA Audio +...
  • Urban Security Group CCTV Microphone : Security System Microphone : Camera Mic
  • RCA Audio + 2.1x5.5mm Power Connectors
  • 12V DC : 20HZ-20KHz : 100-1500 Square Foot Range
  • Discreet Elegant Housing : Easy To Mount Wall Plate Panel Housing
  • Intended to be used with CCTV video surveillance applications, including analog, HD, and IP network format cameras!

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Searching for a microphone that fits all your needs can be a daunting and time-consuming experience.

Therefore, a great product is the Urban Security Group microphone, a wall-mounted CCTV mic with a modest design that lies discreetly on your wall.

So, it won’t be the cause of any clutter on your beautiful wall!

It provides great audio clarity with an even better audio pickup range, covering a whopping 100-1500 square feet area.

Perfect for open areas like yards or your garden!

Now rest easy knowing that your loved ones are secure if they’re sitting about!

Its audio range is from 20 Hz-20 Khz, covering the whole human audible range, capturing even the tiniest details in your surroundings.

Everything from engine sounds, people walking to even tiny pests will show up on your radar!

Urban Security Group offers a solid 3-year warranty on the mic, so rest assured knowing that if anything happens, they’ve got you covered!

However, you probably won’t even need to because they test every product before shipping it, so you don’t have to go through that horrible feeling of receiving a faulty item.

But let’s say something does indeed happen and you don’t like your product, then you don’t have to worry.

They provide a 90-day no-questions-asked return policy!

On top of that, if in case you can’t figure out how to set up the mic, or have any question what-so-ever, they offer lifetime customer support, there to attend to any of your queries, so shop easy with this one!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Large range
  • Discreet design
  • Great customer support

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7. Sunba Outdoor Microphone

Sunba Outdoor Microphone for IP Security Cameras High Sensitivity Audio Pick-up with Warning...
  • Sunba Outdoor Aluminum CCTV Microphones for IP Cameras with RCA Interface and a Warning Decal to present at...
  • Inclusive RCA Outputs: Audio In/Out Free Switch for IP Cameras with Female/Male RCA Audio Ports
  • Power Required: DC 12V, 0.02A (DC Splitter Cable Included)
  • Monitor Range up to 540 Square Feet; Sensitivity: -4.0dB~+3.0dB (0dB=1V/Pa, 1KHz); Automatic Gain Control: 40db...
  • 3mm Screws Required (not included); Working Temperature (Celsius): -40 ¨C 85 degrees for Intensive Weather...

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Moving ahead, for a more aggressive styled mic, we’ve got the Sunba Outdoor CCTV mic.

It uses the standard RCA interface for its audio and requires a 12V 0.02A Power supply which is fairly accessible by the norm.

They’ve provided 18 inches of cord, which is plenty to reach most cameras, and also included a DC power splitter cable in the box, so setting it up will be done in a jiffy with no complications!

To hold it on spot, it uses 3mm screws that secure the mic tightly against the wall making sure that it isn’t going anywhere!

It monitors up to a vast 540 feet, covering all corners of your area.

It boasts of a crystal-clear mic with automatic gain control so not only is all sound picked up clearly, nothing is blown out of proportion or softened out in even the most dynamic environments.

Also, included in the box is a mean warning decal, which more than conveys to any trouble-makers to watch out as your property is secure and not one to meddle with!

In terms of resilience, this mic doesn’t fall behind one bit.

It’s built like a tank, operating in the harshest of weather conditions from freezing -40 degrees to a hot 85 degree Celsius.

So if you’re looking for a mic with strong structural integrity that gets through it all, look no further because Sunba got you covered.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Good range
  • Automatic gain control
  • Rock-solid build
  • Easy to set up

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8. Hmlygo CCTV Microphone Pickup

Hmlygo CCTV Microphone Pickup Voice Device Hi-Fidelity Noise Reduction Monitoring Security 3Wires...
  • ☆This CCTV microphone High fidelity HD digital Noise Reducer microphone, up to pickup the ranges about 10-100㎡...
  • ☆High-sensitivity omnidirectional condenser microphone, with lower noise function, Omnidirectional sound...
  • ☆DSP dynamic processing, built-in intelligent noise reduction analysis, pure digital circuit, low power...
  • ☆Application: Designed for administrative services such as banking, securities finance, electricity, taxation,...
  • Double-layer metal lacquered mesh cover design, can mount on the ceiling or wall. Reverse polarity protection, ESD...

Last update on 2021-06-02 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

If you’re looking for something that’s suited for the indoors, look no further than the slick-looking Omni-directional mic from Hmlygo.

This CCTV mic boasts of many talents.

Possessing an omnidirectional sensor allows it to pick up sound clearly from all angles and sides maximizing coverage in a large diameter across the mic.

It boasts state-of-the-art technology like AGC high fidelity noise reduction processing and DSP dynamics processing which ensures that whatever goes through the microphone is picked as clear and comprehensible.

Its circuitry is intricately designed in a way to handle power with utmost efficiency, resulting in low power consumption, which gives you high security with a minimal electricity bill.

In terms of structural design, it gives the best of both worlds and ticks all the boxes.

It has a double-layer metal lacquered mesh cover design, which is not only beautiful to look at but also grants the mic great integral rigidity, surviving temperatures from -10 ° C to 50 ° C making it robust and solid while also being delightful to look at.

As for coverage, it covers 10-100 meters all around due to its omnidirectional nature, giving you a wide monitor in all directions over your property.

This makes it perfect for administrative areas such as banking, campus security, hospitals, cashier windows, government affairs center, etc., all mainly revolving around indoor uses.

Pros & Benefits:

  • High-tech
  • Elegant design
  • Omnidirectional mic

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9. SiZHENG COTT-S5 CCTV Microphone

SiZHENG COTT-S5 CCTV Microphone Surveillance Microphone Audio Pickup High Fidelity Security...
  • CCTV MICROPHONE - SiZHNEG's COTT-S5 High-fidelity Digital CCTV Microphone with high sensitivity, have long-range...
  • DESIGN- This cctv microphone adopts audio engineering acoustics arc appearance design, the structure of the slider...
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY - The microphone is built-in unique shield tier, digital wide dynamic micro processing, can...
  • THREE WIRES - The microphone has three wires: red is power+, white is audio+, and black is power-&audio-.
  • For VARIOUS OCCASIONS - Suitable for classrooms, interrogation room, conference room,detention room and indoor...

Last update on 2021-06-02 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

If you’re looking for a product like the previous contender but with a tad bit more range, don’t fret, we’ve got you covered there too!

The COTT-S5 CCTV microphone from SiZHENG does precisely just that, rocking similar bells and whistles of the previous Hmlygo CCTV microphone, while also covering an immense 10-150 square meters, a good 50 meters more than the Hymlgo.

It’s also geared with high-tech that uses “triangulation” array multistage dynamic noise reduction processing technology – which is an exclusivity not seen on the previous contenders.

Similar to the Hymlgo, it also uses DSP processing, giving you clear details while toning down on the random loud noises that your environment may entail.

Moreover, it has a reliable protective circuit lightning protection function, which protects the whole device from power surges hence keeping the device up and going.

This mic is also omnidirectional so it comes with all the relevant bells and whistles like clearly picking up audio from all directions rather than one straight direction like a cardioid polar pattern mic, or a shotgun mic.

And due to this, it’s perfect for use in places like classrooms, interrogation rooms, conference rooms, detention rooms, etc.

(suitable for most indoor environments!)

For design, SiZHENG surely didn’t slack off, it’s ergonomically designed to be able to be installed easily in many areas such as ceilings or walls.

It has a strong metal structure making it integrally rigid, while also maintaining a simplistic and elegant appearance, allowing it to not stick out like a sore thumb in your beautiful home!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Good coverage
  • Great design
  • High-tech
  • Omnidirectional

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10. Urban Security Group Speaker + Microphone Combo Device

Urban Security Group Speaker + Microphone Combo Device for RCA Connector CCTV Security Cameras :...
  • Urban Security Group IP66 Weatherproof Speaker & Microphone with RCA Audio In & Out Connectors ::::: Designed To Be...
  • DC 12V 500mA Power Input ::::: 2 Male Connectors = 1 Male Audio-Out + 1 Male Audio-In ::::: High Sensitivity &...
  • Product Size: 2.4" x 2.5" x 3.6" ::::: Pronunciation membrane: Rubber ::::: Speaker size: 40mm (diameter) :::::...
  • 12V DC Power Supply Included! ::::: Intended to be used with CCTV video surveillance applications, including...

Last update on 2021-05-31 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Now hold your horses before you get a chance to read about this product and know that this is a deal-breaker!

This product happens to be the best out there and why do we say that?

Now if you happen to be in the market for a CCTV speaker and a microphone, we got just the combo for you.

Next on the list is another entry from the Urban Security Group for a product that’s both a CCTV speaker and a mic.

Designed for the outdoors, this combo product entails a group speaker and also a microphone.

They both connect to a CCTV camera that features an RCA audio-in and audio-out jack and use a DC 12V 500ma connector to power up.

They included a 12V DC power supply in the box that you can use for many different CCTV video surveillance appliances, so that’s a bonus!

While designing both aspects of the product, the quality was also kept in mind.

The microphone offers great audio, maintaining clarity and detail in its output.

The speaker is built with high-quality elastic and glass fibers, allowing for supreme audio and build quality, making sure it works clearly and sustainably.

Given that the product is designed specifically for the outdoors, it features IP56 weatherproofing that will get it through the toughest of storms and harshest of weather.

So, you don’t ever have to worry about your CCTV microphone if there is a strong rain current because this product knows how to take care of itself.

Now since it’s an Urban Security Group product, you can expect the same great customer support as we mentioned earlier in the list, such as a no-question-asked 90-day return policy, a 3-year warranty, and lifetime English customer support!

What’s there not to like?

Pros & Benefits:

  • Great combo deal
  • High quality
  • Great customer support
  • IP 56 weatherproofing

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Final Thoughts

No matter which microphone from the above list you choose, know that you are making just the right choice.

CCTV microphone is a necessity due to the increase of crime scenes and also for your own, family, and everyone’s security.

There are thousands of products on the market but the way these ten products function is like none you have seen before.

You can have peaceful periods of sleep and worry no more.

The functionality, durability, ease of use, and compatibility that the above microphones have are like no other!

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