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Why Are My Airpods Microphone Not Working? (Troubleshooting Guide)

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Why is your AirPods microphone not working?

Well, they could be as a result of many reasons which we’ll be looking into shortly.

Generally, Airpods microphones give you a special inner satisfaction when you put them on.

The Airpod experience is an awesome experience when you use it with any of the devices whether you use them with iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, or iPad, etc.

You might be in a situation with your Airpods microphone not working and wondering how to go about fixing it.

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Why Are My Airpods Microphone Not Working?

If your AirPods microphone isn’t not working, you can remedy the situation but following a few things which be shared in the course of this article.

First of all, before going in-depth here’s the common solution to that problem you’re having; if it doesn’t work out, you can now look at other angles.

Solutions on How to Fix the Issue


This is the first solution – clean up the internal charging ports.

Sometimes a lot of dirt and ear wax can get stuck in your Airpods.

How to clean your AirPods microphone?

Well, here is the easy and best way to clean Airpods.

You can clean them with the help of earbuds, ensuring both the right and left part is cleaned thoroughly.

Also, make sure to clean the charging port with the help of any soft cloth.

Then you will be able to listen to your favorite music or answer the phone call.


Make sure your Airpods have enough charging.

Sometimes, your AirPods microphone not working may be as a result of inadequate charging and this can be solved by plugging it into a light source.

How do I charge my Airpods microphone?

The wireless charging case of Airpods microphone makes charging so simple.

All you need to do is to place the Airpods on the charging mat and the front LED indicator of the Airpods case lets you know if it’s charging.

When you take them away from the charging mat, you can use a lightning port to charge by the plugin with the charger.

Major Cause of Airpods microphone not working?

Well, almost every type of gadget has microphones fitted with it just like Airpods.

Airpods are fitted with a pair of microphones.

If you are someone who uses these Airpods on a daily basis, it may become really hard for you to live without them when they stop working.

If you’ve ever wondered why your Airpods microphone is no longer working, then this is for you.

Here are the causes and the ultimate solutions to your Airpods microphone not working.

Volume Adjustment Issues

Sometimes, you may be finding it difficult to adjust the volume of your AirPods as they automatically decide which microphone to adjust.

This is a common issue and most people don’t know why it happens.


This issue can be rectified by specifying which one of the microphones volume, either left or right you are adjusting instead of letting the gadget automatically do that.

You can do this through the Settings option.

Pairing Difficulties

This is when your AirPods are not connecting with your mobile device as they should.

When compared to others, it’s not a big issue and it mostly happens due to slow processing.

It may also be because they’re not picking up Bluetooth signals.


Turn the Bluetooth off and on again.

Take the Airpods off and put them on charge for 10 seconds.

Common AirPods Problems and How to Fix Them

Finding Your Airpods

Sometimes Airpods get lost but here are a few ways to find them if you are an iOS user.

First, navigate to find my iPhone app on your iOS device or visit your iPhone website, sign in with your ID and click my phone.

From there select your Airpods and the map will show you where they are or where they were previously used.

If there is a green dot, that means you now have a jingle to find them.

Pairing problems

If you are having problems getting to connect your Airpods with your tablet or phone, the first step is to put them back in their case and let them sit for 10 seconds.

Immediately you remove them, you can pop them in your ears.

This almost works, but if it doesn’t, you can try turning Bluetooth off and then back on.

This will most likely work.

How about when just one AirPod connects?

This happens to me almost all the time.

If this happens to you, just pop both Airpods in the case for 10 seconds and pop them out.

Dropping Calls

This one is a little tiger, because it may not actually be the Airpods fault.

This may be as a result of where you are, there could be a lot of wireless interference.

However, before going to measurements, try to use one Airpod for phone calls.

If that doesn’t work and you are using an iPhone, then open the Settings app and go to the Bluetooth section.

You should see the i- icon.

Tap this and select microphones and set it to either left or right Airpod.

In extreme cases, you can also select Automatic Ear detection in the same section.

Mobile Wi-Fi

Another reason for your AirPods not working may be as a result of your own device’s Wi-Fi signal.

You can try disabling your Wi-Fi when you are making phone calls.


When you are at home, never try to take calls, and use your AirPods near a running microwave.

This mostly always causes the shutdown.

Battery running faster

It’s most likely just because of the automatic detection mode off.

You can turn automatic detection mode on in the settings.

Battery Life

Unfortunately, the battery will run down over time but make sure to have enough charge before you use it.

You need to check the Airpod battery before use.

Charging post

There may be dust in your Airpod charging pot, so make sure to clean.

You can blow air in it or use punch paper to clean and don’t scratch around because you could damage the port.

Full Reset

This is the last resort but it almost always solves all of the above fixes.

What if you are an Android user and you are having volume trouble?

This is pretty common because Airpods w1 and h1 chips make for perfect sync with iOS devices, but do nothing for Android users

On your android device, adjust the volume up and down to see in the slider bar, and also turn off and on Bluetooth.

For Galaxy Samsung phones go to the Settings app, then Connection, then Bluetooth where you’ll see the media volume sync and turn it on.

You should be good to go.

Airpods Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Wireless Airpods microphone is so popular and has been highly demanded since it was released.

You should know how to use your AirPods properly.

Here are some of the tips and tricks you should know:

  • Know how to pair your AirPods
  • Know charging status
  • Customize your Airpods
  • Know how to find your lost Airpods
  • Manually connect to your device
  • Know how to check your Airpods battery life
  • Know how to update AirPods

Name your AirPods

This is a personalized way to go for your Airpods or Airpods pro.

You can give them a custom name.

You can do this by pairing your Airpods to your devices.

Whether you are using an iPhone or iPad, just; open Settings and tap “Bluetooth”.

Look for your AirPods in the list of devices, tap the “i” next to them, tap “Name” and type in whatever name you want.

Ear Tip Fit to Test

AirPods Pro has excellent features with the unique option to adjust as per your ear size.

You can see this feature in Settings – Bluetooth, and tap the “i” icon next to your AirPods.

You will see the “Ear Tips Fit to Test” option.

Once you select this, as per your selected option, your AirPods will test the seal.

The offer suggests you go for the smaller or large tips.

Now, this is an exclusive feature of AirPods Pro.

It has three different set sizes of tips in the box.

Airpods have features of one size fits all design.

If you are facing trouble in securing them to your ears, then you can buy aftermarket ear hooks.

You can customize controls

You can control your paired iPhone anytime to manage your Airpods.

The accessories of Apple, i.e., AirPods, AirPods Pro, and, AirPod max all have in-built control feature options.

In the case of Airpods, you can double-tap either Airpod.

By default, this feature will pause playback.

To customize this behavior, go to the:

  • Settings
  • Tap on Bluetooth
  • Tap the “i” icon which is next to your Airpod option
  • Look for the Airpod in the device list and tap “i” next to them

Here, you can customize them by a double-tap gesture to bring on Siri, play or pause, and you can also skip the next track or previous track.

You can turn off the double-tap feature.

Know how to pair your AirPods

Pairing your new Airpods is so simple

After unboxing your Airpods, you are required to hold your unlocked device- iPhone or iPad and flick the case open.

At the back of the Airpods case there is a setup button -press and hold it.

Within seconds, you will see a connection prompt on your device-iPhone or iPad.

In case the prompt doesn’t appear automatically, then try to hold the physical button which is on the back of the case for a few moments to enable pairing mode.

What you have to do next, is tap the “connect” button.

If you have a second-generation AirPod pro, you will receive a prompt asking you to enable the Hey Siri functionality or Siri to read messages out to you aloud.

Your Airpods will be connected and paired after you tap the “done” button.

You will receive a pop-up message regarding battery life information.

When you are signed in to iCloud, then your all devices including iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch will be automatically paired.

Know charging status

Just flip open your case of AirPods, and you will be able to see the status light between the AirPods.

Apple’s AirPods have wireless charging cases with a status light on the case in front.

To see the status, tap on it.

This light will let you know what’s going on with your Airpods.

Light attached with Airpods

This will tell you that your AirPods are charging.

Light without Airpods

Less than full charge remaining in the AirPods case.

Without light

If your Airpods don’t show light, this means that your Airpods are out of battery and you need to charge.

White light flashing

This tells you that your AirPods are ready to connect.

Amber light Flashing

This means there’s a pairing error and AirPods might need to reset.

Customize your Airpods

After you have connection or pairing, then you need to customize

On your device (iPhone or iPad), go to the settings – Bluetooth and tap the “i” icon which is next to your AirPods.

You will find a “done” button on the keyboard, tap it and type a new name.

To go back to the menu, tap the back button.

Now the next step is to customize the Airpods.

Simply Double-tap and by default, it will show Siri.

You can replace and play or pause after which you can disable the previous track together.

Tap the “Left” or the “Right” option and then choose a new option from the menu.

Know how to find your lost Airpods

You can find your lost AirPods.

Apple’s Find my Airpods tool is directly integrated into the new Find My App on iPhone.

As long as you’re using the Find my iPhone feature, you can use it to track your lost AirPods.

To find your lost Airpods, you can follow the following instructions

  • Go to the find my app
  • Choose AirPods
  • You will see your last location where they were connected
  • Check the green dot on the map
  • If you can see the last location, tap the “Direction” button to navigate
  • Then you can play a sound to look for your Airpod nearby you
  • If there is a gray dot on the map that means they are offline, either they are out of range or the battery has died

Manually connect to your device

Airpods are to work automatically.

What you need to do is, put your AirPods you need to put them in your ear.

It will automatically be paired with your currently used device, iPhone or iPad, whichever you are using.

But sometimes, it just doesn’t work.

In that case, remove your AirPods from your ear and put them in their case

You can use the control center to manually connect them.

Know how to Check your Airpods Battery Life

Before using, it’s an excellent activity to check your AirPods battery percentage.

You’ll see the connection of panel slide up- Airpods.

Along with automatically connecting to your device, it will also tell you the battery life of the Airpods and Airpods charging case.

Know how to update AirPods

To update your Airpods firmware, start by first connecting your Airpods to a power source and then pair them with your device.

The new firmware update gives the Airpods pro a new “ spatial audio” feature so that they can take better advantage of the built-in accelerometer in each earbud.

When watching a video or a movie on your iPhone or Mac computer, the AirPods Pro is now able to know exactly where you head in relation to the screen and then adjust the audio accordingly.

In order to get this feature, you need to make sure that you have the 3A283 firmware update and that your phone or iPad has iOS 14.

It will automatically download and install any firmware updates in the background.

Here is how to check your firmware

  • Connect your AirPods to your IOS device
  • Go to setting
  • Hit general
  • Hit about
  • Check the firmware version number (if the number is 3A283 then you’re up to date)

You will find more than 11 tips and tricks you should know about.

How to keep AirPods safe?

Use 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipe or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to gently wipe the exterior surfaces of your AirPods, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, or EarPods.

Clean your AirPods and AirPods Pro frequently using a soft, dry, lint-free cloth.

Don’t run AirPods or AirPods Pro underwater.

Summary of Tips and Tricks to Get the Best from your AirPods

  1. Take your Airpods right way
  1. For better audio, enable noise cancellation
  1. Check the wireless status
  1. Activate noise cancellation on one of the AirPods
  1. Access noise controls through Apple Watch
  1. Use AirPods Pro as a remote Mic
  1. Share audio between both pairs of Airpod.
  1. Use one of the Airpod to extend listening time

5 Things You Need To Do if Your Left or Right Airpod is not Working

It’s very hard to find any problems with Airpods, but in case if you face any problem, the most common problem you will find is when either the left or right Airpod stops working.

This might be a result of a poor connection or low battery.

You can try these things that will help you to solve or fix the issue that you face.

1. AirPods battery check

Battery life is one of the major factors among which affects the AirPods.

If one of the Airpod is low on battery, it will disconnect after notifying you about the battery level whereas the other one will remain connected with the higher battery.

This problem might occur by using a single one for longer or maybe for some other reason.

If Airpods are not working, you should check the battery level.

To check the battery level of Airpods follow the following instructions

  • Open control center on your iPhone under music card
  • Tap on the icon located at the top-right corner to reveal the battery status
  • Remove the AirPods from your ear and put them back in their case
  • Wait for few seconds

And then, check whether the Airpods are working or not.

Make sure that you must have some charge left on your Airpods case to work.

2. Forget and repair Airpods

If the issue still exists, if you cannot get back the dead Airpod working, then you can try by forgetting them from your device’s Bluetooth list.

Go to the settings of your iPhone and hit Bluetooth, then you will be able to see your AirPods connected to your device Bluetooth

  • Tap the “i” icon on the right
  • Tap on the forget at the bottom of the device

Well, now you need to put both Airpods in the case and pair them again from the start.

Open the lid and hold the bottom of the case physically for a few seconds.

When you see the AirPods on your device’s Bluetooth list, then pair them.

Listen to any music to check if it is working or not.

3. Reset your AirPods

If the above methods don’t work, you may try to reset your AirPods which clears every paired device and restores to the factory defaults.

All you do is repeat the above method and press the button on the case for a longer duration i.e.

15 seconds until the LED lights on the case start flashing.

Now just pair like you normally do and check if it works.

4. Reset networking settings

Sometimes, there might not be an issue with the Airpods but your iPhone.

If you have multiple devices connected with Bluetooth, there might be a chance of a connectivity issue with one of your Airpods.

You may reset the network setting on your iPhone so that you can get them working as it should.

Note that you will lose all of your connected devices – that means your saved Bluetooth devices on your iPhone and you have to pair them again.

In addition to that, all of your saved WIFI networks and passwords will also be gone.

So don’t do it unless it becomes a necessary step for you.

Step to follow:

  • Go to the setting
  • General
  • Reset
  • Reset network settings on your iPhone

5. Reboot your device (iPhone or iPad)

If none of the above options works, the last thing you need to do is just restart or reboot your iPhone.

As the issue isn’t really with the Airpods itself, but with your device i.e, iPhone

or iPad.

That’s the thing that you can do to fix the issue on your device.

Final Thoughts

The Airpods microphones are one of the most popular accessories of Apple in history and they have been largely used and loved by customers all around the globe.

Airpods are easy to use, simple to pair with devices, with a long-range of Bluetooth connectivity.

They are so easy to switch devices and have decent battery life.

Most issues faced by AirPods users are caused by common problems and can easily be solved.

In case you are facing a bigger problem with your Airpods microphone not working, then you can contact Apple support through its official website.

The Support Team will help you with phone, chat, and email to rectify the problem.

But before then ensure you try out everything mentioned here before moving over to the Apple support team as a last resort.

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