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10 Best Headset Microphones For Singing Reviewed

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Ever wondered about the best headset microphone for singing?

First of all, headsets offer great flexibility to artists and speakers.

Your performance is stronger when you have both hands empty, and you can better enhance your message with gestures and presentations.

If you are an artist who likes to entertain your audience with choreography, using the best headset microphone for singing will give you the freedom you need, by providing high-quality sound.

Having the best singing talent and combining it with good quality sound will indeed produce the best music.

If you want to get a headset microphone for yourself, this article list could be what would be best for you.

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10 Best Headset Microphones For Singing Reviewed

Here are the 10 best headset microphones for singing.

1. Audio-Technica System 10 ATW-1101/H92-TH

Audio-Technica System 10 ATW-1101/H92-TH Wireless Beige Headworn Microphone System
  • Digital 24 bit/48 kHz wireless operation for ultimate sound quality and dependable performance
  • 2.4 GHz range completely free from TV interference
  • Automatic frequency selection for seamless, interference free operation
  • Extremely easy operation with instantaneous channel selection, sync, and set up
  • Includes ATW R1100 receiver and ATW T1001 UniPak transmitter with PRO 92cW TH headworn microphone (beige)

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It’s a smaller and portable wireless microphone device compared to most of its competitors.

In fact, it’s a stealth microphone device, like the Sennheiser, but more discreet.

It’s cheaper than the Sennheiser and its receiver can control 10 channels simultaneously.

Therefore, you have 10 mics with minimal interference.

That’s a pretty bold statement, and the truth may be more like 5 or 6, but it’s guaranteed that they can work easily without too much hindrance.

For an optimal fly frequency, the receiver also turns on and off automatically.

As mentioned before, this system can handle multiple sources and pass them through one output.

Other mics, such as the ones included or other various types of mics, such as the wireless types, can be paired.

To monitor interference between several microphones, the receiver is equipped with a modern fail-safe device.

Most people agree that the device works well with several microphones at a good distance in places such as theaters, where there can’t be a lot of interference.

This system offers a reliable and established a sound that is very crisp and clear.

This is exactly what you need, and thanks to other additional features and its expandability, it does its job well.

It’s protected from long-distance interference and makes an excellent headset for singing and an excellent headset for live performances in places, such as theater or comedy.

The Audio-Technica System 10 is a lightweight solution and is ideal for microphone roles with discreet headsets.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The 2.4 GHz range is completely free of interference with television
  • Extremely easy to operate with instantaneous channel selection
  • 24-bit or 48 kHz digital wireless operation, high sound quality, and reliable performance

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2. Audio-Technica PRO 8HEx

Audio-Technica PRO 8HEx Hypercardioid Dynamic Headworn Microphone, XLR Connector
  • Offers highly intelligible individual voice reproduction
  • Ideal for guitarists, keyboard players, drummers and others who need the use of their hands during performance
  • Low-visibility headband and cushioned support pads provide a stable, comfortable fit
  • Hi-ENERGY neodymium element for articulate vocal reproduction
  • Features a pivot-mounted flexible mic boom that descends from either the left or right side

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This is not a wireless model, but a microphone with a wired headset.

To use it, you need a USB interface or a preamplifier for the microphone.

However, as a standalone microphone, it’s known for its accuracy at such an affordable price.

This microphone provides a stable pairing for drummers, keyboarders, and other vocal instrumentalists.

This microphone is perfect for use at home or work.

It’s a dynamic microphone with a hyper-cardioid characteristic and is, therefore, able to record your voice accurately without picking up the background noise.

In this way, you can optimize the use of your vocals.

Thanks to its robust design, it offers a basic design that fits comfortably.

The microphone is sensitive and your breath can be recorded.

This sensitivity can be an obstacle or a blessing.

It has an XLR connector so you can connect it directly to your recording or amplification device.

However, you cannot connect it directly to your PC.

Nevertheless, you can connect it directly to a UniPak Audio-Technica transmitter so you can use it wirelessly!

When considering sensitivity, this microphone has excellent noise reduction characteristics.

Many background noises can be suppressed and the frequency response is well matched to the human voice.

It’s an excellent microphone for singing or home use.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ideal for guitarists, keyboarders, drummers, and others who need to use their hands when performing
  • Low visibility headband and supportive padding provide a stable and comfortable fit
  • High-energy neodymium element for articulated voice reproduction
  • Includes a flexible, swivel-mounted microphone boom that swivels down on the left or right side

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3. Shure WH20XLR Dynamic Headset

Shure Instrument Condenser Microphone, 3-pin Male XLR (WH20XLR)
  • (Wired) Includes 3-pin male XLR connector w/ detachable belt clip
  • Lightweight wireframe and elastic headband adjust for a secure, comfortable fit
  • Extra-strong, small-diameter attached microphone cable resists breakage
  • Collapsible microphone boom for easy storage and transportation
  • Smooth, natural frequency response comparable to high-quality dynamic hand-held vocal microphones

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Last but not least, we have a Shure headset that meets all our needs and is practical at the same time.

In the world of high-performance microphones, Shure is one of the oldest and best-known brands.

So it only makes sense that they have some of the best headphone models in addition to their usual range.

The Shure WH20XLR is a fantastic example of what this brand can do in the budget segment of the market.

This wireless microphone system is much smaller and thinner than many of its competitors.

It’s much more than a stealth microphone without a headset display but much more discreet, just like the Sennheiser.

It’s compact, comfortable, and powerful.

The heart of the Shure WH20XLR is fairly accurately represented by these three terms.

The headset assembly is designed to be ideal for prolonged use and provides adequate protection to keep the microphone from moving around.

In other words, the microphone is a cardioid dynamic device with a specially designed frequency response.

The idea was to achieve a result as close as possible to the portable model.

Shure has done this very successfully in several ways.

This headset comes standard with a 3-pin XLR connector, making it compatible with most audio devices you encounter.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Includes 3-pin XLR connector with removable belt clip (wired)
  • Lightweight, flush frame, and adjustable elastic headband for a secure and comfortable fit
  • The microphone cable is very strong, has a small diameter, and is unbreakable
  • Foldable microphone boom for easy storage and transport
  • Smooth, natural frequency response comparable to that of high-quality dynamic vocal microphones

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4.JK MIC-J 071S

Professional Headset/Headworn Microphone JK MIC-J 071S Compatible with Sennheiser Wireless System -...
  • Sweat and Dust-Proof Made Primarily for Indoor and Outdoor Activities
  • Professional Vocal Pickup, Pristine Audio Quality, Omni-directional Condenser Microphone
  • 1/8 Inch (35mm) Locking Screw Plug Compatible With Sennheiser Evolution Series, G2, G3, EWD1, SK D1 / Line 6 X2...
  • Designed for Broadcasters, TV Presenters, Lecturers, Musicians, Actors, Singers, and Any Other Applications...

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The MIC-J 071S from JK Global is an affordable headset.

It’s a wireless headset designed for use with Sennheiser’s Evolution range of body packs.

Compatible models include SK D1, EWD1, G3, G2, X2, and Line 6.

The thin metal frame is the first thing you will notice on the MIC-J 071S, with a wire diameter of just 1.2 mm.

Although it’s almost indistinguishable from the skin due to its beige color, it has a very low profile.

The gooseneck extension is fully adjustable and holds the microphone firmly in place.

This headset is equipped with a tiny transducer element with a diameter of 1.5 mm and a sensitivity of -47dB (+/- 2dB).

The directional characteristic is omnidirectional, which means that sound from both directions is also picked up by the microphone.

If you are on a loud stage or near a speaker, this can be a problem.

The nominal frequency range of the microphone is 20 Hz- 20 kHz, which is a fairly normal frequency for a headset microphone.

Although the MIC-J 071S can’t compete with more expensive professional-level devices, the sound quality is more than good for the price.

For quieter setups and live performances, however, it’s one best headset microphone for singing.

It’s also a suitable replacement for actors acting in musicals.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Affordable
  • Super lightweight
  • Stealthy design
  • Sweat and dust-proof
  • Professional vocal pickup

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5. Pyle PMHMS20

Double Over Ear Microphone Headset - fessional Hands Free Omnidirectional Wired Audio Boom Condenser...
  • PROFESSIONAL SOUND QUALITY: With its omnidirectional feature, 2kΩ ohms 30% output impedance, professional sound...
  • 4 PIN MINI XLR CONNECTION: This headset mic is equipped w/ 4pin Mini XLR plug cable wire connector and comes w/ two...
  • COMFORTABLE AND DURABLE: The ergonomic/flexible design of the wired headset microphone gives you freedom of...
  • MINIMUM MICROPHONE VISIBILITY: The beige flesh toned color of this wired over ear head set microphone system blends...
  • WORRY-FREE SHOPPING: With the Pyle Pro PMHMS20 we are confident of the quality of our product, therefore, we offer...

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The PMHMS20 from Pyle-Pro is one of the most affordable microphones on the headphone market.

It’s a viable option for musicians on a limited budget.

The PMHMS20 is marketed as a standard wired XLR connector kit but also features a 4-pin wireless XLR connector.

Note that it’s compatible with Shure Body Packs if you want to work with it wirelessly.

With its ultra-lightweight metal construction and high tuning capability, the PMHMS20 is a true explosion.

Besides, the goose-neck microphone extension is very flexible, allowing you to position the microphone as you wish.

The frame is available in a flesh-colored beige color and can be easily combined with various types of leather.

The PMHMS20 is perfect for times when discretion is a priority.

The microphone of this model is a 130 dB SPL omnidirectional electret condenser.

Due to its omnidirectional polar pattern, this microphone is not the ideal option for environments with high background noise levels.

The frequency response ranges from 20 Hz to 20 kHz and the output impedance is 2000Ω.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Professional sound quality
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Minimal visibility of the microphone
  • Compatible with Shure bodypacks
  • Super-affordable

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6. Sennheiser EW D1-835S

Sennheiser Consumer Audio Handheld Wireless Microphone (EW D1-ME3)
  • Simple - ew D1 automatically configures itself to deliver great sound. Focus on your performance, not on your gear!
  • Powerful - ew D1 automatically scans and selects the best frequency for operation. If interference is detected, D1...
  • Reliable - "Wireless link protection" eliminates signal dropouts by continuously adjusting its transmission power...
  • Detailed - crystal clear digital sound, featuring the renowned aptX Live codec. ew D1 offers wide frequency...
  • Durable - Rugged, all metal construction, backed up by comprehensive 2 year warranty when purchased from an...

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The Sennheiser EW D1 is a high-quality wireless handheld microphone.

It’s one of the most expensive microphones, but it has many fascinating features.

Just start singing as soon as you put it on and the microphone will adapt to its surroundings.

You can say this feature makes it eligible to be on the list as one best headset singing microphones for singing.

The atmosphere and your voice will be scanned and the best frequency will be adjusted individually.

It will switch to the next channel if it detects overlapping frequencies or interference.

The new wireless technology makes the signal very stable.

You don’t have to worry about not getting a signal and not being able to connect.

This microphone is quite big, but it’s flexible enough and can easily be adjusted to different head sizes.

Since the microphone has a cardioid polar pattern, flexibility is an essential aspect, which means that you can only get the best results if the sound source is directly in front of the microphone.

It’s easy to place the head of this microphone directly in front of the talker because the microphone is flexible.

At low latency, you will hear a clear sound.

The digital audio data is encoded using the popular aptX live codec.

The architecture is robust and the metal construction is strong and durable.

For the years to come, choose a 3 or 4-year warranty and get a safe, high-quality microphone.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Top-quality sound
  • Self-adjustable
  • Robust and stable wireless technology

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7. Shure GLXD14R/MX53-Z2

Shure GLXD14R/MX53 Rechargeable Digital Wireless Microphone System for Presenters with GLXD4...
  • GLX-D Advanced Digital Wireless Features Intelligent Rechargeability: Proprietary Lithium-ion rechargeable...
  • Automatic Frequency Management: Linked GLX-D Advanced wireless receiver communities easily identify and...
  • Rack-Mountable for Multi-System Efficiency: Included mounting hardware and detachable antennas make it easy to...
  • Exceptional Digital Audio Clarity: The clearest sound from world-renowned Shure microphones with proprietary Shure...
  • Rock-Solid RF Performance for Multiple System Installations: GLX-D Frequency Managers provide improved RF...

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With this wireless system, Shure demonstrates its superior technology.

This device can accommodate up to nine microphones without any of them colliding with the transmission frequency.

The automatic frequency control system makes this possible.

You may have experienced how embarrassing it was to have your device pick up the sound of another microphone in another room when using some of the other systems, allowing listeners to listen to the speaker outside the room.

This is not possible with the GLXD14R / MX53-Z2 system.

The sound quality is another aspect that makes this device so exceptional.

There is a frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz for the microphone of the MX153 headset.

Its frequency response is very flat.

Anyone familiar with Shure knows that some of the safest and most reliable systems on the market are their wireless devices.

To ensure minimal or no signal interference, the quick-scan function automatically detects the clearest available channel.

The receiver has a built-in, internal, microprocessor-powered antenna to eliminate the possibility of antenna damage or interference.

The diagram uses diversity transmission.

You can rely on this microphone to accurately output each sound input.

It has a maximum sound pressure level of 107 dB, so pay attention to the intensity of the sound.

Actually, this shouldn’t be a problem if you use it only for speaking, but if you’re a drummer and singing, the maximum sound pressure level can be a problem.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The flat frequency response ensures a natural sound generation without discoloration
  • Exceptional digital audio clarity
  • Robust RF performance for multi-system installations
  • Ideal for installations in small and medium-sized religious buildings, schools, and music venues

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8. Shure PGA31

Shure Dynamic Microphone (PGA31-TQG)
  • Wireframe headset fits securely for active speakers and vocal performers
  • Permanently charged electret condenser cartridge delivers detailed, crisp vocals
  • Unidirectional cardioid polar pattern rejects unwanted noise for improved sound quality and higher...
  • Flexible gooseneck design and discrete adjustment capabilities optimize microphone positioning for further source...
  • TA4F (TQG) connector seamlessly integrates with Shure wireless body packs

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The PGA31 is a good choice for singers with a limited budget.

It has a very good price-performance ratio.

It’s a wireless unit that can be integrated into most Shure transmitters and receivers.

If you perform in a very confined space, this microphone is a perfect choice.

The one-touch synchronization function and effortless channel selection buttons make the microphone setup quick and easy.

Shure has taken special care to provide maximum freedom of movement and comfort during performances.

This is due to the extremely lightweight construction, including the recessed lightweight frame and flexible elastic headband that allows you to adjust the headband until you feel completely comfortable.

The PGA31 is quite versatile and can easily be adjusted to fit different people.

The wired structure and goose-neck design together offer great flexibility.

This gives you enough space to mount the microphone so that the pickup end is aimed directly at the source without disturbing the user.

It’s very bulky, despite the versatility of this microphone.

This means that there is no way to keep this microphone out of sight, no matter how deceptive it may be.

However, the sound quality is crisp and distinctive during a performance.

This is a cardioid microphone, which gives you a bonus of noise cancellation.

Combine this with the design of the microphone and you get a microphone that is designed to eliminate outside noise.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Wired headsets fit securely over active speakers and voice interpreters
  • Unidirectional cardioid polar pattern suppresses unwanted noise for better sound quality and higher gain before feedback
  • Flexible goose-neck design and discrete adjustment options optimize microphone positioning for additional source isolation

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9. AKG Pro Audio C520

AKG Pro Audio C520 Professional Head-Worn Condenser Microphone with Standard XLR Connector
  • Lightweight and adjustable headband construction for maximum comfort and freedom of movement
  • Left and right flexible boom mounting for precise positioning to the sound source
  • Condenser capsule on flexible shock mount for efficient rejection of mechanical, ambient and body noise
  • Moisture shield, ensuring a dry microphone capsule
  • Ligthweight and adjustable headband construction for maximum comfort and freedom of movement

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These headset microphones are perfect for singers who like to work with dancers, performing intensive routines with them while still singing.

However, their choices are minimal, even within this category.

They need lightweight microphones that are out of their reach during the performance.

This is what the AKGC520 microphone is for.

It’s a wireless microphone that is compatible with a wide variety of transmitters and receivers, including those from Shure.

Some interesting features make it perfect for live-action.

One of these features of versatility is, the microphone can be placed on either side of your ears.

Also, the configuration of the goose-neck helps to ensure that the mic head is properly directed at your mouth.

What’s even better is that AKG managed to find a spot in this compact frame for a shock mount.

This means that even if there are vibrations in the output due to sudden movements, you won’t feel them in the produced sound.

This microphone has a normal, frequency response that matches your voice.

With the bass and the high roll-off, it seems to have a larger pitch.

This is a cardioid dynamic microphone, as it filters out background noise through its recording capability.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Lightweight, adjustable headband for maximum comfort and freedom of movement
  • Flexible mounting of the arm left and right for exact positioning at the sound source
  • Flexibly mounted condenser capsule for efficient suppression of mechanical, ambient, and body noise
  • Moisture protection that ensures a dry microphone capsule
  • Lightweight construction and adjustable headband for maximum comfort and freedom of movement

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10. Pro Headset Headworn Microphone JK MIC-J 071S

Pro Headset Headworn Microphone JK MIC-J 071S Compatible with AKG Samson Wireless Transmitter - Mini...
  • Sweat and Dust-Proof Made Primarily for Indoor and Outdoor Activities
  • Professional Vocal Pickup, Pristine Audio Quality, Omni-directional Condenser Microphone
  • Mini XLR TA3F Connector Compatible With AKG DPT 70, DPT 700, PT 40, PT 45, PT 60, PT 80, PT 81, PT 400, PT 450, PT...
  • Designed for Broadcasters, TV Presenters, Lecturers, Musicians, Actors, Singers, and Any Other Applications...

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The MIC-J071S is definitely a headset that won’t blow your budget.

It’s a wireless microphone that works with many Sennheiser receivers and transmitters, including those in the Evolution zone.

Thanks to its slim, compact, and unpretentious design, this microphone can be considered stealthy.

It can be easily hidden in the skin of the speaker or interpreter.

When the video of the show is recorded and close-ups of this star are taken without the microphone disturbing the aesthetics, this becomes a great advantage.

There are a variety of frequency ranges from 20 Hz to 20000 Hz.

Basically, this is what we are looking for in any specialized microphone.

It has an omnidirectional polar pattern.

It can be either positive or negative.

With this model, thanks to the distance control, you don’t have to worry about building up bass; without an unnecessary boom, you’ll have all the time you need.

Omni directionality usually ensures that the microphone can pick up sound from both sides, which can be annoying when a drummer sings, for example.

The microphone itself is very thin, but this only allows for greater freedom of movement during the performance, and thanks to the 2.4 GHz wireless range, quality is in no way compromised.

This range ensures that no unnecessary interference from other wireless devices is selected by the microphone, so you can be the star of any show.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Sweat and dust resistant, mainly for indoor and outdoor activities
  • Professional voice recording, excellent sound quality, omnidirectional condenser microphone
  • Designed for broadcasters, TV presenters, lecturers, musicians, actors, singers, and all other applications that require minimum microphone visibility with maximum comfort
  • Offers precise audio reproduction with its compact 3.0 mm capsule

Buying Guide for Headset Microphone

Wired or wireless

The headset microphone is either wired or wireless, but when you use it, both give the same results.

However, wireless headsets are much better than older wired headsets.

One good thing about the wired headset microphone is that its connectivity is rarely lost.

Frequency response

Whether you use another headset microphone for vocals or other purposes, the frequency response is an important part of it.

The 150-ohm headset microphone has a compact frequency range, as does the wide frequency range of 32-ohm headset microphones.

First, make sure the frequency is really good for singing, then buy the headset microphone.

Connectivity Range Area

If your headset microphone is already wireless, you may want to look at the connectivity range area.

In general, a high-quality headset microphone can communicate over a distance of 40 to 50 meters, which is a good excuse to work in a theater performance.

Look for the headset when you need more space.

Pin type

Nowadays a headset microphone uses many pins, such as the male 3-pin XLR connector, female 4-pin connector, the phone jack 1/4 inch, and many others.

When choosing a headset microphone that sings, make sure it has some sort of connector pin that is compatible with the audio device with the amplifier, otherwise, you won’t be able to plug it in and use it for singing.

Headphone compatibility

A headset microphone is also useful for various activities.

Some headset microphones are ideal for listening to music and watching movies, others are perfect for conversations during phone calls and yet, others are perfect for conversations during business meetings.

Final Thoughts

So which is the best headset microphone for singing?

Finding the best headset depends on your needs.

For singing, the standard is quite strict because you need a crystal clear quality voice without interference or background noise.

However, the products introduced here meet all the requirements in terms of quality and performance.

Some are wireless, some are wired, but in all cases, you can have your hands completely free and transmit your voice accurately.

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